December 2019 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! It’s officially 2020 in the UK! How crazy is that?! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to the New Year. I had so many reading plans for December as I had two weeks off work. I was planning to read a series but in reality I played GTA and watched You Season 1! So I didn’t end up reading as much as I wanted but I beat my reading challenge so I’m happy with that! Here’s what I read:

Defy Me & Find Me by Tahereh Mafi: I am finally all caught up with this series and ready for Imagine Me which comes out in April! I must say though I haven’t loved the newer books as much as I did the first three. Restore Me made it onto my least favourite books of 2019 but Defy Me was better than I was expecting. I thought there was more of a plot and the characters had more purpose. However, I don’t know what happened to Kenji because he became a completely different character?! He was so obsessed with finding a girlfriend so he wouldn’t die alone, it was crazy. You don’t need a girlfriend or a partner to be happy in life and I didn’t appreciate how that seemed to consume Kenji’s character.

The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley: I was a little disappointed with this just because I couldn’t believe that this group of people called themselves friends. They all seemed to resent one another and put each other down. I feel like something should have happened between them long before we met them at the hunting lodge. Aside from that, I loved Lucy’s writing. She pulled me right into the story and I could easily picture their surroundings and where they were staying. I’ll definitely be picking up her next book!

You by Caroline Kepnes: I didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would and didn’t think it was as dark as it could have been. Also the ending didn’t make sense to me and I thought it could have been better. I definitely prefer the TV show because I feel like it’s gone into a lot more depth of just how twisted Joe’s character really is but I’m still glad I read the book! I like to see the differences between the book and the movie/TV adaptation.

Superior Spider-Man Volume #1-5 by Dan Slott et al.: I don’t read a lot of comics but I picked this one up quite cheap and thought I’d give it a go. Sadly, it wasn’t for me but I don’t think comics really are. It felt very rushed and I was confused as to what was happening. It also wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be seeing Doc Ock playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I’ll not be continuing with this series.

Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney: I was really enjoying this until I read the last page and reached the final twist, which I thought ruined the story a bit. It was one twist too many and I didn’t think it was plausible or fit with the rest of the story. Apart from that it was a brilliant story and I loved the different perspectives/characters. I’ll definitely be reading more of her books in future.

So these are the books I ended 2019 with! What was the last book you read? Feel free to leave a comment below. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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