October 2018 Book Haul!

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well and are having a great month! I’m sorry for my lack of posting last week, I was actually ill halfway through the week so I didn’t have time to sit down and write anything. But today I am bringing you my October book haul! Sadly I bought a lot again this month but I have already read two of the books I purchased so that’s something! Here’s what I bought:

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton: I popped in Waterstones for a browse which in hindsight I should have known was a big mistake because I saw this in buy one get one half price. I had no intention of buying it but the staff member I was talking to said it was an absolutely mind-blowing book and that I should read it. I was immediately sold because he also said it was one of his favourite books! I read it last week so my thoughts will be in my wrap up post!

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay: The staff member was kind enough to include a book that wasn’t in the deal and he actually recommended the first book in the Dexter series. I didn’t even know what this series was about despite it having a TV show but he said he really loved this series, so I decide to purchase this as well! Again, I read this last week and will include my thoughts in my wrap up post!

Six of Crows: Collector’s Edition by Leigh Bardugo: I pre-ordered this beautiful edition of Six of Crows and finally got it this month! Honestly this book is absolutely stunning and I really want to know if they will do a similar edition for Crooked Kingdom. The character portraits are incredible and I am just completely in love with this book!

Soulbinder by Sebastien De Castell: I also purchased the fourth book in the Spellslinger series! If you haven’t read these books, you really should because they are just amazing! There’s three books so far and I have given them all five stars because I was just blown away. The plot, the characters and the world the author has created is incredible. Definitely one of my favourite series and I cannot wait to read Soulbinder!

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas: I actually got this book for my mum because she has been waiting two years to read it! She has read every book in the series (unlike me) and has been eagerly awaiting the last book! Maybe one day I will read the first book but at the moment I’m just not interested. I do really like the fan art inside the cover though.

Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor: I pre-ordered this just to get a first edition with sprayed edges to match Strange the Dreamer! I’d have been gutted if I read the first book and couldn’t get my hands on a matching first edition. If I don’t like it then I always have the option of selling them both but for the moment, I am just appreciating the beauty of these books! I am hoping to read them at Christmas when I’m off for a week!

So I bought six books this month! Not bad but at the same time completely terrible! What books did you guys buy this month? See any there you bought as well? Possibly Kingdom of Ash? I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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