Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

Hey guys! This week’s topic is book trends you’re tired of and it can be trends you are tired of seeing in publishing such as something that pops up on a lot of covers or the popularity of certain tropes in a particular genre!

This group was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey) and is hosted by Sam (ThoughtsOnTomes). If you want to participate, check out the link on Goodreads here.

The Vampire Diaries1) Love Triangles

I think we can all agree that we absolutely hate love triangles but for some reason, authors still continue to write about them! I think they just want to make us suffer but it really annoys me when it’s obvious right from the start who the main character will end up with, so why even bother doing a love triangle in the first place? It isn’t needed! Make it stop! The worst love triangle I’ve ever encountered is probably The Vampire Diaries because it completely destroyed the fandom.



2) Insta-Love

I really don’t understand why this happens, either! It’s just annoying and it always gets on my nerves. I find myself constantly rolling my eyes and wondering why on earth I’m reading such a ridiculous book because insta-love does not happen in the real world! This comes at a close second for book trends that annoy the hell outta me.

Snow Like Ashes3) Lost Princess/Queen

This seems to be all the rage in books at the minute and I have no idea why. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if the princess was in her twenties but it’s the fact that’s it is a sixteen year old girl who thinks she’s just an ordinary teenager, but then finds out she is a lost princess or Queen. And then to make things worse, she is the one who has to save her Kingdom from a dark evil or something stupid like that. Plus, by the end of the first book (because we all know it won’t be a standalone) she is then made Queen. At sixteen. Yes it does happen but it really annoys me when it’s a fantasy book involving magic and she is the only one who can save everyone. Why is she sixteen? Why not older? Nineteen, maybe? There are some books I enjoy, most recently Falling Kingdoms, but even that annoyed me a little bit. Luckily that didn’t have a lost princess and had a whole range of different characters so it made it more enjoyable not focusing on the princess for four hundred pages!

4) Faces on books

This is last on my list because nowadays I see less faces on books and it makes me so happy because the publishers are learning! I know I’m not the only one who hates faces on covers. It’s just annoying when it’s a really awesome fantasy book and they could have made a really cool cover but instead they PUT A FACE ON IT. Why? Why would you do this to me? It just seems so lazy and not creative at all. But I have less books now with faces on and more to do with the actual story!

So there you have it! These are book trends I’m tired of seeing! I only have four because I couldn’t think of a fifth one but I’m sure there is one somewhere that I shoved to the back of my mind. What book trends are you tired of seeing? Feel free to leave a link to your post below!

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

    • Beth says:

      I know! Surely it can’t be that hard to write a book with ONE couple who don’t fall in love as soon as they lay eyes on each other! It’s so infuriating

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