December 2020 Wrap Up

Hey guys! It’s time to share my final reading wrap up and what a year it has been. There’s so many more books I wanted to read but didn’t get round to, however, I am pleased with the ones that I did manage to finish. Here’s what I read:

Artemis by Andy Weir: I finally read Artemis after having it sitting on my shelf for years and I have to say, it was not worth it. After having really enjoyed The Martian, I was hoping for another interesting story from Andy Weir but it was actually kind of painful. This has got to be one of the strangest female characters I’ve come across. She’s in her mid-twenties if I remember correctly, however, she acted like a teenage boy and it made some scenes really awkward. I can definitely see why a lot of people didn’t enjoy this one. Also, the science in this story was super boring compared to The Martian. It was very info-dumpy and I skimmed through a lot of it, although I didn’t find some scenes as bad as other people did. Despite not enjoying this one, I’m going to give Andy another chance and read his third book. Hopefully that one will be better.

The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen: I’ve never read a book from this author before, but I’m definitely eager to read more of her books now as The Stolen Sisters ended up being one of my favourite books of 2020. It was so emotional and gripping, I couldn’t stop reading it for a second. It’s a really horrifying story about three sisters who are kidnapped when they are children and it flips back and forth between their escape and the looming twentieth anniversary. Even though they are all adults now, they still can’t escape the trauma they went through and it’s had a devastating impact on their everyday lives. There’s so many terrible twists throughout and each one is as hard-hitting as the last. It was so, so gripping and I highly recommend it.

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June 2019 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you my June wrap up and I had such a great reading month; I absolutely smashed it! I read 11 books and 2 novellas. I had some surprising reads and some disappointing ones but overall I’m pleased with what I read! So let’s get into it:

Warcross & Wildcard by Marie Lu: So I nearly ended up selling Warcross because I didn’t think I’d like it (Marie Lu’s books are very hit and miss for me). But then I was like I’ll give to a chance because it was one of my most anticipated releases when it first came out. Anyway, I am so glad I didn’t sell it now because I actually loved it! The world building was incredible — I could picture everything perfectly! The characters were so strong, she really brought them to life! It had a really solid plot and I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be as emotional as it was. Wildcard really pulled on my heartstrings. My only complaint was the ending as I didn’t really understand it and thought it could have been explained better. But other than that, it was a great series!

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April 2019 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! I absolutely smashed it again this month. Don’t ask me how but I managed to read 10 books and 1 comic. I never read this many books in one month but lately I have been flying through my TBR! All the books I read were crime thrillers which were all vastly different from one another. I seem to be in a crime mood lately and I’m loving it! Here’s what I read in April:

The Puppet Show by M.W. Craven: This is the first book in a series and I don’t think I will be reading the second one. My favourite thing about this was the gruesome plot. It was absolutely horrifying as people were literally being burned alive at a stake and to make it even more chilling, it was all happening in prehistoric stone circles. Talk about unsettling! Sadly what let this book down was the characters. They were not likeable at all and they didn’t feel fully fleshed out. It felt like they were all missing something but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. I also didn’t like the writing that much — it just wasn’t pulling me. I didn’t find the story engaging at all; I could have easily put the book down and not picked it back up. After hearing everyone raving about this I was sadly left feeling disappointed.

Lies by T.M. Logan: T.M. Logan has easily shot to the top of my list for authors to watch out for. We’ve all made split-second decisions and not really considered the consequences because usually it pays off. But what if it didn’t? What if your decision actually had dire consequences and your life is thrown into crisis? This is the situation Joe finds himself in after defending his wife from a family friend. From this moment on, his life will never be the same and he is forced to question whether he can really trust those closest to him. I loved this book so much! It was such a creepy and unsettling thriller, full of so many jaw-dropping twists! I was on the edge of my seat throughout and I didn’t see the ending coming at all. 

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March 2019 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! I actually have a pretty long wrap up post for today! After only reading 2 books in January and 4 books in February, I think I’m finally clawing my way back as I read 11 books in March! How crazy is that!? I’ve never read that many books in a month before! Closest I’ve come to that is 9 which happened last year but I’ve forgot what month it was. I’m so pleased with myself for managing to go jump from 4 to 11 and I’m nearly halfway through my reading challenge as well now! In terms of what I read, that was really successful as well because I enjoyed a lot of what I read. Here’s what I read:

Legendary by Stephanie Garber: Feels like I read this such a long time ago now, wow! I was completely mesmerised by Stephanie’s beautiful writing and how she seemed to make everything come to life. It was just as magical and otherworldly as Caraval and a great sequel. I loved Scarlett so much and was hesitant to see what her sister would be like but Tella is so much funnier and bolder than her sister. Tella just seemed to breathe so much life into the story and it was so easy to get completely sucked in. The world building was just as dazzling the second time around and I’m so excited for Finale now!

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February 2019 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you my February wrap up and I think my reading slump is finally over as I managed to read everything that was on my TBR! The first two books I didn’t enjoy but the last two were incredible and a great way to end the month! Here’s what I read:

Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare: I finally finished this beast and while it wasn’t my favourite or anything like I was expecting, it was still a nice ending to this trilogy. I didn’t enjoy how the fantasy part took a backseat to the romance and how heavily it focused on events that happened in City of Heavenly Fire but I can’t deny that Cassie knows how to make her fans happy. Despite not enjoying this one, I’m still very much looking forward to her three 2019 releases! Also looking forward to seeing more of these characters and hopefully some better plots for them!

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Tiny January 2019 Wrap Up

Hey guys! This month has been disastrous reading wise as I’ve read very little. I was struggling in the last few months of 2018 not to fall in a reading slump and I don’t know if it was going back to work after Christmas or the freezing weather that sent me spiralling and unfortunately gave me that final shove I was trying to avoid. I’ve just not cared to read anything at all and instead just spent my time staring at my phone or playing Spider-Man (which is awesome, by the way). So this is why my posts have been somewhat lacking this month and haven’t been very interesting, at least to me. I’m going to try and pull myself out of this slump in February as I seriously need to finish QOAAD!

The only positive thing I can say is that I’ve actually already ticked one of my reading goals off my list as I managed to listen to my first ever audiobook this month (more on that later). I was so bored in work and that desperate to read SOMETHING that I purchased an audiobook to listen to when work was slow. So that’s one thing done already, yay! Anyway, lets get into the two books I managed to read this month:

delirium1) Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I read this over one weekend and whilst it was easy to read, I didn’t find it particularly interesting. I felt like nothing was happening and I didn’t really care for the characters. Pretty much the whole plot is the main character (I forgot her name already) constantly sneaking out and never getting caught despite saying countless times people always get caught. Amazingly convenient how she didn’t! She meets up with Alex (I actually remembered his name) and starts to fall in love with him. Then we get to the ending! The ending didn’t make any sense to me and it seemed like the author pulled it out of nowhere just so she’d have a reason to write another two books in this series. I’m not interested in continuing and will just pretend that the ending I originally thought was going to happen, happened. Maybe I would have liked this series if I read it when it first came out but 23 year old me says no thank you, next!

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December 2018 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful end to 2018 and a great beginning to 2019! I managed to read 8 books in December and I’m really happy with that! Sadly I only managed to read 1 book over the Christmas holiday because I ended up being busier than I thought I would be. But to read 8 books is still an accomplishment for me! Here’s what I read:

Never Coming Back Fall From Grace by Tim Weaver: I ticked another 2 books of the David Raker series and I have 4 more to go. I really enjoyed Never Coming Back and there’s so much more I understand now having read the first 3 books. It was definitely one of the darker books in the series so far and there was a lot of really gruesome scenes! Unfortunately I did not enjoy Fall From Grace and only gave it 3 stars. I found it very slow and quite boring. It definitely wasn’t as interesting or captivating as the other books and I found myself really wanting to finish it just so I could pick up anything else. I’m disappointed that I didn’t enjoy it as much but it’s not putting me off reading the next 4 because it’s only that one book in the series I didn’t like. The rest have been really good!

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November 2018 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! So I tried to do an experiment this month and wing my reading in the hopes that I’d read more but I actually ended up failing miserably. Normally I set myself a TBR and even though I don’t end up following it most of the time, I do read the number of books I’ve set myself. But this month because I didn’t have a goal, it ended up giving me a reason not to read! I felt less motivated to pick up a book each night and I also partly blame Spyro for that!

Spyro reignited trilogy came out this month and I’ve spent almost every night after work playing it! A great game but very distracting because I should be reading! I only ended up reading four books this month which is disappointing but at least now I know that I need to set a TBR for December! Here’s what I managed to read:

Hallowdene by George Mann: This is the second book in a series (first book is Wychwood) but I think you can easily read it as a standalone. It makes very little references to the first one and it doesn’t continue on from it, so it’s quite easy to pick this one up if you think it sounds better than the first one. Personally I thought it was more interesting plot wise and it was a good choice to read for Halloween. It’s about the grave of a local witch, killed three hundred years ago, being excavated. She was buried under an immense stone to prevent her spirit from ever rising again and once they uncover her grave, people start to die in mysterious circumstances. Alongside that, we had more minor storylines revolving around everyday problems such as Elspeth’s career and where she wanted to go next. Overall, it was an enjoyable read and I liked the supernatural and other-worldly elements mixed in with the mundane.

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October 2018 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! I fully embraced this spooky month by reading some very creepy crime thriller/murder mystery books! Admittedly, I completely failed by October TBR as I just ended up not being in the mood for the majority of them. Instead I picked these ones out and I’m really glad I read them as I enjoyed nearly every one! Quite a successful month for me! Here’s what I read:

Strange Ink by Gary Kemble: I really enjoyed this book and thought it was an appropriate read for Halloween, especially because it has freaking ghosts! It was really intense at times and I loved how there was just so much crammed into this one book. It was very fast paced and corruption was right at the core of this story. I can’t believe it is the author’s debut novel! I look forward to seeing what he writes in the future!

Vanished by Tim Weaver: Got another book ticked off the David Raker thriller series! I’m really enjoying these books, they are incredibly action packed and the plots are really dark and creepy! The third book did not disappoint and that ending! It was intense and had such an insane cliffhanger!

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