October 2019 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you my October wrap up! For some reason I always seem to read less in October and find myself falling into a slump but I tried really hard to fight it this month. I wanted to read eight books but I only managed six which is okay but a bit disappointing that I didn’t reach my target! Here’s what I read:

Killfile by Christopher Farnsworth: I was really intrigued by this and it sounded like something I’d enjoy but unfortunately I struggled with it. It’s about a hitman who can read minds so obviously he’s going finish any job that he’s hired for. Despite how interesting the book sounded, the main character completely ruined it. I didn’t like John Smith at all because he came across as really arrogant and acted like everyone else was beneath him and honestly I don’t really want to see that in a main character. He wasn’t likeable at all and I didn’t know whether I was supposed to pity him or hate him. It was really confusing. The plot didn’t make a lot of sense either and I got lost halfway through. Also what kind of name is John Smith?

Ricochet by Kathryn Berla: I haven’t read a book about parallel universes in a while so I was really excited to be sent a copy of this! I thought it was a really unique story and there was so many aspects that I loved or was eager to find out more about. For example, I loved how the events in the book were triggered by a simple DNA test. After coming back inconclusive, it prompts Tati to find out more about her heritage and she actually ends up uncovering parallel universes, where she’s in danger in every one. One thing I probably would have changed though is how similar all the different versions of Tati were. At times it was hard to distinguish between them and towards the end I was getting very confused. Apart from that, I did really enjoy this and would love to read more books from this author!

No One Home by Tim Weaver: I finally read No One Home and even though it’s the tenth book in the series, it still managed to hook me right from the start! I love how the author still manages to write such unique plots and they’ve definitely become more complex recently, especially No One Home, which is about the residents of a small village called Black Gale vanishing on Halloween two and a half years ago. It was very creepy at times and had some pretty disturbing characters! I liked how it was split between the past and the present and then it all joined together at the end. The ending was shocking and I was very impressed with the story overall. I cannot wait to see what Tim writes next!

Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Demon by James Lovegrove: Everyone was probably reading Halloween books this month and here I was reading a Christmas one! This was such an enthralling tale and it definitely gave me spooky vibes even though it’s set during Christmas. Sherlock and Watson are hired by Eve Allerthorpe who believes she is being haunted by a demonic Christmas spirit. Then there’s also claims that the ghost of Mrs. Allerthorpe is haunting the east wing where she committed suicide… so it also turned out to be a good pick for October too! It was full of so any delightful twists and the end of every chapter had me saying ‘just one more…’ I couldn’t put it down and will definitely be reaching for this again in the future.

Dark Ink by Gary Kemble: This is the second book in the Harry Hendrick series and it definitely wasn’t as good as the first. I think it had potential to be a good story but it focused on the wrong things. I felt very uncomfortable reading this but not in a good way and that made it hard to finish the book. Very disappointing!

Shades of Magic Vol. 2: Night of Knives by V.E. Schwab: I really wanted to like this but I was so disappointed by it. I didn’t enjoy this volume as much as I did the first one. I know comics are short but this one felt too short to the point that it became hard to follow the story. It rapidly jumped from scene to scene and I found it very confusing. Also I wasn’t a fan of the art because a lot of the time it didn’t feel complete. The characters were only rough sketches and it felt like they didn’t have facial expressions. I’ve made it this far so I’ll probably still read Vol. 3 but I’m not sure if I’ll like it!

So that’s what I read in October! I think I did pretty well and read a decent mixture but I do wish I enjoyed them more! What books did you read? I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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