BLOG TOUR: The Soul Stealer by Graham Masterton

Title: The Soul Stealer by Graham Masterton
Pages: 384
Published by: Head of Zeus
Publication date: 3rd March 2022
Genre: Horror
Format: eBook
Amazon UK – Waterstones


Nemo Frisby used to be a detective. Now he drives an Uber between billionaire mansions in California. But he never lost the nose for the case – and when his housecleaner Trinity Fox discovers a young woman lying dead in her neighborhood, she persuades him to help her prove it wasn’t suicide.

Their investigation leads them to the Bel Air home of a wealthy movie producer, who built his mansion over an American Indian burial site. Ancient mythology tells of a demon who, if unearthed, can imbue evil men with terrible power. But only if the demon is fed by the sacrifice of innocent lives…

My review:

Graham Masterton has weaved together an utterly creepy and spine-chilling horror story. No matter how much you try to prepare yourself before going into it, you’ll still be left reeling as the story unfolds and dark horrors are revealed. 

The story follows Trinity Fox, who discovers the body of her friend after receiving a call from her asking for help. When her death is ruled a suicide, Trinity knows there’s something more to it and works with former detective, Nemo Frisby, to uncover what really happened to her friend. Their investigation leads them to the Bel Air home of a wealthy movie producer, who sacrifices innocent people to a demon in order to make men more powerful and influential in the movie industry. 

As well as following Trinity and Nemo’s point of view, we also have Zuzana who is an unsuspecting victim and believes she’s being given a part in a movie. However, it soon becomes clear that the men in the house have other intentions for her and that they don’t plan on letting her leave the house alive. There’s some very disturbing scenes and I really felt sorry for Zuzana being trapped in that house experiencing horror after horror. I struggled to get through some parts of the story and I think you’d need a strong stomach for it. Masterton paints a very vivid picture of what’s happening and it makes the story incredibly dark. After reading some scenes with an increasing feeling of dread, I desperately wanted Trinity and Nemo to come and rescue her. 

I really liked Trinity and Nemo, and thought that they worked well together. There’s some scenes during their investigation that I felt could have been cut down as they went on for a bit too long, but there were definitely some interesting and unique scenes that helped to propel the story forward. 

The Soul Stealer is a sinister read that promises everything you’d want from a horror story. It will have you turning on the light and looking at the dark corners of your room. I highly recommend it for horror fans. 

A huge thank you to Head of Zeus for sending me a copy of this book for review and for inviting me to take part in the blog tour!

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