Favourite Newly Discovered Authors!

Hey guys! Today I am going to be looking back at some of my favourite authors that I have discovered in 2020. Some of these are popular authors who I was aware of but had never read their books before, while others were completely new to me and I picked up their book based on the blurb or cover. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Rick Riordan

I am kicking this off with Rick Riordan, probably the most popular author on this list. I bought his Percy Jackson books a while ago, but I took ages to read them because I thought I was too old now to enjoy them. I started reading the first book at the beginning of the year and I ended up finishing the entire series in January. I was completely swept up in the adventure and Percy’s journey throughout the series with his friends. I loved all the mythology and it was easy to see why so many people love these books. I will definitely be reading more of Riordan’s books!

Melissa Bashardoust

I have come across Melissa Bashardoust’s first book, Girls Made of Snow and Glass, but I was never interested it – it just didn’t sound like something I’d enjoy. But when I found out about Girl, Serpent, Thorn I was all over reading that and I loved it. It’s about a princess who’s poisonous to the touch so she’s spent her whole life hidden away from everyone, apart from her family and she’s desperate to find a way to break the curse. It’s such a captivating story – I loved the world-building, the characters and the magical elements. While I probably won’t read Melissa’s first book, I am interested in reading more books from her. She’s definitely an author to watch out for.

Samantha Downing

Samantha Downing seriously left me blown away by her debut novel My Lovely Wife. It was an incredibly dark story told from the point of view of the unnamed husband who does disturbing things with his wife to keep their marriage alive. And to make it even more disturbing they have two children! They are one dysfunctional family. Honestly, the deeper you go into this book, the darker it gets. I couldn’t stop turning the pages, I was completely hooked. Samantha seriously left her mark with this book and even though I wasn’t a fan of her second book He Started It, I’ll definitely be picking up her next book in the hopes that it’s as riveting as My Lovely Wife.

C.M. Ewan

I stumbled upon this book on the publisher’s website and I knew straight away that I wanted to read it. A family goes to stay at a remote lodge in Scotland following the death of their son only to be woken up in the middle of the night by two burglars. From that point on, the family has to evade the two men and work out a plan to stay alive. It was incredibly well-written and had so many tense moments. It was also filled with so many twists as you came closer to finding out why this family had been targeted and whether the death of their son was really an accident or something more sinister. I was really impressed by this one and I’m looking forward to reading Ewan’s next book.

Seraphina Nova Glass

This is one of the most captivating thrillers I’ve read in a while and I am really keen to check out more of Seraphina’s books! Someone’s Listening follows Faith Finley, a talented psychologist with a flourishing career and her own radio show. But everything comes crashing down around her when one of her patients accuses her of sexual assault and when her husband goes missing shortly after, Faith becomes the main suspect in the investigation. It was really well-written, suspenseful and I was left wanting more and more. There was a crazy amount of twists that kept me turning the pages and the author perfectly executes red herrings. I was completely engrossed in the story from start to finish and I really cannot recommend this author enough. I am eagerly awaiting her next book!

Jason Price

Another author I recently discovered was Jason Price, he was kind enough to send me a copy of his book and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for his next one because Pleasant Grove was such a fun read. It’s different to what I normally read but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it immensely. It’s a sci-fi middle grade about a town enclosed in a dome and the children in the town are told never to leave because no one can survive outside of the dome. But when 12-year-old Agnes Goodwin discovers a strange boy with no memory claiming to have come from outside the dome, she teams up with her friends to unravel the mystery. I was completely swept up by the story and I was as invested in finding out the town’s secrets as Agnes and her friends. The closer they come to uncovering the truth, the darker the story becomes and it was actually rather spooky towards the end. I loved the adventure aspect of it and the friendship between Agnes, Dakota and Maddie. It was a great story and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I’m definitely excited to see what Jason writes next.

So these are my favourite newly discovered authors! I’d love to know if you’ve discovered any new favourite authors this year. Feel free to leave a comment below. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

6 thoughts on “Favourite Newly Discovered Authors!

  1. Jayati says:

    I’m glad you finally got around to reading Rick Riordan’s books and enjoyed them! He is one of my favourite authors!
    I haven’t read any of the other authors you’ve mentioned but I have heard a lot about Girl, Serpent, Thorn. I’ll be sure to check out the other authors too!

    • Beth says:

      I can see why! Any other series of his you’d recommend? 😄 I’ll definitely be buying his other books, but I’m not sure which to read first! Ooh, I hope you like them 😊

      • Jayati says:

        I loved Heroes of Olympus as well! Kane Chronicles was fun too but I didn’t like it as much as Percy. I’ve been meaning to read the Trials of Apollo but haven’t gotten around to it yet!

  2. lulu says:

    I loved Girls Made of Snow and Glass, so I should really get around to reading Girl, Serpent, Thorn! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it so much 🙂

    And I love Percy Jackson, so I’m happy you got swept up in the series too! I love to revisit those books every couple years; they’re so adventurous and fun.

    Happy reading! ❤

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