Favourite Authors of 2019!

Hey guys! Since 2019 is drawing to a close I thought it was about time I kicked off my usual end of the year posts and I wanted to start with my favourite authors. These are not necessarily my favourite books; they are just authors that made me feel so many different emotions that I had to highlight their awesomeness. I hope you enjoy!

Stephanie Garber

Stephanie Garber is, without question, my favourite author this year. I finally read her Caraval series and fell completely and utterly in love with her world and her characters. I had no idea how much I wanted a series like this and I can only hope she writes similar fantasy books in the future. Her writing is so magical and she easily transports you to world of Caraval. I was completely entranced by Legend and eager to find out who this mysterious character was. I was made up with the ending; I was sad to finish it but the ending was everything I wanted and more. There wasn’t one thing that disappointed me in this entire series and I hope one day I can meet Stephanie to thank her for writing such an incredible series.

Clare Mackintosh

I was so completely blown away by Clare Mackintosh’s writing at the start of the year that I ended up reading all of her books. My TBR was momentarily forgotten as I dived into her books and it was so worth it! My favourite was definitely I Let You Go simply because it had one of the most jaw-dropping twists I’ve ever come across and I will never stop recommending it to everyone I come across. After The End was a contemporary and not what I usually read but I’m very glad I did because it was an unforgettable story and one that broke my heart completely. It’s best to go into this one blind because it will end up being so much more impactful, trust me. Clare never ceases to amaze me and I’m so excited to see what her next book has in store for us.

Marie Lu 

I’m not really a fan of Marie Lu’s writing but her Warcross duology definitely surprised me; I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would and I hope she writes something similar in the future. I loved the characters so much and her world building was fantastic. I wasn’t expecting Wildcard to be so emotional and it really surprised me how much it tugged on my heartstrings. Definitely a pleasant surprise and I hope she revisits this world!

V.E Schwab (Again)

So Schwab was actually one of my favourite authors last year and, unsurprisingly, she has made the list again this year! I’ve read her some of her other books (still have to read The Dark Vault) and I can’t deny how wildly creative she is and how envious I am of her mind. I’d love to spend a day in her head just to see all these fantastic ideas she has; I bet it would be so interesting. I love the worlds she creates and all these ideas she has of monsters and good versus evil. She is definitely one of my favourite authors and I look forward to reading the rest of her books in 2020!

Going back cover this, I’m not surprised I picked these four. They are incredibly popular authors and I think we can all agree that they have written such fantastic books. Who were some of your favourite authors? I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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