FairyLoot Unboxing: May 2018!

Hey guys! I have another FairyLoot unboxing for you, yay! May’s theme was Save the Kingdom and I just knew I immediately had to get that because I really love YA books involving Kingdoms and it sounded like it was going to be a really great box! I did really like this box and here are all the items that were included:

Exclusive Norgard Vegan Bath Bomb (Made by Little Heart Gifts): The first item I picked up was this stunning castle bath bomb! It’s inspired by the book of the month and it’s honestly one of the prettiest bath bombs I have ever seen! It’s so cute and I am so excited to use this! It is Moonstones & Berries Scent and it is cruelty free and vegan friendly which is super!


Save The Kingdom Tea (Made by The Tea Leaf Co): Ah, I was disappointed when I saw this because I don’t like tea and I never drink it, obviously. I don’t know what I will do with this, probably give it to someone else?

Exclusive Wyrd Mark Page Flags (Made by Fictiontea Designs): I actually really like these and think they are very cute. I think they will come in real handy for saving my favourite quotes in books. I normally just jot down the page number because I don’t want to ruin the book by underlining quotes with a pen or a highlighter. So it’d be good to use these page markers! I’m very happy with this, especially as they all have their own purpose already!


Exclusive Weapon Coaster (Made by Evie Bookish): How amazing is this coaster? It’s so pretty and I will definitely be using this! I love how it is exclusive to this box as well. I haven’t read the trilogy it is based off but I have heard about it and have heard that quote a few times.

Exclusive Remnant Vegan Lip Scrub (Made by Geeky Clean): This is freaking awesome! It’s the first time they have ever included lip scrub and I am so happy that I got to try this! I absolutely love lip scrub and I buy it from LUSH all the time! It works really well for me and I love the stuff. They included three in this box” Morrighan, Venda and Dalbreck. I obviously got Dalbreck and that is melon flavoured. I would have preferred Morrighan because that was berries and grape. I bet that would have smelled so good. Venda was lemon flavoured, glad I didn’t get that one! I’m really happy with how big the tub is too, should last me a while! By the way, this is based on The Remnant Chronicles and I have no idea what this is.

Smoke in the Sun bookmark (Bonus item): I didn’t read Flame in the Mist and I don’t have any intention of reading it because I’ve heard it’s really bad. Plus these new covers are absolutely awful and if I saw these covers, I would in no way want to read these books (sorry, I judge books by their covers). I’ll be using this as a bookmark though so at least I get something out of it!

Lengendary tarot card (Bonus item): I think this is a really neat way to promote the second book in the series. I haven’t read the first one yet but I’d like to at some point. Not sure what I’m going to do with this like but it’s nice.

Exclusive Fear Book Sleeve (Designed by Reverie & Ink): Saved the best – and favourite – item until last! This absolutely gorgeous book sleeve, I love the quote and the colours! I am in awe! The quote is from An Ember in the Ashes and I freaking love that book! It’s a really thick and large sleeve and the inner lining is also water proof which I think is a nice touch! I always struggle trying to protect my books from the rain. I love how it has the FairyLoot logo in the corner as well!

Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett: Finally, the book! I was not expecting this book and I am really happy with it because that cover is gorgeous! According to the lovely people at FairyLoot, it’s filled with magic, drakes (Is it bad that I don’t know what this is?), romance, action, intrigue and more. This is an exclusive edition because it has sprayed black edges.

Bookish stuff: The book comes with a signed bookplate, author letter, sticker and exclusive character art of Kate and Corwin by Emily Haynes.

More bookish stuff: That character art is so pretty! I love when they do this rather than just have it on a plain piece of paper.

How great was this box?! That book sleeve though, it’s so pretty! I am thrilled with this months box and so glad I decided to get it! Did you guys enjoy this box too? What were your favourite items? Feel free to leave a comment below! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

4 thoughts on “FairyLoot Unboxing: May 2018!

  1. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    Loooved this books. Especially the sleeve though, haha.

    Me when I discovered the bath bomb: “BOYFRIEND. WE NEED A HOTEL ROOM. WITH A BATH. I HAVE A BOMB TO USE.” [Thank God he knew what kind of bomb I was talking about..]

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