ARC REVIEW: Red Wolf by Rachel Vincent

Title: Red Wolf by Rachel Vincent
Pages: 368
Published by: HarpterTeen
Publication date: 5th August 2021
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Amazon UK – Waterstones


For as long as sixteen-year-old Adele can remember, the village of Oakvale has been surrounded by the dark wood—a forest filled with terrible monsters. A forest that light itself cannot penetrate. 

Unlike her fellow villagers, Adele cannot avoid the dark wood.

Adele is one of a long line of guardians: women who secretly take on the form of a wolf, in order to protect their village. 

But when accepting her fate means giving up the boy she loves, abandoning the future she imagined for herself, and breaking her own moral code, she must decide how far she is willing to go to keep her neighbors safe.

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Top 5 Wednesday: Brighter Days

Hey guys! Today, I have another Top 5 Wednesday post and this week’s topic is brighter days, which is definitely something we could all do with! I’ll be discussing books that made me smile, laugh out loud and just really brightened my mood. I hope you enjoy!

A Study in Brimstone by G.S. Denning

This is a great opportunity to talk about G.S. Denning’s Warlock Holmes series because it’s absolutely hilarious and it definitely put a smile on my face. There was so many times I was crying with laughter or snicking away while I was on the train to work. It’s a very hilarious take on the original Sherlock Holmes stories. A Study in Brimstone is the first book in the series and each book consists of short stories. Sherlock is actually called Warlock and he has supernatural powers. Watson is more of the detective in this story and is closer to Sherlock as he can make sound observations just by looking at someone. Watson and Warlock solve the cases together like they do in the originals but because pretty much all of them are supernatural, Watson has to scrabble around trying to come up with a perfectly mundane explanation for what has occurred. Warlock is by far the funniest character, everything he does is hilarious and genuinely had me in stitches. I loved this series so much!

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Books I Wish I Could Experience Again For the First Time

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about books that I’d love to experience again for the first time and I’m actually surprised I haven’t done this before on my blog. There’s so many books I’d love to read again for the first time, but these ones are really special and I have a different reason for each of them. So let’s get into it!

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I read this in 2013 and it has remained one of my all-time favourite books. I’ve talked about it a lot on my blog, especially in book tags. Any opportunity to talk about this book, I’ll grab it with both hands. Literally, any time someone asks me to recommend a book or asks me what my favourite book is, this is always the first one I talk about. I was really hesitant to read it at first because it’s set in Nazi Germany during World War II and I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it because I was reading young adult and fantasy books at the time but it’s such an emotional and powerful story. It’s so captivating and even though I read it so long ago, I still think of the story and the characters every now and again. I cried so much while I was reading it, especially at the end. It was incredibly sad story, but Death made for such an interesting narrator and it’s what makes this book stand out for me. Now that I’m a lot older, I’m curious to know what my experience would be if I were to read it now. There’s not many books that make me cry now honestly, so I’m wondering if I’d still cry a lot. I probably would, there was a lot of really emotional scenes.

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February 2021 Wrap Up

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you my February reading wrap up and unfortunately, I was in a horrible slump this month and only managed to read three books. The UK is currently in lockdown number three and this one has apparently hit me harder than the first two because I have really struggled to feel motivated to do anything. It feels like I’m just going through the motions at the moment and there’s nothing really happening that’s keeping me engaged or interested. That has, unfortunately, impacted my reading and picking up a book is the last thing I’ve felt like doing if I’m being honest. I feel like I am slowly coming out of my reading slump and I’m hoping I’ll be more inclined to read more in March. Here’s what I managed to read in February:

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

I’ve made it no secret how I feel about this series but I’ve never actually got this far and I’m sorry to say that it got worse with every book. Since this is like a conclusion to Feyre and Rhy’s story, I thought it was so disappointing. I wanted so much more after the epic ending of A Court of Mist and Fury, but it fell so flat. The pacing was awful, everything felt so dragged out and I wasn’t even hyped for the big battle at the end. The only part of the story I enjoyed was the last 100 pages and considering this book is 700 pages long, that’s not great. Feyre was so immature throughout this whole book and barely did anything after showing off her powers in the second book. I wanted to see Feyre fighting for her people and her home, but she just stood around and didn’t really do anything. I thought Feyre being a ‘High Lady’ means she’ll be involved in meetings and be equal to Rhys but it didn’t feel that way to me. It seemed that Rhys, Cassian and Azriel did all the fighting, while Feyre, Mor and Nesta watched and then tended to the wounded afterwards. This is definitely a popular series that has bypassed me. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve finished this series and don’t need to pick up Nesta’s story.

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The Nope Trope Book Tag!

Hey guys! Today I have another tag to share with you and it’s the nope trope book tag created by Zoe’s All Booked. I found it while I was scrolling through booktube and I thought why not give it a go. I love book tags, they’re so much fun and I liked the questions for this one. So let’s get into it!

Eavesdropping w/ miscommunication – Name a book you heard great things about and expected to love but ended up hating.

It has to be Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor because this is the one read I was most disappointed by last year. It’s been hyped up so much and because of that I was expecting it to be a five star read, but it was actually three stars and I think I’m being too generous even with that. I went into this expecting it to be an amazing fantasy, but it felt more like a romance to me and it had insta-love with Lazlo and Sarai. Everything else didn’t seem to matter once Lazo and Sarai laid eyes upon each other and it annoyed me so much. I just didn’t care and I wanted to know more about each character’s magical ability and the lost city of Weep. Maybe this story wasn’t for me because everyone else seems to love it.

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WWW Wednesday – January 2021

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a great week and your reading for 2021 is off to a good start. I have only read three books so far and I’m hoping a little reading update will spur me on as I’ve been reading so slowly this month. Plus, I haven’t done a WWW Wednesday post in a while and it’s always nice to bring it back every now and again. So without further ado, here’s my reading update for January:

Currently reading: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

I have had this series sitting on my shelf for so long and since there’s a new book coming out (A Court of Silver Flames), I thought I should really attempt to read it again. I remember when I first read A Court of Thorns and Roses I absolutely adored it and that hasn’t changed in the slightest. Admittedly, I was hesitant going into it but honestly I had nothing to worry about. The plot is great, the characters are great and I’m just having a great time with it overall. I don’t think I need to explain what this book is about; it’s an immensely popular series and literally everyone loves it.

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Book Series I Want to Finish in 2021

Hey guys! Today I am going to share with you the series that I’m currently in the middle of and want to finish in 2021. I’m basically showing you how terrible I am at keeping up with series. For some reason, I can’t binge-read an entire series because I get bored of the same characters and the story. I have no idea if anyone else can relate to this but it’s really unhelpful when it comes to keeping up with series because I tend to get halfway and then stop to pick up something else. That has resulted in me being in the middle of so many series and I’ve cherry-picked the ones I want to finish this year. Without further ado, here they are!

Grace & Fury by Tracy Banghart: I read this book in 2018 just before it came out and I absolutely loved it. I rated it five stars and I was so excited for the sequel but then when that came out in 2019 I didn’t pick it up! I have no idea why! I haven’t read any reviews for it so I have no idea if people thought it was good or bad. It’s on my shelf waiting to be read, but for some reason I keep avoiding picking it up. I definitely want to go back and reread the first book before picking up Queen of Ruin – I just need to be in the mood for it, I think? If you’ve read the sequel and loved it, please let me know!

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir: I love this series so much and have every intention of finishing it next month as the final book in the series was released in December. I’m definitely nervous though because I didn’t enjoy A Reaper at the Gates as much as I did the first two and I don’t want this amazing series to be ruined with the last book. I will be finishing it though!

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December 2020 Wrap Up

Hey guys! It’s time to share my final reading wrap up and what a year it has been. There’s so many more books I wanted to read but didn’t get round to, however, I am pleased with the ones that I did manage to finish. Here’s what I read:

Artemis by Andy Weir: I finally read Artemis after having it sitting on my shelf for years and I have to say, it was not worth it. After having really enjoyed The Martian, I was hoping for another interesting story from Andy Weir but it was actually kind of painful. This has got to be one of the strangest female characters I’ve come across. She’s in her mid-twenties if I remember correctly, however, she acted like a teenage boy and it made some scenes really awkward. I can definitely see why a lot of people didn’t enjoy this one. Also, the science in this story was super boring compared to The Martian. It was very info-dumpy and I skimmed through a lot of it, although I didn’t find some scenes as bad as other people did. Despite not enjoying this one, I’m going to give Andy another chance and read his third book. Hopefully that one will be better.

The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen: I’ve never read a book from this author before, but I’m definitely eager to read more of her books now as The Stolen Sisters ended up being one of my favourite books of 2020. It was so emotional and gripping, I couldn’t stop reading it for a second. It’s a really horrifying story about three sisters who are kidnapped when they are children and it flips back and forth between their escape and the looming twentieth anniversary. Even though they are all adults now, they still can’t escape the trauma they went through and it’s had a devastating impact on their everyday lives. There’s so many terrible twists throughout and each one is as hard-hitting as the last. It was so, so gripping and I highly recommend it.

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Christmas 2020 Book Haul!

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to spend some time with your loved ones. Today I am sharing with you books I got for Christmas and also some books I bought for myself because I need a treat after making it through this year! Here’s my latest haul:

One by One by Ruth Ware: I got this stunning Waterstones edition of One by One, which is signed and has gorgeous snowflake sprayed edges. Ruth Ware is one of my favourite crime authors so I’m really happy to have this special edition of her latest book. The story follows a group of shareholders and directors of Snoop, a new music app, gathering for a make-or-break corporate retreat at a ski resort. But when an avalanche cuts them off and board members turn up dead, they’re forced to ask if someone in their group would resort to murder to get what they want.

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