Review of 2019!

Hey guys! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to 2020. I’m still on holiday until Monday thankfully but I honestly feel like Christmas went by so fast and I’m already dreading going back to work. Before I post my 2020 reading goals and my January TBR, I thought it’d be great to look back on my reading in 2019 as I think I absolutely smashed it. So let’s get into it!

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So I originally set myself a goal of 40 books and I was worried I wouldn’t even read that because I ended up in a reading slump at the start of the year. Thankfully I managed to find the motivation to read again and once I hit my goal of 40, I then set myself a goal of 80 books but massively surpassed it and read 101! I finished 2018 on 71 books so even 2019 was a massive improvement. I can’t wait to see if I can pull this off again in 2020.

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I can’t believe the shortest book I read was only 21 pages, that’s hilarious compared to Queen of Air and Darkness. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy either of these books and I think I only gave QOAAD two stars – the lowest rating I’ve ever given one of Cassie’s books. It just wasn’t for me; there was too much romance which I’m not a fan of.

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I don’t really know what to say about these books… The Lovely Bones was disappointing. It wasn’t as engaging or thought-provoking as I thought it would be. I was disappointed that Susie’s killer was never caught and he got away with so many murders. That probably wasn’t even the point of the story but it was something that was on my mind throughout.

Dark Ink followed on from Strange Ink but it definitely didn’t live up to the first book. The main character becomes completely obsessed with this woman and it was very disturbing. It just made me feel uncomfortable and I didn’t enjoy it at all.

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My average rating of 3.2 was down compared to last year (3.7 for 2019) and I’m not surprised. I read a lot of two and three star reads this year. I’m surprised that The Puppet Show was my highest rated book because I didn’t enjoy it that much. I think I gave it three stars; I didn’t like the characters and I didn’t find the writing that engaging.

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I’m surprised this was my first review of the year – I got this book in July! I’m also disappointed because I said at the start of the year that I wanted to post more reviews on Goodreads and clearly I didn’t make much of an effort to do that!

Some of my own goals I set myself for 2018 were:

  • Read 40 books

Smashed that by reading 101 books so I can happily call this one a success.

  • Buy one book for every three I read

I managed to stick to this until about June or July and then I got bored of keeping track so I stopped. I guess this was a semi-success? It’s hard to commit to doing that for 12 months in my opinion.

  • Tackle my TBR

I’ve not actually checked where my TBR pile is up to so I have no idea if this was a success or not but I’m going to say it was not.

  • Try audiobooks/Podcasts 

I read one audiobook in 2019 (The Cruel Prince) and I was not a fan. I wasn’t expecting the person to put on all these different voices and it was very distracting. I’m not sure if I want to try another one yet. I did try different podcasts and I’ve found one I like! It’s called The Dollop and every episode they talk about a ridiculous event from history and examine it. It’s really funny and helps me get through the long work days.

  • Stick to a consistent posting schedule

Well, we all know that this didn’t happen. My posting schedule was shocking – I kept randomly disappearing only to pop back for one post before disappearing again. Maybe 2020 I can finally find a schedule that works for me and stick to it… We’ll see.

So that’s my review for 2019. I think my only successful one was my reading challenge. How did you do? I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

5 thoughts on “Review of 2019!

  1. Christina Reid says:

    Well done on reading so many books in 2019! Getting into a schedule is hard, especially as you can have times when you’re really inspired to write and other times when life just gets on top of you. I hope 2020 is good to you!

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