Marvel Avengers Book Tag!

Hey guys! I’m super late to this tag but I’ve been wanting to do it for months and since Avengers: Endgame comes out this week I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to do it! I’m seeing it on Friday and I am definitely not prepared even though we’ve been waiting a year for it! If anyone else is seeing it, I hope you are more prepared for it than I am! Anyway, here’s the video I used for this tag and here’s my take on it!


Iron Man: Favourite first book in a series

I loved this book so incredibly much. I’ve read many series but I don’t think any of them have blown me away quite like Vicious did. It was such an awesome story with very fleshed out characters and I loved how Eli and Victor both set out with the intention of doing good but then they both become so drunk on power they lose themselves completely. It was definitely one of my favourite character driven books and I loved how there was also so many shocking twists throughout as well.

the book thief

Captain America: A book that takes place in a different time

As soon as I saw this prompt I knew I had to pick The Book Thief. I absolutely adored it and it’s one of my favourite reads. It’s set in 1939 and it’s such a heartbreaking but fascinating story. It’s narrated by Death which is the main reason I love it so much because it’s so unique and it really stands out amongst the millions of books out there. It’s a really emotional story and I cried so much at the end. I recommend this to everyone.

Bird Box

Thor: A book character you liked more after they were casted

Hands down Tom from Birdbox. Maybe because he was more of a solid character than he was in the book? He had more of a personality and we got to become so much closer to him which I hated in the end! Such an amazing adaptation from Netflix. 

Half Moon Bay

Hawkeye: An unpopular book you liked

This has terrible reviews on Goodreads but when I read it I was completely hooked on the story and the writing style. I think because it rapidly flips between the past and the present it’s hard to follow what’s happening and I can understand why some people wouldn’t like that but I found it absolutely fascinating! The mother is grieving after the death of her daughter and I thought the author perfectly captured her emotions. I loved piecing everything together and I loved all of the characters.

City of Bones1

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch: A book with a sibling duo

An obvious choice but Alec and Izzy any day. Love these guys so much, they are definitely kick-ass siblings who look out for each other!


Loki: A villain that you love and you can’t help but be attracted to

I’ve read so many books but here I am picking Vicious again! I know Victor is wickedly evil and probably doesn’t have a good bone in his body but I love him so much and I want to give him the world. I know he doesn’t deserve any of it but I don’t care. Schwab really needs to stop making me fall in love with her evil characters.


Antman: A book you’ve been meaning to read

This is the fourth book in the Spellslinger series and it has been sat on my shelf since October! I still haven’t read it even though the fifth book comes out 2nd May. I really need to and hopefully the fifth book coming out will kick me into action. I love this series so much, it’s one of my favourite fantasy series. Sebastien’s writing is incredibly witty and the characters breathe so much life into the story. I’ll be so sad when it’s over.


Black Widow: A side character that you wished had their own book

I would absolutely love to know more about Holland from Schwab’s Shades of Magic series. She freaking gave Maxim his own comic series! Maxim is okay but I really love Holland and would love to know more about his life. He’s another one of my loveable villains.


Hulk: A book you can’t talk about without getting angry

I could rant all day about how disappointing this book was if someone asked me to. I’ve never been so let down by a book before. It was supposed to be about the main character getting stalked and threatened by his neighbour but it turned out to be an autobiography for a character who didn’t even exist! It bored me to bloody tears and I never want to see this book again.

Ultron: Favourite snobby child

Sadly I’m going to have to skip this one! I drew a complete blank, probably because I hate snobby children.

And that concludes the Marvel Avengers Book Tag! I’d like to tag some lovely people and hopefully they haven’t already done this. I tag:

…And anyone else who’d like to do it! It was a lot of fun and really has me pumped for the film on Friday. I haven’t done any book tags in a while so hopefully this is a nice change to all the reviews I’ve been pumping out recently. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

8 thoughts on “Marvel Avengers Book Tag!

    • Beth says:

      Ah I hope you enjoy it! I liked it better than her ADSOM series. She seems to be getting better and better with every book she writes! 🙌

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