Most Anticipated 2017 Releases! (#2)

Hey guys! I did this post at the start of the year for books being released between January and May. I didn’t really know what books were being released later on in the year so decided to do another post when I had more of an idea. So here we are! These are all the books coming out in the second half of 2017 that I am pretty much freaking out over! Enjoy!

Wonder Woman.jpg1) Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

So I’ve pre-ordered a paperback copy and a signed hardback copy from my lovely, lovely, lovely Waterstones. The excitement for this book is pretty much killing me and I want it in my hands right now. It’s even worse after seeing the film. I loved the film so damn much, it was amazing and awesome and they are incredible for doing such a kickass film! Thank you to them! Now hopefully we’ll get a kickass book too! This comes out 28th August just before I go on holiday so that can be one of my holiday reads, yay! This will be the first book I’ve read by Leigh Bardugo and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her writing so I’m excited!

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Top 5 Books of 2017 (So far!)

Hey guys! Since we are over halfway through the year, I thought it was time I did a post talking about my five favourite books I’ve read so far this year. Currently I have read 26/50 books and according to Goodreads I am on track! I am super happy with the number of books I’ve read so far and I’m doing better than last year! There are so many books I’ve loved reading and it’s so hard narrowing down my favourites but it has to be done. So lets get into it, shall we?

If We Were Villains1) If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio

This has got to be one of the best crime thrillers I’ve ever read. It had a very dark and twisted story. The story relies heavily on Shakespeare and the themes he uses in his plays. It has a lot of jealously and rivalry between certain characters and each character has their own stereotype: villain, hero, tyrant and temptress. Being totally honest with you, I’m not a fan of Shakespeare and don’t really enjoy reading his plays. So it made me hesitant to read this but because I’m a sucker for crime thrillers I decided to read it. You guys… it was amazing. It blew me away. The story goes from strength to strength and I became so attached to the characters. I was left reeling when I found out which friend turned up dead and the writing was phenomenal. I felt like I was standing there staring down at the dead body… it was insane. M.L. Rio is an amazing writer and I look forward to reading more from her!

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June FairyLoot Unboxing!

Hey guys! After not buying the last two boxes I couldn’t resist June’s theme which was Elementalists! I love anything to do with elements and I was admittedly drawn in by the first couple items they announced. I am so excited to share these with you because they are amazing! They completely blew me away and I love FairyLoot even more now!

Incase you haven’t heard of them, FairyLoot is a YA fantasy monthly subscription box based in the UK. In every book you receive one recently published Young Adult fantasy book and several bookish goodies related to the book’s theme! Lets get into the unboxing, yay!

IMG_20170629_152516.jpg1) Stormheart Candle (Made by Witchwood Remedies)

The first thing I picked up was this beautiful candle and it has botanical toppings on which is awesome! Never seen a candle with these toppings on, it gives it a really nice touch! It smells really nice too! According to the spoiler card they made five different Stormheart Candles and they are based on storms in the book of the month and contain crystals that match those stormhearts too. I wonder what the other candles look like and if they have the same toppings but a different smell? These candles are also vegan which I love! They were made exclusively for this box!

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Authors I Would Love to Meet!

Hey guys! I have been trying to think of new posts that I can do and I came across this old Top 5 Wednesday post and thought it would be quite fun to do! I’m sure some of you already know a few authors I’d like to meet so lets get into it!

1) Cassandra Clare 

You all knew Cassie was going to be on this list! It was a very obvious choice because I looooove her! So freaking much! I have a signed book courtesy of Waterstones but I have sadly never had the opportunity to meet her. She goes to big cities and I don’t really live in a well known city and the ones I do live near she never comes to! Very sad times. I would love to listen to her talk for hours about Shadowhunters and the future series she is planning to write! She is my auto-buy author, I am just so in love with her writing and her characters. I would love to meet her!

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Book Unhaul!

Hey guys! I’ve recently had a clear out of some of my books and they are just books I couldn’t finish, series I couldn’t get into/finish and just books from university that I have no interest in keeping! I thought it’d be interesting to share some of them with you just because I like watching/reading other people’s unhauls! So lets get into it!

1) Angel by L.A. Weatherly & City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I believe this is a trilogy and the synopsis sounded really interesting. My friend read the first book and recommended it to me because she thought I’d enjoy it. Sad to say I couldn’t really get into it. I wasn’t a fan of the writing, I didn’t really find it that engaging. I didn’t get very far in before I decided it wasn’t worth reading. I held on to it though for so long, like five years before finally deciding to just donate it to charity. I wanted to try and pick it up again but the way books are flying out recently I’m just not interested in this trilogy and have other books I want to read now. I’m just donating the movie cover of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare because I don’t really need it and it’s pretty much fallen apart because they make them dead cheap. If you are wondering why I have the movie cover it’s because it was about £4 in Asda and this was my first time reading it. I like the other covers so much better.

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Book Recommendations: Crime Thrillers!

Hey guys! I haven’t done a book recommendation post for a while, so I thought why not share with you all some of my favourite crime thrillers? I can’t get enough of them recently and would love to recommend some to you! So without further ado, lets get into it!

Follow Me Down1) Follow Me Down by Sherri Smith 

I bloody loved this book! As soon as I saw this I was like damn, I need this book in my life. That cover is beautiful and the white and red font is so striking together. The writing was amazing and I definitely want this author to write more books because she had me on the edge of my seat! This book was full of so many frightening twists, I predicted nothing. She literally got me feeling so many emotions! I was angry at other characters, sad for the main character and frustrated for the situation she was in. The ending blew me away. I never saw it coming! This book exceeded all of my expectations and blew them out of the water. READ IT!


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