BLOG TOUR: Goering’s Gold by Richard O’Rawe

Title: Goering’s Gold by Richard O’Rawe
Published by: 
Melville House
Publication date: 
31st May 2022
Genre: Historical Fiction/Crime & Thriller
Format: Paperback
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When WWII ended, the allies discovered that a huge amount of gold bullion plundered by Nazi Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering had gone missing. Some believed the gold had been hidden in a train box car in Poland. Others that it was secreted in Lake Toplitz in the Austrian Alps. And a few thought it was buried in the Republic of Ireland, which was neutral during the war.

When ex-IRA soldier Ructions O’Hare stumbles on a piece of Nazi memorabilia once owned by Goering, he begins to think that those who suspect the gold was in Ireland just might be on to something.

But for Ructions to return to Ireland is easier said than done. For a start, the IRA is after him for not paying them a cut from a huge bank robbery he carried out in Belfast. And then there’s the Neo-Nazis, who believe that Goering’s gold rightfully belongs to them, and who are happy to kill anyone who gets in their way.

And as Ructions gathers clues to the gold’s location and, as his many adversaries realize he’s getting closer, it’s as if a noose is tightening around his neck…

My review:

Goering’s Gold is one of the best and most entertaining heist books I’ve read. It’s fast-paced and brimming with adventure as Ructions O’Hare finds himself up against the police, the IRA and Nazis as he hunts for lost gold. 

Despite Ructions’ criminal background and the fact that he always has his mind set on his next big score, he had me laughing out loud at times and I was actually rooting for him to succeed. He’s very confident and always prepares for every outcome. It was so funny seeing him running rings around everyone and always staying one step ahead. Every time the police or the IRA thought they had him cornered, he always had a trick up his sleeve and managed to escape. He’s really cunning and quite smart in how he handles situations.

The hunt for the missing gold was very interesting. I was curious how a large amount of gold could have been hidden away all this time without anyone ever finding it and I was eagerly anticipating finding out the full story. All the little clues that were uncovered that eventually led to its location were fascinating. The story is part treasure hunt, part heist as Ructions first has to locate the gold and then actually pull off the heist. Plus, he’s not the only one searching for the gold so it’s quite a tense, high-stakes thriller. 

There’s also references to Ructions robbing a bank, which takes place in Northern Heist. I have not read that but fortunately you don’t need to read it in order to understand what happens in Goering’s Gold. The fact that Ructions managed to rob a bank and is now on his next adventure shows how much of a thrill-seeker he is and speaks volumes about his character. I do love anti-heroes though and I bet Northern Heist is just as entertaining as Goering’s Gold

Goering’s Gold is a fast-paced and wildling entertaining read. I highly recommend it for those that enjoy historical thrillers, suspenseful reads and a fantastic heist story!

A massive thank you to Melville House for sending me a copy of this book for review and for inviting me to take part in the blog tour! Make sure to check out everyone else taking part in this tour.

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