Book Unhaul! (#3)

Hey guys! A couple months ago I unhauled some books and I just never posted it on my blog but I really wanted to because I enjoy seeing what other people unhaul, even though they can be quite controversial. Some of these books I read when I was a teenager and I just know I’ll never re-read them and others I just didn’t like them at all. So lets get into it!

Empress of A Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza: I got this in a FairyLoot subscription box and I knew straight away this book wouldn’t be for me. Princesses fighting for their throne is not something I enjoy and this book being set in space still couldn’t save it. Unsurprisingly, I read it and I hated it. It was super boring, nothing exciting was happening and the whole way through I felt like I was forcing myself to read it. I had no interest in keeping this or reading the second book so I just got rid of it! Continue reading

Top 5 Wednesday: Nostalgic Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Hey guys! I’m so excited for this Top 5 Wednesday post as this week we can take a trip down memory lane and revisit those characters we swooned over when we were younger! This is going to be so good!

This group was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey) and is hosted by Sam (ThoughtsOnTomes). If you want to participate, check out the link on Goodreads here.

The Vampire Diaries1) Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith)

Using the TV show cover because I think everyone preferred the TV show to the books… But I read the books first and I absolutely adored Damon in the books. Then I watched the TV show and fell in love with Damon all over again! Damon’s character development is just incredible. He’s so misunderstood and everyone believes him to be a monster but he’s not. I loved watching him fall in love with Elena and seeing the way he was around her. He is very protective of those he loves and I just wanted to give him as much love as possible because he deserves it. He really deserves it. You can probably tell I was a Delena shipper.


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Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

Hey guys! This week’s topic is book trends you’re tired of and it can be trends you are tired of seeing in publishing such as something that pops up on a lot of covers or the popularity of certain tropes in a particular genre!

This group was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey) and is hosted by Sam (ThoughtsOnTomes). If you want to participate, check out the link on Goodreads here.

The Vampire Diaries1) Love Triangles

I think we can all agree that we absolutely hate love triangles but for some reason, authors still continue to write about them! I think they just want to make us suffer but it really annoys me when it’s obvious right from the start who the main character will end up with, so why even bother doing a love triangle in the first place? It isn’t needed! Make it stop! The worst love triangle I’ve ever encountered is probably The Vampire Diaries because it completely destroyed the fandom.



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Unpopular Opinions Book Tag!

Hey guys! Today I decided to do the unpopular opinions book tag! No one tagged me to do it, I just thought this would be a really fun tag to do! I love book tags but rarely do them myself and I want to change that! Hopefully I will be doing a lot more after this!

I hope you enjoy this tag and please don’t be offended by my choices. If you loved these books, great! But sadly I didn’t and that’s just my honest opinion.

Here is the original: TheBookArcher

vampire-academy1) A popular book or series that you didn’t like

Vampire Academy… I just don’t understand why everyone seems to love these books? I’m not going to go into detail about why I don’t like this series because I do that a lot already, anyway. You’re all probably sick of hearing me complain about these books! I think maybe I read them at the wrong age because I read them when I was about 18 or 19, I think? Maybe I should have read them when I was 14 or 16, I might have liked them better.




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Top 5 Wednesday: Series That Got Worse with Each Book/Season

Hey guys! Hope you have all had a great week so far! The topic this week is open up to TV shows as well. You can choose any book series or TV show that you thought started out strong but then got increasingly worse with each book/season. I would advise you to prepare yourselves for some serious rants but also a little love because even though these books make me angry, I do have a soft spot for them too.

Please do not be offended by any of my choices, this is just my personal opinion. Just because I have included these books/TV shows on my list does not mean that they are awful and that I wouldn’t recommend them. Just because I do not enjoy these particular ones does not mean someone else won’t.

This group was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey) and is hosted by Sam (ThoughtsOnTomes). If you want to participate, check out the link on Goodreads here.

Fallen by Lauren Kate (Book series)

Not going to lie, I immediately thought of these books when I saw this topic. Fallen started out so strong, it was such an intriguing idea for a book. It drew me in immediately and I really loved all the characters and I was caught up with Daniel like Luce was… I was constantly wondering why he was so familiar to her and if they had met before. But then book two and three and four happened and I completely lost it. The writing was terrible, Luce was a horrible main character, she constantly complained and blamed Daniel for everything, if I remember correctly. I honestly don’t know how he put up with her, I was so done with her and gave him so much credit for still loving her. The only redeeming quality about these books is the freaking covers because they are so gorgeous! I absolutely love the first two covers. They are pretty much what made me pick these books up!

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Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You Used to Love but Don’t Anymore

Hey guys! This week’s topic is characters you used to love but don’t anymore! You either outgrew them or your outlook changed and now you can’t stand them. Maybe you don’t even hate them, you just are neutral about them when you used to run a fan blog about them. This group was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey) and is hosted by Sam (ThoughtsOnTomes). If you want to participate, check out the link on Goodreads here.

This topic is so interesting and I had to think real hard about it but I came up with some characters. I’d be interested to know if you guys share the same characters as me!

fallen1)  Lucinda Price (Fallen by Lauren Kate)

I really liked Luce when I first started reading the Fallen series. But… when I got to the second or third book I found myself disliking her more and more. She just became really annoying and brought every book down. I liked all the other characters it was just Luce I really started to hate which is annoying since she is the main freaking character! I really can’t remember how or why I finished these books since I disliked Luce so much… I guess I just really needed to know how it was all going to end?




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Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Will Never Read

This group was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey) and is hosted by Sam (ThoughtsOnTomes). If you want to participate, check out the link on Goodreads here.

So this week focuses on books you will never read and I have quite a few series that I quit because I simply grew bored of them or there were too many books! There are also series that I was told to read but didn’t want to and some of them will probably be an unpopular opinion.

Marked1) House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

There are just so many books in this series, it’s ridiculous. I’m proud of how far I got before I quit, I think I got up to Burned which is the seventh novel. The covers were absolutely gorgeous but I just grew so tired of this series because it was never-ending and I was starting to lose interest. There was so much drama in these books, it was hilarious. The story was quite good at times but I got so sick of how Zoey was portrayed. If you managed to reach the end of these books, you should seriously give yourself a pat on the back. I think my limit for a series is six books and then I’ve had enough. I think there are twelve altogether in House of Night and that’s just way, way, way too many books for me.

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