Top 5 Wednesday: Largest Books On TBR

Hey guys! I recently added all of my unread books on Goodreads so I am fully prepared for this weeks Top 5 Wednesday topic! It’s not going to be a very exciting post I’m afraid as I have only just realised that a lot of my largest books are by the same author! Those authors apparently love writing massive books that intimidate me! Here’s my largest books:

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini and The Fireman by Joe Hill

At number one we have Inheritance with 860 pages (help!), followed by The Fireman with 768 so Inheritance has quite a lot more pages! I have heard really great things about both books so I really think I’m just intimidated by the size of them! They are probably both some of my longest owned books too as I’m pretty sure I bought these nearly three years ago (yikes!). Please don’t judge me!

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January Book Haul!

Hey everyone! So sorry for not posting much recently but I have been so busy with work and haven’t had a lot of time for reading, sadly! But I have a week off now so I’m planning on knuckling down and reading as much as I can! I’m so excited to get back to blogging it feels like it has been forever! I’m excited to share with you all the books I bought this month!

the-young-elites1) The Young Elites boxset by Marie Lu

Technically I bought this boxset the last day of December but I’d already done a book haul for that month so I just decided to include it in my January haul! I have heard so many great things about Marie Lu and this boxset only cost £6! I couldn’t resist buying it and I’m super excited to find out what these books are about because I have no idea! I absolutely love the covers too they really caught my eye!




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