ARC REVIEW: His Other Woman by Sarah Edgill

Title: His Other Woman by Sarah Edgill
Published by: 
Bloodhound Books 
Publication date: 
19th May 2022
Genre: Domestic thriller
Format: eBook
Amazon UK


Her husband is with another woman—but it’s not who she thinks it is, and the results may be more devastating than an affair . . .

Lucy’s husband has been missing for days while she tries to pretend to those around her, including her distracted teenagers, that everything is normal. In desperation she uses a phone app to track him—and discovers he’s with another woman.

As her life falls apart, Lucy realises nothing is as it seems. There is another woman in her husband’s life, but it’s someone she has known—and hated—for twenty years.

As the story unfolds, including in the national press, the family must pull together before lives are destroyed . . .

My review:

Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

His Other Woman is a suspenseful read that follows Lucy whose life is turned upside down when her husband goes missing and she suspects him of having an affair. However, the real reason for his abrupt disappearance is even more shocking.

The story revolves around family drama and a toxic relationship between Lucy and an old friend that was quite interesting. I did quite enjoy the suspense of where Tom had been and why he didn’t have time to tell his wife where he was going. The big reveal of where he’d really been provided the story with an excellent twist and I definitely did not see it coming. 

I liked Lucy initially and felt sorry for her being left to look after their children and juggling work too. However, as the story progressed I grew quite irritated with her and thought she was quite immature. I don’t want to say too much about the plot in case I spoil it, but I felt she was the main reason for the toxic relationship with her old friend. However, she does redeem herself at the end and I was happy to see her become more open-minded about the entire situation.

I don’t mind open endings, but for this one I would have preferred it to have ended differently. It was rather abrupt and I felt like these characters still had more to say. I would have liked some more twists too, but it’s a compelling read nonetheless and you could easily read it in one sitting. It’s an enjoyable read and I will keep an eye out for more books by this author. 

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