April Book Haul!

Hey guys! So, I have not been good this month. I am currently reading my sixth book of the month (hoping to read 7 but we will see) and I was like, yes! That’s another six books knocked off my TBR! You know what I went and did to celebrate? I bought another 5 books! I can’t even say I regret it though because they are such pretty, deserving books. But now I do feel like I have accomplished nothing with my TBR. Oh wellll! Here are the beautiful books I bought this month:

Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi: I saw this sitting in Waterstones looking all pretty and special and I just snatched it up and held onto it like it was the only copy in the world. Have I even read the Shatter Me series? No. I am just a sucker for books with pretty covers. I have no self control!

Scythe by Neal Shusterman: I have been seeing this cover everywhere and honestly I am intrigued. It sounds really good and I have been seeing great reviews for it. I wasn’t intending on buying it yet but because Restore Me had a buy one get one half price sticker I had to take advantage of that. So, naturally, when I saw Scythe with the same sticker and realised it was the only copy in the shop, that was that. It was coming home with me.

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March Book Haul & Wrap Up!

Hey guys! I’m combining my book haul and wrap up post this month because I actually only bought two books and received one for review. I also bought the FairyLoot March box but I already have an unboxing for that up. I didn’t see the point in making a separate post for three books and instead just decided to put the two posts together. I’m actually really pleased with myself for only buying such a small amount of books! I’m actually reading a lot of the books I already own now rather than ebooks from NetGalley, etc! Anyway, enough rambling. Lets get into the post!

Book haul:

Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh: This was definitely a cover buy. I saw the cover, thought it was absolutely stunning and that I had to own it. It was £4.99 and I just couldn’t walk away and leave it sitting on the shelf. No idea what it is about to be honest but even just what’s on the cover makes it sound fantastic! Really hope it’s good!

Hangman by Daniel Cole: This is the second book in the Ragdoll series and I read it as soon as I got it. It was absolutely amazing, even better than the first book! It was so fast paced and unbelievably intense! I’m really excited to write a full review on it!

The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley: I was sent an ARC of this for review and they actually sent a cute little bottle of gin with it as well! In the past I have been sent items that are mentioned in the book, so now I’m curious to see where this item is mentioned! Maybe a character likes drinking it a lot? Anyway, this book sounds fantastic! The publisher compared it to Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and I loved that so much so now I have really high hopes for this one!

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Birthday Book Haul!

Hey guys! So today is my birthday and as you can guess, I asked for a lot of books! Lucky for me I didn’t buy any books this month! I received two from Titan Books and the rest I got as birthday presents! So without further ado, here are all the wonderful books I got for my birthday:

Friend Request by Laura Marshall: I’ve been eyeing this book up for ages because it sounds really creepy and like a thriller I would enjoy. I’ve been seeing it everywhere I go in bookshops and supermarkets so I finally caved and asked for it for my birthday.

Copycat by Alex Lake: I had no idea what this book was about when I asked for it, I just thought it had a really creepy and awesome cover. I now realise that it is similar to Friend Request as they both involve Facebook. But this one seems so creepy because some has the exact same profile as her with the exact same photos. Photos taken inside her house even. So I am really excited to find out more about this thriller!

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January Book Haul!

Hey guys! This month was just crime thriller month! I just bought lots and lots of crime thrillers! I didn’t mean to buy so many books this month but it just kind of happened. They were cheap, they were pretty, they were intriguing and they tempted me. So here is my January book haul in all it’s glory!

Fear1) Fear by Dirk Kurbjuweit

I have been waiting a year to read this book so as soon as the publication date hit, I ordered a copy on Amazon. Unfortunately I checked reviews and it doesn’t have great reviews. Really sad about this because I really wanted this to be such a mind-blowing book! I’m still going to read it since I’ve been waiting so long for it to come out. I might be a bit hesitant though going into it and won’t expect too much from it so I’m not as disappointed!




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December Book Haul!

Hey guys! I can’t believe that it’s 2018 on Monday! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your families and got really nice gifts. I hope you don’t mind my lack of posting this week. I posted every day last week so that I could take Christmas off and just have a break from my blog. I love blogging but you definitely need to take a break from it every once in a while. I got two books for Christmas and then I bought one.

Artemis1) Artemis by Andy Weir

I knew I was getting this book for Christmas because I asked for the signed edition from Waterstones. I had no idea it was a special edition limited to 2,000 signed copies. You open the book and one of the pages at the front has the number and mine is 1220. That’s really neat! I’m a bit nervous about reading this now though because lots of people have given it low ratings and said Andy Weir tries too hard to make the main character a female version of Mark Watney from The Martian. Apparently it comes across as forced and awkward which is not good. But I really loved The Martian and I was really excited for this so I’ll still see if it’s any good!


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Ridiculous October Book Haul!

Hey guys! I am calling this the Ridiculous October Book Haul because I bought a ridiculous amount of books this month! Stating the obvious, much? I honestly think this crazy book obsessed demon possessed me at the start of the month and went on a massive splurge in Waterstones. In our defence, I bought some beautiful books and scored a few signed ones!

1) La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One by Philip Pullman

I was seriously excited for this book and when I saw Waterstones had a special signed edition limited to 5,000 copies for £35 I had to get one. I had to. So imagine my relief when they’d all sold out and I’d pre-ordered one the day they released them on the website. But imagine my disappointment when I got home and noticed it was damaged. I was heartbroken. I took it back to Waterstones but obviously I couldn’t get another because they’d all sold out. They knocked £10 off so I only ended up paying £25 but it still kind of annoys me. Despite the fault it is a truly beautiful book and they’ve done an amazing job. Alongside this I also got the £10 hardback so these two books were an expensive buy.

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September Book Haul!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting on Friday but I’d just got back off holiday and I was bloody exhausted! I didn’t have time to plan a post so to make up for it, I am posting today instead! I spent two weeks in California and it was absolutely amazing… I loved every second of it and went to some incredible places. I really missed the UK though and couldn’t wait to get home.

I bought a lot of books this month. I bought seven books. Three of them were pre-orders and then whilst I was on holiday I visited Barnes & Noble where I purchased four books. I have to say, anyone who gets to visit that shop on a regular basis is seriously lucky. It was one of the most magical bookshops I have ever been in. I was just blown away by all the beautiful books and I wanted to buy so many. I had to restrain myself! I’ll start with the books I pre-ordered and then get into my Barnes & Noble purchases!

1) Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

I bought two copies of Wonder Woman! How could I not? Waterstones had a signed limited edition hardback and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I read this book on holiday and sadly the paperback got a bit trashed. I hate myself for it because I hate damaging books but when I was travelling here, there and everywhere it couldn’t be helped. I did like this book but it was a bit slow and I wanted more action. I liked Leigh Bardugo’s writing but I wasn’t blown away by it. I’ll have a full review coming soon!

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August Book Haul!

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s nearly September already, it’s going by so fast this year. I hope you have all had a great month and bought lots of awesome books. I bought a lot of crime thrillers this month. I called in a bargain bookshop and they had 3 books for £5 so I had a good hunt and found some decent looking crime thrillers! I’ve also been sent two copies for review which is exciting! So lets get into it!

Tracer1) Tracer by Rob Boffard

I was so excited to read this book but then I read the reviews and they aren’t that great, dammit! The cover and the synopsis really drew me in because they are trapped on a space station with a madman. To me it sounded really interesting because is he murdering people? You can’t exactly run from a murderer on a space station. I will still read it but I’m a little disappointed now and worried I won’t like it. It sounded too good to be true!




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July Book Haul!

Hey guys! It’s that time of the month again where I tell you about the books I bought this month! I’m quite pleased with the amount of books I’ve bought and I’m really excited to read them because they are all new releases! I actually saved quite a bit of money on them too because one was in clearance and the other two were buy one get one half price! So let’s get into it!

One Of Us Is Lying.jpg1) One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus

I have been wanting to read this book ever since I first saw it on NetGalley. For some reason I didn’t request it I think I had too many other books to read at the time? So I’ve been impatiently waiting for it to be released in paperback and it looks so pretty! It has red sprayed edges and it looks so gorgeous against the white and red cover. I’m definitely going to be reading this soon, it sounds amazing. All I know is that five students go into detention but only four leave alive. It’s the perfect thriller! I never knew I needed this book in my life until now. I really hope it doesn’t disappoint because I am so excited to read it finally!


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