REVIEW: Belle Nash and the Bath Soufflé by William Keeling

Title: Belle Nash and the bath Soufflé by William Keeling
Published by: 
Publication date:
3rd March 2022
Genre: Historical Fiction
Format: Paperback
Amazon UK


When Mrs Gaia Champion hosts her first supper after the untimely death of her adored husband Hercules, the meal goes sadly awry. 

Enter gay hero Bellerophon “Belle” Nash: city councillor, grandson of Bath’s original Master of Ceremonies Beau Nash, and bachelor extraordinaire. 

Assisted by a group of eccentric lady friends, Belle sets out to explore Gaia’s culinary mishap, only to expose a web of corruption that goes to the heart of Regency Bath’s judicial system. 

In doing so, he struggles to retain the commitment of his German “cousin”, and Princess Victoria—not yet Queen—persuades Gaia that all women can defeat the bonds of male repression.

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