REVIEW: The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen

Title: The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen
Pages: 384
Published by: HQ
Publication date: 1st October 2020
Genre: Thriller
Format: Paperback
Amazon UK – Waterstones


Three little girls missing. One family torn apart…

Leah’s perfect marriage isn’t what it seems but the biggest lie of all is that she’s learned to live with what happened all those years ago.

Marie drinks a bit too much to help her forget.

And Carly has never forgiven herself for not keeping them safe.

Twenty years ago these sisters were taken. What came after they disappeared was far worse. It should have brought them together, but how can a family ever recover?

Especially when not everyone is telling the truth…

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Favourite Books of 2020!

Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you my favourite books of 2020. I have read so many great books this year and I’m excited to share them with you. These are all books I rated five stars and was blown away by. So let’s get into it!

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas: I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this and I am so thrilled that I read it in the end. It’s such an amazing book and possibly my favourite out of this entire list. It’s around 800 pages, so it’s a big book, however, I was not once bored the entire time I was reading it. Sarah constantly keeps the plot moving, so my attention never once wavered. There’s so much for you to invest in and I could not put it down because of it. The worldbuilding is incredible and I fell in love with the characters – Bryce and Hunt, in particular. The ending made me cry, it was so emotional. If you’re hesitant about reading it, please just go for it. You will not regret it. It’s the perfect adult fantasy and I cannot wait to read the second one.

The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen: This one was an unexpected five star read. The publisher was giving away advanced copies so I requested one because I liked the sound of it. I hadn’t heard of the author before so I had no idea what to expect and I’m so happy that I managed to get a copy because it blew me away. I’ll definitely be checking more of Louise’s books. It’s not for the faint of heart because the sisters in this story go through a very traumatic experience and they never fully recover from it. They are all kidnapped when they are children and the story flips back and forth between their escape and the looming twentieth anniversary. It’s a really hard-hitting story and I felt so many different emotions while I was reading it. I felt desperately sorry for the sisters and how their childhood was so cruelly taken from them. There’s also so many heartbreaking twists and I had to take a moment to myself after I finished it because this book is just so incredibly impactful. This is a story that will stay with me and one that I’ll recommend to so many other readers.

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