BLOG TOUR: The Devil Upstairs by Anthony O’Neill

THEDEVILUPSTAIRS_JKT.inddTitle: The Devil Upstairs by Anthony O’Neill
Pages: 304
Published by: Black & White Publishing
Publication date: 5th September 2019
Genre: Thrillers & Mystery
Format: Hardback
Amazon UK – Waterstones


Cat Thomas, a brilliant fraud investigator, has just relocated from Florida to a dreamy flat in historic Edinburgh. Everything seems perfect. Everything seems serene. Except for the unbelievably noisy wannabe rockstar upstairs.

Soon Cat’s blissful new life is in ruins. Desperate, she’s willing to try anything. When all else fails, she makes an appeal… to Satan.

And suddenly everything is eerily quiet. But her nightmare has only just begun…

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September 2019 TBR!

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you my September 2019 TBR. I’ve already finished one book this month (The Devil Upstairs by Anthony O’Neill) and I’m hoping I can read another 6 (possibly more). I’m having a crime fiction month but I may squeeze some fantasy in there later on! Here’s what I’d like to read in September:

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh: I really enjoyed Let Me Lie which I read earlier in the year and I read a lot of reviews saying that wasn’t even Clare’s best book so naturally I was intrigued. I found this in a charity shop and snatched it up straight away. I’ve started it and even the opening chapters have been upsetting with a five year old boy being killed in a hit and run. I think this will be tugging on my heartstrings and I’m interested to see what happens in the aftermath of Jacob’s death.

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware: I am buddy reading this with my lovely friend Kate and so far I am really enjoying it! I love Ruth’s books and I think her writing just gets better and better with each new book. I love the way she has decided to tell this story and so far I’m hooked. I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds!

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August 2019 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you my August wrap up and I managed to read 9 books. I’ve had a bit of a rocky ride with the books I’ve read recently as a lot of them have been 3 stars but this month was a little better as one was 4 and the other 5. I read my usual mixture of fantasy and crime fiction. So let’s get into it!

Monsters of Verity by V.E. Schwab: So I read this duology and sadly it wasn’t my favourite Schwab series. I couldn’t connect with the characters and I found the first book boring and slow. The second one was definitely better and more intense as I felt like so much more was on the line for August and Kate. I liked the idea how acts of violence creates monsters and how there was all these different kinds of monsters. It was wildly creative and unique but I didn’t enjoy her writing as much as I have in her other books.

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BLOG TOUR: The Retreat by Sherri Smith

27D81D4E-45AA-499F-BB9B-572ED6FC6790Title: The Retreat by Sherri Smith
Pages: 432
Published by: Titan Books
Publication date: 13 August 2019
Genre: Thrillers & Mystery
Format: Paperback
Amazon UK – Waterstones


Katie Manning was a beloved child star until her mid-teens when her manager attacked and permanently scarred her face, effectively ending her career and sending her on a path of all-too-familiar post-Hollywood self-destruction.

Now twenty-seven, Katie wants a better answer to those clickbait “Where Are They Now?” articles that float around online. An answer she hopes to find when her brother’s too-good-to-be-true fiancee invites her to a wellness retreat upstate. Together with Katie’s two best friends–one struggling with crippling debt and family obligations, one running away from a failed job and relationship–Katie will try to find the inner peace promised at the tranquil retreat. But finding oneself just might drudge up more memories than Katie is prepared to deal with.

Each woman has come to the retreat for different reasons. Each has her secrets to hide. And at the end of this weekend, only one will be left standing.

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REVIEW: Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Seven by Lyndsay Faye et al.

4C4BFAA9-0FED-463D-8102-896ABFC34F41Title: Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Seven by Lyndsay Faye et al.
Pages: 511
Published by: Titan Books
Publication date: 9th July 2019
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Format: Paperback
Amazon UK – Waterstones


Eliminate the impossible…

Sherlock Holmes lives on in this extraordinary collection of brand-new novellas. Marvel as the master detective scours London’s sewers to expose the killer of a mudlark; attends a deadly séance that may prove a man’s guilt; visits a dark carnival with an unusual menu; solves the murder of an Egyptologist’s butler; uncovers the shocking secret of a tobacco dealer; sets sail for America to investigate the death of a cult leader and settles an old score for his famous associate Inspector Lestrade!

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REVIEW: Closer Than You Think by Lee Maguire

Closer Than You ThinkTitle: Closer Than You Think by Lee Maguire
Pages: 314
Published by: TCK Publishing
Publication date: 22nd October 2018
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Format: eBook
Amazon UK


Meet Bryce Davison, a gifted psychologist who can heal any troubled mind—except his own.

You see, Bryce’s life is falling apart. His marriage is crumbling. His insomnia brings only half-sleep and troubled dreams—visions of dark and buried memories he’d rather forget or ignore completely. And the new female patient in his psych ward just might be more trouble than he’s able to cope with.

…and now he has a stalker.

Somebody’s been watching Bryce for a long time. Somebody who knows his life inside and out—his fears, his regrets, his greatest longings and deepest despairs. Somebody with access to his most private places—his workplace, his home, his family…anywhere Bryce might have felt safe.

They do their dirty work in the shadows… and they want Bryce Davison dead.

So Bryce has got to get his life together. To save his patients. To save his family. To save his marriage…and his life.

Because no matter how close Bryce gets to the deadly truth, the enigmatic stalker is always closer than he thinks.

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August 2019 TBR!

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you my August TBR. Even though it’s only the 2nd, I’ve already finished one book this month. I read This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab so it won’t be included it in my list below and my thoughts will be in a review soon! Here’s the rest of the books I want to read in August:

Our Dark Duet by V.E. Schwab: Since this is the sequel I can’t really say much about it but I’m curious to see where the story goes next and what else happens with Kate and August. The first book was interesting and the ending left me wanting more so let hope this delivers.

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