Least Favourite Books of 2018

Hey guys! I am bringing you my least favourite books of 2018 a little early but I think it’s okay because I’m really enjoying the books I’m currently reading and it’s highly unlikely I will end up hating them! I’ll be really busy at Christmas so I’m kicking off my end of year posts now.

These are all the books I’ve rated 2 stars apart from Weregirl: Typhon which is 3 stars. I thought it would be really weird to do a top 9 list so I made it top 10. I’ve read 66 books so far this year and I only rated 9 of them 1-2 stars which I think is pretty good! I hope you enjoy!


Weregirl: Typhon by C.D. Bell: This trilogy started off really strong but then it rapidly went downhill, with the last book sadly being the worst out of the three. It dragged in places and I felt like nothing was happening for the majority of it. It’s like they weren’t prepared to write a third book and were stuck in limbo for how to end the story. Then there was also some really random things happening which I felt weren’t needed at all. I mean one of the things they did was really great to see but it just felt so out of place. It felt like it was introduced too late and you didn’t get to see any development, it was all very rushed. Not a great way to end a trilogy!

Frostblood by Elly Blake: My problem with this book is that it would have been really great 5-10 years ago. But in 2017/18? Not so great. The whole time I was reading it I just couldn’t shake off this “been there, done that” feeling. It’s your typical dystopian book basically and it’s like the author copied and pasted tropes from all the other typical dystopian books, namely The Hunger Games and Divergent. It just didn’t feel original or creative in any way. A lot of people are over dystopian books now and I think the author was too late with this one sadly!

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Authors I’d Give a Second Chance!

Hey guys! Today I am going to talk about authors who I’d like to give a second chance! I saw this on sarawithoutah‘s BookTube so long ago and I have always wanted to do it. I finally got around to it and I’m very excited to share my list with you! Enjoy!

Sasha Alsberg: So I am a big fan of Sasha but sadly her debut, Zenith, wasn’t for me. I was really disappointed with it as it felt very messy and haphazardly thrown together. Things weren’t explained very well and I was left scratching my head for the majority of it. However, she is a growing author and can improve her writing. I think she could be a really great author if she takes her time with her books and I’d love to still be able to support her by buying them. I think Zenith came out so messy because everything was massively rushed; however her other books don’t seem to be going down the same path which is good! I am interested in reading Project Red because that seems like one I haven’t read before. She seems to be taking her time with it and from the sneak peeks she has shown us, it looks really interesting.

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Book Unhaul! (#3)

Hey guys! A couple months ago I unhauled some books and I just never posted it on my blog but I really wanted to because I enjoy seeing what other people unhaul, even though they can be quite controversial. Some of these books I read when I was a teenager and I just know I’ll never re-read them and others I just didn’t like them at all. So lets get into it!

Empress of A Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza: I got this in a FairyLoot subscription box and I knew straight away this book wouldn’t be for me. Princesses fighting for their throne is not something I enjoy and this book being set in space still couldn’t save it. Unsurprisingly, I read it and I hated it. It was super boring, nothing exciting was happening and the whole way through I felt like I was forcing myself to read it. I had no interest in keeping this or reading the second book so I just got rid of it! Continue reading

An Evening with Ransom Riggs!

Hey guys! I have quite a different post for you today! I absolutely love Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series by Ransom Riggs. It’s such a unique series and Hollow City was one of my favourite books of 2016 (Was that really 2 years ago?). So when I saw he was coming to the UK and only visiting Manchester and London, I knew I had to go! I hope you don’t mind me sharing my experience with you all because it was pretty exciting!

Normally authors visit places that are hours away from me and I never get to go but Ransom was coming to Manchester which isn’t that far from me so obviously I had to go! I couldn’t miss this opportunity and I’m so glad I went! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of A Map of Days and it was so fun being able to hear Ransom talk about it and then sign copies afterwards! I ended up getting the book and a goody bag because I’ve never received one before at an event, I wanted to see what it was like!

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Books I really want to buy but I’m restraining myself!

Hey guys! I feel like this post follows on quite nicely from my previous one! In that post I talked about books I had to buy, but haven’t yet read! Now I’ll be talking about books I really want to buy but I’m stopping myself because I have too many books and I cannot buy anymore! I hope you enjoy!

Collector’s Editions: A Darker Shade of Magic, Vicious and Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

I’ll start with Schwab books, shall I? These collector’s editions are absolutely stunning and I want them so badly! But I’m trying to hold out until Christmas at least because they are so expensive and I have a lot of other books I need to read first. But I really want to read Vicious and Vengeful because they sound so freaking good! Plus Schwab is a really great writer and I love her books.

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Books I had to buy but are still sitting on my shelf!

Hey guys! Recently I have been browsing old top ten topics and I stumbled across this one. It seemed like a really great topic to write about! I am considering participating in these posts on Tuesday’s now instead of Top 5 Wednesday as I just think there’s better topics. Top 5 Wednesday recently has not been very good for me. Though the only thing that concerns me is that I won’t be able to pick 10 books for each topic! If you take part in this weekly meme, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I have a 100 unread books to choose from for this, so here’s the first 10 that popped up in my head:

Legendary by Stephanie Garber: I haven’t even read Caraval yet but I had to rush to buy this because I wanted it to match the first book! All first editions had an image under the dust jacket like the first one. These books are like gold dust to come across now and they are so expensive when you do finally find out! I saw someone selling a copy of Caraval for £150 and my jaw hit the floor. So of course I had to buy this for a reasonable price and make sure it matched my copy of Caraval, in case I actually like the book!

Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi: Have I read the Shatter Me series yet? No. Did I rush out and buy this as soon as it came out? Yes! Total cover buy and I can’t wait to catch up on this series!

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All of my unread books! (Nearly 100!)

Hey guys! I am back off holiday now and I had such an amazing time! I’m sorry for not posting but I decided to take a break from my blog and spent the two weeks relaxing! 🙂

Now that I’m back, I decided to count all of my unread books and it is not pretty! I always feel better seeing how many unread books other people have and it makes me feel better because I’m always like at least I’m not that bad! I was wrong. I was living in denial because it’s very bad. I have 98 unread books! 98! Help?! Honestly I have no idea why I let it get so bad and now I feel very overwhelmed, yay! But at least every month I will get to see the number slowly going down and it will motivate me to stop buying other books!

I’m only going to try and buy books now that I really want such as Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare! I’ll try telling myself that all the others can wait until I have a nice number of books on my TBR! Below are my unread books. I hope you can read them OK, I took screenshots on Goodreads. It’s very inconvenient not being on YouTube sometimes.

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