Top 5 Wednesday: Unanswered Questions

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you another Top 5 Wednesday post about unanswered questions. Basically I’m going to have a mini rant about some of my most annoying unanswered questions in certain books and I hope you enjoy! Just so you are aware, there’s potential spoilers.

Unresolved plot line: What happened to Kellen’s shadowblack?

As much as I love this series, I’m still annoyed that the plot line I was most invested in and mentioned in every review, never got resolved! Sure, we got a book about it and that was great, but Kellen doesn’t find a cure in the end and he doesn’t even seem to have a view on his shadowblack. Does he care that it will drive him mad eventually? I suppose it would have been a downer with it being the last book but some clarification about his shadowblack would have been appreciated! For me, this will forever be the one plot line that sounded exciting, but ended up being the most underwhelming.

Unnamed character: What’s the name of the main character in My Lovely Wife?

I don’t know why this one bothers me so much! It’s such a minor thing to get annoyed about but I just like knowing characters names. I suppose this book wasn’t too bad because it’s a standalone. The Vinyl Detective series is up to the fifth book and I still don’t know the main characters name or what he looks like! I really hope it’s not just me who likes to know characters names.

Unexplained power/ability: How did Sorina from Daughter of the Burning City create illusions?

I read this book in 2017 and I remember thinking at the time that there was so much that wasn’t explained. One being that the main character Sorina has no eyes but she is still able to see and she creates illusions from her mind only to find out that they can be killed by others. It’s never explained how she’s able to create them and how they can be killed when their illusions. It just didn’t make sense to me!

Cliffhanger: What happened at the end of The Couple Next Door?

This is a standalone book that, annoyingly, had a cliffhanger at the end and of course was never properly resolved. I guess it’s an open ending and you can decide what happens next? I really like having everything wrapped up by the end so I didn’t appreciate this ending!

Unexplained death: Why was one character killed off towards the end in He Started It?

Maybe I missed something with this plot, maybe these characters are just that messed up, but there’s a character that’s killed towards the end and it’s never really explained why and it bugged me so much. It seemed so pointless and like it was just there for shock value rather than necessity.

So these are the ones I thought of straight away for this topic. What are some unanswered questions that have annoyed you over the years or recently? I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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