BLOG TOUR: The Guesthouse by Abbie Frost

book jacketTitle: The Guesthouse by Abbie Frost
Pages: 320
Published by: HarperCollins
Publication date: 9th January 2020
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Format: Paperback
Amazon UK – Waterstones


You use an app, called Cloud BNB, to book a room online. And on a cold and windy afternoon you arrive at The Guesthouse, a dramatic old building on a remote stretch of hillside in Ireland.

You are expecting a relaxing break, but you find something very different. Something unimaginable. Because a killer has lured you and six other guests here and now you can’t escape.

One thing’s for certain: not all of you will come back from this holiday alive…

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A huge thank you to HarperCollins for sending me a copy of this book for review and for inviting me to take part in the blog tour! Make sure to check out the other bloggers taking part in the image above!

My review:

When I first read the synopsis for The Guesthouse I knew I immediately had to read it because I’ve been loving these types of thrillers lately and it did not disappoint. A bunch of strangers trapped in a house together – what could possibly go wrong there? I loved how atmospheric it was and how it managed to send shivers down my spine.

The main character, Hannah, is an extremely flawed character. She pushes loved ones away if they get too close, she reaches more for a bottle of alcohol than she does a friend and she was recently fired from her job. Safe to say her life is a disaster and she’s feeling like a bit of a failure, so she decides she needs to get away from it all and travels to the recently renovated Guesthouse in Ireland. Upon arriving, she quickly realises just how isolated the Guesthouse is with no direct road to the house, no phone reception and no way to contact the outside world which is slightly terrifying.

I actually found Hannah to be quite a relatable character at times, especially when she briefly mentioned her struggle when it came to a job interview. It’s easy to feel like a failure when you get knocked back time and time again and then see how successful other people are in comparison. I could really sympathise with her and even though she brought some of it on herself, I actually quite liked her character.

Also staying at The Guesthouse are six other guests and I found it interesting how they were all willing to share a house with people they didn’t know. I’m not sure if I’d be that brave, no matter how cheap it was! I loved how the author really focused on the other guests as well and didn’t just make them background characters. There’s the happy-go-lucky Mo and his grouchy father Sandeep; successful Liam along with his wife Rosa and their teenage daughter Chloe; and finally, Lucy, who is a musician. Despite the seemingly mismatched bunch being thrown together, they are actually all connected and there’s a reason they were encouraged to book a stay at the Guesthouse. As the guests all get to know each other, their reason for being there starts to fall into place and it’s amazing how intricate the plot is.

I don’t recall reading a book set in Ireland. I thought it was an interesting setting choice and I loved how atmospheric it was. The Guesthouse is practically in the middle of nowhere and the guests have to hike through the woods to actually get to the house and I don’t know about you but that was setting off some pretty loud warning bells for me. Furthermore, the house itself has an abundant amount of rooms for the characters to explore and even has a further area that is closed off to the guests. I was panicking just trying to imagine myself finding my way around the house!

So we have an huge, isolated house with a very mismatched set of guests all thrown together. On top of that, a storm comes out of nowhere, trapping them in the house and from there the tension quickly ramps up as secrets begin to emerge. During the storm there is also a power cut so the whole house is plunged into darkness and when some of the guests turn up dead, it quickly comes down to trust and how much faith you should put into someone you just met. There is a killer amongst them and time is running out to work out which guest is the killer and who’re the victims.

My first thought after finishing this book was “Wow!”. It’s such a chilling read and it was actually scaring me at certain points. It’s definitely one that will make you pause and look over your should before burying yourself under a pile of blankets for safety. What was supposed to be a getaway holiday quickly descended into a nightmare. With a killer on the loose and no way to call for help and with only a torch to rely on to navigate the darkness, it was easy to imagine how terrifying it must have been for Hannah and the remaining guests.

I must say I didn’t see the ending coming at all. There’s so many twists towards the end and the tension quickly ramps up in the latter half of the book until it reaches an explosive ending as a dark and buried past begins to unfold and secrets spill out. I wasn’t expecting the story to take such a disturbing path and I was impressed with the author for being able to weave it all together so perfectly. I’m excited to see what she writes next as I thoroughly enjoyed this spooky, atmospheric thriller!

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