My Booksleeve Collection!

Hey guys! I was going through my collection of booksleeves over the weekend and I realised I’ve never actually shared my full collection on my blog. Since I like looking at what collections other people have, I thought it’d be nice to share my own. I have a lot of booksleeves that I’ve either bought myself or received in a subscription box and I do actually use most of them, or I did before the pandemic. I don’t use them as much now since we can’t actually go anywhere but I will go back to using them once it’s safe to travel again. Also, I will list the artist and provide links where possible as some of these I don’t actually know who designed them, unfortunately.

So first up I have my absolute favourite sleeves ever and these feature Kell and Lila from A Darker Shade of Magic. The first one came in Illumicrate’s collections box, which is probably my favourite box ever because every item was beautiful. The artwork for the booklseeve was by itslopez and look at how beautiful it is! The quote design was by Chatty Nora and they couldn’t have chosen a better quote. I love this sleeve so much! The second one was designed by Jo Painter and I love her artwork so much. You can’t see in the picture but there’s a button stitched on the other side and there’s a clasp at the top so you can easily fasten it. I love that because I swear the amount of times my books start sliding out! It’s very handy being able to button it up at the top. Both booksleeves are massive and you can fit a hardback or a couple paperbacks inside. Very handy if you’re travelling and want to take more than one book with you.

Next up is another ADSOM booksleeve (can you tell I like collecting merch for this fandom?) and I bought this from one of those B/T/S groups on Facebook. I believe this is came in a FairyLoot box but I couldn’t tell you what month it was or who designed it. Next I have another FairyLoot one and this is a Harry Potter booksleeve designed by Sweet Sequels. I’m not a fan of Harry Potter but I do like this sleeve. It’s absolutely massive and can fit either one hardback or two paperbacks. I think it might be waterproof as well! I always take this one on holiday with me and usually use it when I’m by the pool or on the beach. It’s a great booksleeve.

I really love this Marvel booksleeve and I got it from a shop on Etsy called BookBurrowUK, but the owner has since changed the name. It’s From Katherine Anne instead now and I’ve actually seen a couple bookmarks on the new shop that I’m tempted to order… Unfortunately, I don’t know where this Black Panther one came from as I’ve had it for years now and I bought it through someone on Facebook. I love it so much and I actually don’t use it that much because I’m scared of damaging it! It’s too pretty to use! Then I have my Legend booksleeve and this is another favourite of mine. This was designed by taratjah and I love her artwork so much. It’s so pretty. This is also another massive sleeve where you can either fit one hardback or two paperbacks inside. It’s another one of my go-to sleeves.

These are probably the ones I used the most when I was taking a book to work with me so they have been through a lot! The very first one that’s grey and has white reindeers on is also from Jo Painter and the rest are from MelvisMakes. They are so soft and have kept numerous books well protected. One time my drink leaked in my bag and even though the booksleeve I was using (can’t remember which one) ended up soaked, the book stayed dry! I was really impressed that it was thick enough to stop water getting in. I love these sleeves and I’m looking forward to using them again.

Here’s my last couple! I have a Grishaverse booksleeve designed by Chatty Nora and I received this in an Illumicrate box. This is another one I’ve taken on holiday with me just because it’s absolutely massive and has kept my books well protected during my travels. I love the clasp at the top to stop your book falling out and that’s definitely come in handy for me. Finally, I have this one with skulls on that my friend bought for me as a present and she got it from LParkin. I love the design of this!

So that’s my booksleeve collection! It’s a lot but I do actually use them quite often and if you don’t own any booksleeves, I’d highly recommend them because they really do protect your books! Before I got my first booksleeve, I used to just carry a book in my bag on its own and yikes, the amount of times the cover or pages would end up bent was unreal. I’m super happy with my collection and my books are definitely better for it. How many booksleeves do you own? Feel free to leave a comment below. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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