Books I Want to Read While Working From Home

Hey guys! I hope you’re all well and safe! I am working from home now for the foreseeable future and since I’m going to be spending a lot more time at home, I thought I would try and find something good in this scary situation: reading! I have a lot of heavy hardbacks that are difficult to carry to and from work and while I’m not going to be travelling anywhere anytime soon, I thought I could actually read all these massive books! Here’s what I’d like to read in the coming weeks:

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor: I got these books as soon as they were published but I have struggled to find time to read them because they’re so heavy and thick! I’ve heard lots of great things about the first book, not so much the second one though so this should be interesting. I’ve not read any of Laini’s books before but I’ve heard that her writing is very whimsical and poetic. I don’t know too much about these. I believe the first one is about Lazlo Strange who is a dreamer and is obsessed with the lost city of Weep. Fingers crossed I fall in love with Laini’s writing!

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Five Book Series I Want to Finish in 2020

Hey guys! One of my 2020 reading resolutions was to finish series I’m in the middle of and so today I thought I would pick out my top five series that I’m determined to finish this year. So without further ado, lets get into it!

The Nevernight Chronicle by Jay Kristoff

I feel like I don’t have any excuse for not finishing this series. Despite having a rocky start with Nevernight, I ended up loving it and thought it was one of the darkest and most interesting stories I’ve come across. I really love how this series is completely driven by the need for revenge and that the main character, Mia Corvere, is in no way, shape or form a good character. I’m terrified of how it will end though as I’ve seen many shocked reactions but at the same time I’m kind of looking forward to it?

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Illumicrate Blood & Blades: The Darkdawn Edition Unboxing!

Hey guys! I am super excited to share with you my unboxing of Illumicrate’s Blood & Blades! I was absolutely thrilled with this and I loved all of the items so much. They did such a fantastic job with this box and I can’t wait to see what they do next!


Before I get into this I just want to show some appreciation for the artwork for this box! It looks awesome! Normally I bin the spoiler booklets/cards but I’m tempted to keep this one? I wish they made this into a print as well!

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Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Covers

Hey guys! I had no idea how insanely difficult this post would be until I actually sat down and tried to write about my favourite covers. There’s so many! How can I narrow it down to five? It’s so hard! These are not in order because I can’t decide which is my absolute favourite, I can’t do that to all these beautiful covers. 🙂

You can probably already guess what books I’ve chosen because I gush about these covers all the damn time! They are so pretty, I love them! I’d love to know if you agree as well!

kingThe Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

If you read my post where I talked about my August favourites, then you’ll know the main reason I like this cover is the reindeer on the front. I am completely and utterly obsessed with reindeers. I just think they are such beautiful and majestic creatures. I am also a little fascinated by crows, but not much. So this cover combining crows and a reindeer, I freaked out. It just screams my name. I think this is definitely my favourite cover out of the four. I mean all the covers are stunning, especially The Dream Thieves. But the reindeer will always win! Also this book is signed, so maybe that helps it win as well. 😉

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Character deaths I’m not over!

Hey guys! I saw Sasha’s (abookutopia) video on book character deaths she’s not over and I wanted to do the same on my blog as there are a lot of deaths I am not over! Some years old, others quite recent. It will contain spoilers (obviously!), so read at your own risk! 🙂

Death Cure1) Newt in The Death Cure by James Dashner

I’m starting with the oldest one but still the most devastating death I have come across because I feel that it isn’t really a spoiler anymore with it being made into a movie. Seriously if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie then you probably aren’t going to at this point. I read The Death Cure such a long time ago and I am still mad at Newt’s death. He was my favourite character and he deserved a much better ending than that. My dramatic ass was so upset. It took me a few attempts to read The Fever Code when that came out because I didn’t want to see a young Newt and knowing he died. Nope. Nope. Nope.


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Books I’d Save in a Fire!

Hey guys! This is an old Top 5 Wednesday topic that I found when I was scrolling through past topics and it just looked like a really awesome post to do. Of course I hope that my house never sets on fire but you guys know what books I’ll be saving! Since this isn’t actually a Top 5 Wednesday post, there will be more than five books!

1) Cassandra Clare books

Obviously I have to save these books! Like if I could I would save all my Cassandra Clare books but I can’t so I am saving these! I have my reasons for saving these books and from the picture you can clearly see why I’d want to save them. Two of them are special editions and two of them are also signed. The tenth anniversary edition also has all these gorgeous and colourful illustrations, it’s such a beautiful book! Another reason for saving them is that I spent a fortune on them and since they are signed, I am not watching them burn in a fire! I doubt I’d be able to buy the editions of Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows as they all sold out.

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Top 5 Wednesday: Books You’ve Read Because of Booktube/Blogging/etc

Hey guys! It’s been over a month since I last did a Top 5 Wednesday post! I haven’t had time to sit down and write a detailed post in a while so it feels good to be able to take part in Top 5 Wednesday again! This weeks topic is self-explanatory. You talk about the books you’ve picked up because of the online book community! I don’t know about you guys but I’ve picked up so many books because I saw them all over Bookstagram! I’m excited to share some of them with you!

This group was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey) and is hosted by Sam (ThoughtsOnTomes). If you want to participate, check out the link on Goodreads here.

Spellslinger1) Spellslinger by Sebastien De Castell

This book just kept popping up! I’d be scrolling through my feed or watching some book recommendation videos on YouTube and Spellslinger would pop up all the time. I think the cover drew me to this book more than anything. It just looks so freaking awesome! So of course I had to buy it and I ended up giving it five stars! I thought it was such a fantastic book and I completely fell for Kell! He was a really relatable character and I loved how cunning he was at times. He basically uses tricks to make people believe he has magic and I loved it! The second book comes out next week and I am so excited! I need it now!


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