February 2023 wrap-up!

Hey, everyone! After a rubbish start to the year, I managed to turn it around this month and ended up reading eight books! I am very pleased with the amount I’ve read and I actually enjoyed most of them! Here’s what I read:

This Woven Kingdom and These Infinite Threads by Tahereh Mafi: First up, I read these two beautiful books and ended up rating them both five stars! I was completely captivated by the story and the characters. Both books end on massive cliffhangers and I’m gutted I’ll have to wait another year for the third book! Tahereh is an incredible writer and I would highly recommend her books to young adult and fantasy lovers.

Dirty Laundry by Disha Bose: I don’t read that many dosmetic thrillers but I should do because I’ve found I tend to love them more than other thrillers I read. I was completely hooked on the drama in this story and I loved how it was written too. It was so fun watching everything unravel and trying to predict who the killer is. I was pointing my finger at so many different people! I highly recommend this if you enjoy dosmetic thrillers!

The Accidental Medium by Tracy Whitwell: I picked this up because my friend read it in less than a day and kept saying how good it was. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the same way. It’s quite a short book but so much of it felt like filler and it felt very repetitive with the character constantly talking about sex and alcohol. I got really bored and annoyed with it so I won’t be continuing this series. I’m gutted I didn’t like it but I’m glad my friend did.

The Ninth Guest by Tess Little: This book was so weird. A group of people attend a party and one of them is murdered. For some reason, the main character becomes obsessed with an octopus that lived in a tank at the victim’s house where the party was held and the story really makes you believe an octopus killed him. It’s so bizarre. There’s just pages and pages of the main character researching octopuses and watching documentaries. The funny thing is though, the octopus being the killer would have probably been a better ending than the one we got. It had a really good premise but it ended up being disappointing. There’s other things I could say about it but I’ll just leave you with the bizarre octopus theory.

The Art of Death by David Fennell: I went into this wanting a really dark plot and I was not disappointed. It was so disturbing and horrifying to imagine someone doing this. I did not see the twist at the end coming, either. There was so much foreshadowing that I completely missed! I’ll definitely be reading more from this author.

When I Was Ten by Fiona Cummins: I enjoyed this but I think it could have been shorter and some perspectives weren’t needed. It was a very tense read at times and the build-up to the jaw-dropping twist at the end was excellent. I loved the chapters that showed a one-sided exchange between two people; it felt very ominous and creeped me out. I have another book from this author and I’ll definitely read it soon after how spine-tingling this one was!

I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll: I also enjoyed this but I feel like the stalker aspect of it could have been better. The chapters from the stalker felt a bit random and not really directed at anyone so it was hard to see how they fit into the story. Also, it felt like the main character didn’t need to be involved in the story as much as she was. She played her part at the beginning and it became bigger than her after that, so it felt like she was no longer needed and it should have just focused on the family and the victim’s friend. Despite this, I did enjoy it and will read more from this author.

These are all the books I read in February! I’ll probably read a lot more crime books in March too. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!


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