FairyLoot Unboxing: Chain of Gold Collector’s Edition

Hey guys! My FairyLoot Chain of Gold Collector’s Edition box arrived yesterday evening so I thought I’d post an unboxing for it today! Unfortunately I was not a huge fan of the items in the box or the book itself, so I will be selling the entire box at some point.


My main thoughts were that the items were nice but impractical, I already have lots of similar items and I don’t have the storage space anymore. The book was nice but I much prefer the Waterstone’s exclusive edition, which was purple and gold, so that’s why I’ve decided to sell the book too. Anyway, here’s what came in the box:

Mortal Cup Replica (FairyLoot): I was really excited when FairyLoot announced there would be a mortal cup replica, but it didn’t end up being as nice as I thought it would be! It looks a bit tacky for me and it’s not been painted well, I don’t think.

James and Cordelia Tapestry (@monolimeart): This item is gorgeous, I love the artwork. The only reason I’ve decided not to keep this is storage space. At the moment I don’t have anywhere to hang this and I think it would be difficult to maintain it even if I did have the space. I can see this just sitting in a draw for months and years, and it deserves to be displayed. It really is stunning!

Wooden Bookmark (@stellabookishart): The design on this is nice but the wood is really delicate, I’m worried I’d snap it by accident. I already have a wooden bookmark and that’s a lot sturdier, which I prefer, so that’s my reason for not keeping this bookmark.

James Book Sleeve (noverantale): I am a huge fan of book sleeves; however, by this point I have way too many and I don’t need another. Plus I’m not even using them with being in lockdown so this would definitely end up shoved in a drawer! I do like this sleeve though, especially the zip at the top, I think that would be really handy!

Art Print (@merwildandco): Apparently, this is a bonus item. I have too many art prints already and I don’t want another one. Also, I’m not really a fan of this one!

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare: Finally, the book! I like the sprayed edges, but I’m not really a fan of the dark cover. Like I said, I prefer the purple and gold Waterstones edition.

I feel like I’ve been really negative about this box and I don’t mean to be because the items were really nice, but I just know I’m not going to use or display them. What did you think of this box? Feel free to leave a comment below. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

7 thoughts on “FairyLoot Unboxing: Chain of Gold Collector’s Edition

  1. M.T.Wilson says:

    I received my box yesterday and I was super excited for it. While I did like it, I didn’t love it as much as I hoped I would. This was my first special edition box. And I’ve only had a couple of the monthly boxes so far, so I don’t yet have tonnes of duplicates or loads of stuff. So I’ll be keeping everything. But I think it could have been better. It didn’t quite have the wow factor for me. I love the book sleeve, that’s probably my favourite item (I only have one other book sleeve). I’m also not the biggest fan of the book design, but I think that’s just personal preference, I’m not the biggest fan of naked foil covers, they have to be absolutely stunning for me to love them. I also ordered Illumicrate’s box for Chain of Gold, so I will be interested to see how that compares. I just have to work out how to hang this tapestry now…

    • Beth says:

      I’m so glad you liked it slightly more than I did! It definitely could have been better. I originally planned to keep a couple items like the book sleeve, but afterwards I felt a bit deflated by it and then realised I don’t really need another book sleeve 😆 I’ve also ordered Illumicrate’s and I’m feeling slightly more hopeful as I’ve loved their others collector’s editions like King of Scars and Darkdawn ☺️ Fingers crossed the items are different! 🤞

  2. Azia says:

    I love that tapestry! It’s SO gorgeous. And I love the artwork on the bookmarks. I’d love to have this entire box actually LOL. I’ve never had a special edition box before, let alone a book box in general. So all those items would be fun to have (with the exception to that cup because, yeah, looks a little tacky). I’m sorry this box didn’t work out for you! Hopefully your next one is much more practical and a little higher in quality ❤

    • Beth says:

      I love the tapestry, too! If I had somewhere to display it I totally would. I love the bookmark but it’s so flimsy, I’m terrified of breaking it. You should definitely try one, if you can! They are quite expensive but generally worth the money. Sometimes there’s one or two like this that sadly don’t work out. Thank you! I have an Illumicrate one arriving soon, haha! I’ll have a review up for that too xD

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