About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

img_20170130_114942_271I’m Beth. I am 27 years old and an English graduate! I currently work in PR and do a lot of reading, writing and editing – three things I love! I have a huge passion for reading and can often be found in bookshops browsing for a new book to read when I’m not working. I buy way too many books and have a huge pile of books that I can never seem to get through! I absolutely love reading Young Adult books, specifically fantasy and paranormal books. I also really love reading Crime Thrillers just because I love how suspenseful and thrilling they are. They always keep me guessing and wanting more of the story!

When I’m not reading I’m usually watching tv shows. I watch way too many tv shows and struggle to keep up with them all. Some of my favourites include Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, Supernatural and Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I love discussing books and TV shows with my friends and this blog is a place where I can either express my adoration and complete love for a book or have a massive rant about it without feeling like I’m boring anyone! The main reason I created this blog is because my friends never shared the same love for books as I did and I feel like a blog is the perfect place to find book lovers like myself!

img_20161228_151015_635I have always been nervous and unsure about blogging because I am my own worst critic but I actually discovered I really loved blogging when one of my university modules involved writing weekly blogs and publishing them on a website. I started up this blog a few months after that module ended and decided to dedicate it to what I love most: books!

This blog will be filled with book reviews, book hauls, monthly wrap ups and just book recommendations in general. I hope you enjoy!

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