BLOG TOUR: Fran Dorricott’s Mini Spoiler-Free Fan Cast for The Final Child

Hi everyone! Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Final Child and I’m thrilled to be sharing a guest post from Fran Dorricott with her thoughts on a spoiler-free fan cast. I hope you enjoy!

I have to confess that I’m not normally very good at “Fan Casts” when it comes to my own books, but The Final Child is something of an exception to the rule. I have a very clear image of most of the characters in the book, and I’d love to share a few, plus a few images of the settings through the novel, with you today.

This is entirely spoiler-free. I’ve focused on protagonists as well as locations/settings.

Erin Chambers:

Erin is one of the protagonists of The Final Child. She was abducted along with her brother when she was a child by a serial killer known in the press as The Father. Erin was found days later on her own in the woods. She had no knowledge of the whereabouts of her brother and sadly could not provide the police with any usable information that might help locate him. She also remains The Father’s only living victim. 

Imogen Poots has the perfect vibe for Erin, who is brave despite her fear, and reckless in her desire to prove herself after years struggling with her guilt over what happened to her and her brother. Imogen Poots has a certain vulnerability about her, doesn’t she?

Harriet Murphy:

Harriet is the second protagonist in The Final Child. She is a writer by trade, working on a book that is part memoir and part investigative journalism about The Father’s victims. She believes that too much of the media narrative focuses on the villain in stories such as these and hopes that by writing about the children (and families) who The Father hurt she may bring some sort of justice to her cousins, who were The Father’s first victims. 

Harriet is ballsy and determined, and Rose Leslie has the perfect combination of fierce and gentle that sums up Harriet’s personality.

The Woods:


Almost a character in themselves for the sway they hold over Erin even so many years later, the woodland area where Erin was found after she escaped The Father’s clutches plays a big role through the novel. British countryside can be incredibly gothic, with tall oaks and pines and ghostly birches. Erin’s experience in the woods was traumatic but Harriet sees the beauty and the promise too. Perhaps the woods hold the key to unlocking Erin’s memory of her terrifying ordeal?

The pub:


In my opinion you can’t have a British mystery without at least one scene between characters in a local pub! Like a lot of characters in the thriller genre, both Erin and Harriet rely on a little (or a lot, in some cases) liquid courage to push through the topics and questions that haunt them both. But at least they can drink in the cosy corner of a family-owned establishment like this one, ignoring the feeling of eyes on them out there in the darkness… 

Rural Life:


The Final Child takes place in Derbyshire and the surrounding area, with Erin and Harriet spending their time in various villages and small towns. It’s a picturesque setting but small towns often have big secrets. I took some liberties in including the Chesterfield Crooked Spire, but it truly is a gorgeous sight. It really does look as if the Devil himself twisted it near off!


Thank you, Fran, for writing such a wonderful and interesting guest post. The Final Child is available to purchase now!

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