FairyLoot Finale Collector’s Edition Unboxing!

Hey guys! I’m late to the party with this unboxing but I am really excited about all the items so I thought it was still worth sharing! My box shipped really late and then took four days to arrive which means that I, unfortunately, was spoiled for EVERYTHING. Very sad times but I think FairyLoot did a fantastic job with this box — there’s so many gorgeous items!


Thankfully I have better pictures this time because it’s actually light outside when I get home from work now, yay!

Caraval Blanket (Designed by @monolimeart): The first item and definitely my absolute favourite is this gorgeous blanket! It’s honestly so soft and I love the design — the detailing is amazing! I really wasn’t expecting a blanket and and I’m just blown away by how beautiful it is! I love it so much and it fits a double bed! I want to receive a blanket in every subscription box from now on.

Caraval Sisters Mug (Designed by @sallteas with lettering by @catarinabookdesigns): The next item I picked out was this beautiful mug which features Scarlett and Tella. My favourite colour is purple so of course I love this! Again it’s a really beautiful design and I can’t wait to use it when I have some hot chocolate.

Fates Playing Card Deck (Character artwork by @lexaarts_ and artwork by @noverantale): Sorry I sadly don’t have pictures for this because I don’t use playing cards and I’m planning on selling these! I’ve seen some pictures though and they are really stunning — playing cards just aren’t for me and I just know they will end up sat in a box forgotten about.

Midnight Maze Candle (Made by @bookishburns and label designed by @noverantale): Again I’m going to be selling this because I just don’t use candles and I don’t like them in general. It’s really pretty though — it’s full of glitter and it smells amazing! The label is beautiful, I love her artwork.

Magnetic Bookmark Set (Made by idlestuff): How adorable are these bookmarks? They all look so cute! The characters are: Legend, Julian, Jacks, Tella and Scarlett. As cute as they are, I think I’m to sell these as well because I don’t think I will use them!

Book Sleeve (Designed by @taratjah): My next favourite item after the blanket! I love booksleeves, I love Legend and I love taratjah’s artwork. It’s so beautiful and it’s absolutely massive — you could fit a couple paperbacks in there and even with a hardback you still have plenty of room! It’s going to protect my books so well for sure. I’m really happy with this item!

Magical Pin Set (Top hat made by @dustandpages and the Aracle pin by @_iceydesigns): I’m not really one for pins so I’m going to sell these as well. They are pretty but I’m just not keen on the design and I’m never going to wear them or hang them up.

Collectible Legend Figurine (Designed by @noverantale): This is such a bizarre item and I’m sorry to the person who designed it but I don’t want to keep this…

Lip Balm (Made by @littleheartgifts featuring artwork by @icandrawthingz): I always love getting lip balms in subscription boxes so I was made up with this! I love what they’ve called it, I think it’s hilarious! It also smells really nice but I haven’t actually tried it yet so hopefully it’s as good as it smells.

Square Art Print (Designed by @morgana0anagrom): This is so stunning! No offence to FairyLoot but they always normally do really flimsy art prints but this one is so thick and sturdy — I’m impressed! But… I’m selling it. I really do love it but I have nowhere to put it! It’s quite a large print too and I prefer postcard sized ones or trading cards.

Character Prints (Made by @niru.sky): These are really thick and sturdy also! I love them so much and will most likely display them on my book shelf! The artwork is amazing; the detailing though!

Playing Card Necklace: This looks kind of funky? I’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like that but I don’t wear necklaces so I won’t be keeping this.

Bookmarks (Arr by arz28): These are so stunning! I love the artwork so much! The detailing is amazing and the colours are so vibrant. This artist is amazing.

Finale by Stephanie Garber: I am so happy. I love this edition AND I got the quote I wanted. I don’t have to stress trying to trade with someone else. Thank you, FairyLoot. But seriously, how amazing is this edition? I think I prefer it to the Waterstones edition. It’s gorgeous and I think it matches the other covers much better (aside from the sprayed edges). I love how unique the sprayed edges are!

I am so impressed with this box and I can’t believe it only cost £49? That is insane considering how much we got in it and the amazing quality of the items. It was well worth the money and I’m so excited to see what other collector’s editions they do in the future. FairyLoot have really gone above and beyond with this and they have chosen some fantastic artists to contribute! Even though I’m selling quite a lot of times from this box, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like them. I’m just being practical because I know I’ll never use/display them and I’d prefer to give them to people who’d actually look after them!

What did you think of this box? Are you impressed? Disappointed? Would love to know your thoughts! Also if you are interested in any of the items I’m selling, let me know! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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