Top 5 Books of 2018 (So far!)

Hey guys! I recently did the mid-year freak out book tag and before that I talked about books I’d struggled to finish this year. So now I’d really like to spread the love and talk about some of my favourite books for the first half of 2018. I’m going to pick five books and just gush about them. This was extremely hard to chose only five and these are in no particular order. Hope you enjoy!

The Death of Mrs WestawayThe Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware: 

This was yet another fantastic book from Ruth Ware! She is one of my favourite crime thriller authors. My full review for this is up if you want to check that out! For now though I’ll say that I loved how different this book was to her other ones. I loved how it focused on deception and family secrets. Ruth kept the mystery locked up tight throughout and I honestly didn’t have a clue what was going to happen! I loved the main character and I definitely felt for her. I couldn’t imagine being on your own, no family or friends and struggling with debt. It’s so terrifying! Ruth did a fantastic job with this one and I’m excited to see what she comes up with next!

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Predicting five star reads!

Hey guys! I’ve seen this post floating around and it looks like a lot of fun! You basically sort through your unread books and pick out ones that you predict you will give a five star rating. Here are my picks:

Six of Crows1) Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I’ve had this book for such a long time! Everyone was raving about it, saying how awesome it was so I just picked up a copy. I’ve seen a lot of great reviews for it and it was all over Instagram for quite a while. Also, my mum read this last week when we were on holiday and she absolutely loved it. She read it in no time at all and then was gushing about how good it was afterwards. So for that reason, I am pretty sure this will get five stars from me. When I will actually get around to reading it though, that’s anyone’s guess!



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Books I’ve Struggled to Finish in 2018 (So far!)

Hey guys! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! So far this year I have read 20/30 books for my reading challenge and according to Goodreads, I am 10 books ahead of schedule which is fantastic! I thought it’d be cool to look at, out of the 20 books I’ve read so far, which ones I have struggled to finish and why. I have look at what I’ve read so far and picked 5 books which I don’t think is bad out of 20. Here’s what I picked:

Zenith1) Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings: My main problem with this book was that it was too long, had too many chapters and too many POVs. There’s like 99 chapters (why?) and six POVs (again, why?) which was just too much for me. It just felt very unnecessary and it was really confusing to follow. I got to around page 300 and felt that the book should have finished there. But instead it went on for another 200 pages which to me kind of felt like it should have been the second book. So I was contemplating not finishing it but because it was co-authored by Sasha and I had been looking forward to reading it, I pushed through and finished it. This was the first book I read this year and I gave it two stars, so it was not off to a great start!


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Authors I Am Waiting on Another Book From!

Hey guys! I found this when I was searching old Top 5 Wednesday topics and thought it would be a fun post to do! I’ll be talking about new authors I discovered last year and old favourites and how I am impatiently waiting for new books from these amazing writers! I hope you enjoy!

M.L. Rio and Emily Koch

These were two of my favourite reads last year and they are debut novels too! I was completely blown away by the story, the writing and the characters. I was hooked from start to finish and was unable to put both books down. Both authors are so incredibly talented and both books contained such heartbreaking scenes. I was not expecting these books to be as great as they were and after finishing them, I was letting wanting more from both authors! I’m going to be waiting very impatiently for them to write their next book and hopefully they will be as dazzling as their debut novels!

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Things on my Bookshelf that Aren’t Books!

Hey guys! I don’t know if anyone is interested in this but I always like seeing what items people have on their shelves, so I thought I’d share with you all what’s on my bookshelf! I haven’t been well the past week and I just needed a quick post for my blog. I thought this would be quite good and I really hope you all enjoy it! I only have one bookcase and it’s an absolute mess so please ignore that. I need to reorganise it but I just can’t be bothered yet. Anyway, enough rambling! Lets get into the post!

I received both of these items in a FairyLoot box (I forget which one now – maybe the February 2017 box?) and I just thought they’d look really nice on my shelf. The first one is like a pencil case or a make-up bag, I guess it’s personal preference! I’m kind of nervous to use it because I don’t want to ruin it so I just let it sit on my shelf. The second is like a character card? It’s someone from the Throne of Glass series – maybe Dorian? I have all those books but I just haven’t read them yet. I thought the artwork was beautiful so I just sat it in front of the Throne of Glass books stack.

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Books That Surprised Me!

Hey guys! Today I am doing something a little different… I am going to talk about books that I thought I wouldn’t like but actually ended up loving! These are books that either belong to a genre that I don’t normally read or heard bad things about which put me off reading the book. But in the end it didn’t really matter because I ended up loving them anyway! So lets get into it!

Me before you

1) Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

This book belongs to a genre that I really love to avoid and definitely do not read. Yes, that is correct. I am not a fan of romance books. I’m just not a very romantic person and reading about other people falling in love is just not something I want to do. The reason why I read Me Before You though is because my friend wrote a review for it on her blog and she made it sound really interesting. She asked me to read it and it was really cheap on Amazon so I just decided to buy it and give it a shot. I actually ended up really loving it and I ended up reading it really quickly because I was just so absorbed in the story. I loved all the characters and I was really not expecting the ending. This book was nothing like I thought it would be and it exceeded my expectations. I ended up watching the film and that was such a wonderful portrayal of the book, I loved it! I have the second book After You but I’m not sure if I’m going to read it or not because I’ve not heard great things about it. I am disappointed about that but to be honest I was happy with the first book being a standalone and didn’t see the reason for a second book. So I don’t know what I will do yet about that! I need someone to convince me to read it!

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My Favourite BookTubers!

Hey guys! I’m bringing you all a very random post today and I hope you like it! I was thinking of what posts I can write and then I thought it would be great to share with you all my favourite BookTubers. Hopefully I can recommend some to you if you haven’t heard of their channel before! I just love binge watching BookTube videos and watching people arrange their bookshelves or unbox an order. It’s just very fun to me and hopefully for you guys too!

1) Sasha (abookutopia)

You probably won’t be surprised to see Sasha on here as she is very popular on BookTube. She was actually the first one I stumbled across, I had no idea BookTube was a thing until I came across her videos. I believe it was around the time Lady Midnight came out but I can’t be sure. I just love how fun and bubbly her personality is, she’s so passionate and enthusiastic about books! I especially love watching her bookshelf organisation videos, they are my favourite. I really enjoy her wrap ups, hauls and TBR videos. I love when she films her trips to book shops and what books she buys.

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