Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare Book Haul!

Hey guys! This is a really random, fun and definitely spontaneous post! I had no post planned for today but since Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare was published Tuesday I thought I would share my copies with you! I bought three copies because excitement and who doesn’t need three copies of the same book. Book worm problems! Like Lady Midnight I purchased the WHSmith edition, the Waterstones blue sprayed edges edition and the Waterstones limited edition hardback! Unfortunately not signed like the first one was, just a stamp, but I’m so happy I have one signed book by Cassie! She’s one of my favourite authors, I love her! So lets get into this post and see these three gorgeous editions!

First up is the Waterstones exclusive editions:20170525_155941

So this is the gorgeous hardback that goes along side the Lady Midnight one which was dark blue and gold. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it and I am already excited to see what the third one looks like! On the back is a quote from a character in the book which I won’t share just incase it’s considered a spoiler! It’s just so gorgeous and in the back is an exclusive deleted scene from Lord of Shadows! I checked the WHSmith edition and they do not have this but they have something else which is really quite awesome! Below is a picture of the stamp that was in this hardback!





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April Book Haul Take 2! (Oops!)

Hey guys! Remember when I said how proud I was of myself for only buying two books this month? Weeeeell… I got paid Friday and had a cheeky look in Waterstones on Saturday. I bought four books. Yup. Four freaking books. In my defense two were in the buy one get one half price and the other two were half price in clearance! So really it’s a win-win situation here! Right? Right???? Anyway… lets get into my second book haul for this month!

Crooked Kingdom1) Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Since they recently released the new standard paperback for this, the gigantic one was in clearance for only £5 so of course I had to buy it. I had been deliberating for a while whether or not to get it because it was £9.99 and I hadn’t read the first one but then I saw it in clearance and was like screw it! This is mine now! That cover is super pretty and since this duology has nothing but amazing things said about it, I really should read the first one.





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200 followers!!!!! & April Book Haul!

Hey guys! I am literally freaking out so much! I reached 200 followers!!!!!!! This is crazy and insane and I am ridiculously happy! Thank you so freaking much! I am blown away by this! When I first started this blog I never expected to reach this amount of followers, I didn’t even expect to reach 100! You have all been so lovely and kind and welcoming, it’s so heart warming! All the views I have been getting lately, I can’t even begin to tell you all how grateful I am! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for sticking with me and letting me share my love of reading with you all! I’ll stop rambling on now and get into the book haul!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.05.41 pm

This was a good month for me! I only purchased two books and was sent a digital copy from an author and an ARC from the lovely people at Titan Books! I am actually really proud of myself for only buying two books! They are part of a series so I was so eager to buy them! Can’t wait to read them now. I’m also excited to read the ones I was sent because they sound right up my street!


1) Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

I have been waiting a freaking year for this book and it FINALLY came out the beginning of April! I absolutely loved the first book Flawed, even though it was a dystopian, it was still pretty interesting and I love the characters. This is the first book I’ve read by Cecelia Ahern and I am definitely interested in checking out her other books because I love her writing. I’m about halfway through Perfect and it seems pretty good! I’m enjoying it and will be posting a review when I finish!




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March Book Haul!

I nearly completely forgot to do my book haul post! This month is going by so fast I honestly didn’t even realise it was April tomorrow! This month has been absolutely fantastic for me! I’ve recently started receiving review copies from Titan Books which is just amazing and so, so, so exciting! Thank you guys so much for reading, liking and commenting on my posts! I wouldn’t be receiving these books without you guys so thank youuuuu! I received four books for review from Titan Books and then I bought a couple for myself. One is young adult and the rest are crime thrillers.

The Diabolic.jpg1) The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

I really wanted this for a while and I finally picked it up in a Waterstones shop when I went on a trip with my parents! It’s an absolutely gorgeous cover and the actual book under the dust jacket is red, it looks amazing. I’ve seen it all over Instagram and I was like I want this, I really want this. And it’s finally mine! So excited to read it because everyone seems to love it, so hopefully I will too!





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Birthday Book Haul!

Hey guys! Today is my birthday, yay! I’m 22 and so far I haven’t stopped singing/listening to Taylor Swift’s 22 song, fun times! I feel this song is very appropriate for all us 22 year olds! I didn’t ask for too many books for my birthday, just a few that I literally couldn’t resist and desperately needed to have on my shelf! I’m super excited to read them and review them for you guys!

This is also my 100th post which is so freaking awesome! I can’t deal! I’m so happy that I’m still active on here because I really enjoy blogging, it’s a lot of fun! I thought it’d be a lot harder but it’s actually pretty great and I find it super relaxing. I have over 150 followers which I can’t even begin to comprehend! The views and the comments I’ve been getting lately have completely blown me away! It makes me so happy to see that you’re all enjoying reading my posts! To see you all commenting on them and liking them… it’s just insane! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you guys!

I also ordered my first FairyLoot box and when it came I literally started freaking out! I was screaming and hugging the box to my chest… yeah, don’t judge me. I can’t be the only one! I was so freaking excited to unbox it and see what marvellous goodies were hiding inside! It was for my birthday so I couldn’t open it for a week, sigh… the struggle was real, guys. It was real. I am definitely going to post an unboxing so I can show you everything that was in it. I ordered the March box, too! Yay! If you haven’t heard of FairyLoot before just click on their name and it’ll take you to their page! Okay I’ve rambled on quite enough now so lets get into the actual post!

img_20170228_1102031) Caraval by Stephanie Garber

This is the UK cover and it’s absolutely beautiful! I thought I would use my own picture for this just so you can see how beautiful the spine is! I can’t get over how they made it half black and half white, it just looks absolutely beautiful! I’m seriously blown away by how stunning this book is! It has received so many great reviews so I just had to get it for my birthday! By the way if you are interested in this book it is only £5.00 on Amazon UK! Go buy it! Now, now, now!



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January Book Haul!

Hey everyone! So sorry for not posting much recently but I have been so busy with work and haven’t had a lot of time for reading, sadly! But I have a week off now so I’m planning on knuckling down and reading as much as I can! I’m so excited to get back to blogging it feels like it has been forever! I’m excited to share with you all the books I bought this month!

the-young-elites1) The Young Elites boxset by Marie Lu

Technically I bought this boxset the last day of December but I’d already done a book haul for that month so I just decided to include it in my January haul! I have heard so many great things about Marie Lu and this boxset only cost £6! I couldn’t resist buying it and I’m super excited to find out what these books are about because I have no idea! I absolutely love the covers too they really caught my eye!




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December Book Haul!

Hey guys! This post will be split into two sections: Books I got for Christmas and books I bought myself! I have done really well with my book buying ban and I have only purchased a few books and they were on sale for only £1 and £3 because some of them were damaged so I’m pretty happy with the prices of them! The damages aren’t even that bad either! I bought a couple on Kindle too and I tend to read Kindle books faster than paperbacks so I’m hoping to get to them soon!

Books I got for Christmas:

the-chemist1) The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

My mum bought this book for me when it came out and it feels like I have been waiting months for it when in reality it actually hasn’t been that long. I’m just so happy that Stephenie finally wrote another book and even though I really wanted Midnight Sun, I am super happy with this! It’s a completely new genre for her and I’m so happy for her and cannot wait to properly sit down and read it! I have missed her books so much I kept looking at my collection wondering when she would release another and then bam! this beauty pops up! It sounds amazing and that cover! Love it!



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