ARC REVIEW: Breaking Time by Sasha Alsberg

Title: Breaking Time by Sasha Alsberg
Published by: 
Inkyard Press
Genre: Fantasy
Format: eARC
Amazon UK


Fate brought them together. Time will tear them apart.

When a mysterious Scotsman suddenly appears in the middle of the road, Klara thinks the biggest problem is whether she hit him with her car. But, as impossible as it sounds, Callum has stepped out of another time, and it’s just the beginning of a deadly adventure.

Klara will soon learn that she is the last Pillar of Time—an anchor point in the timeline of the world and a hiding place for a rogue goddess’s magic. Callum believes he’s fated to protect her at all costs after being unable to protect the previous Pillar, his best friend, Thomas. A dark force is hunting the Pillars to claim the power of the goddess—and Klara and Callum are the only two people standing in the way. Thrown together by fate, the two have to learn to trust each other and work together…but they’ll need to protect their hearts from one another if they’re going to survive.

My review:

A massive thank you to Harper360YA for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Breaking Time is a fantastic blend of romance and mythology. It’s a very whimsical read and I really enjoyed it. 

I fell in love with Klara and Callum pretty much straight away and I loved the idea of fate bringing them together. They develop so much over the course of the story, especially Klara, as at the beginning she feels a bit lost but when she meets Callum she discovers a whole other world and uncovers a power she didn’t even know she had. 

I was worried that the plot would be a bit hard to follow but I needn’t have been because the worldbuilding is fantastic. It definitely felt like Sasha had done a lot of research for this and it was really interesting learning about the mythology and finding out about Klara being the last Pillar of Time. I haven’t been to Scotland before and Sasha’s beautiful and whimsical descriptions have made me really want to go. 

I was surprised by how fast-paced it is considering it’s the first book in a series. You’re taken on a wild and action-packed adventure with Callum and Klara and it was actually really fun to read. There is a jaw-dropping cliffhanger at the end that I was not expecting and I’m going to be impatiently waiting for the second book to come out now. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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