Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Thought You’d Hate But Ended Up Loving

Hey guys! I can’t remember the last time I did a Top 5 Wednesday post as I don’t really take part in them that often anymore but this topic looked like a lot of fun! There’s so many books that sprung to mind for this as they took me by complete surprise and I’m so excited to write another post gushing about them! So without any further ado, lets get into it! These are my top 5 picks:

Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart: I have said many, many times that I do not like books about Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, royalty, thrones etc. so when this came in a Fairyloot box I fully expected to hate it. But I ended up being completely sucked into this world. I loved the plot, the sisters and how both of them ended up two completely different but equally terrifying situations. There was amazing character development as the story progresses which I was not expecting but I was fully on board with it! This book took me by complete surprise and I’m excited for the second book which comes out in July!

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MINI REVIEW: Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

Hey guys! I recently finished the Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo and instead of reviewing each book individually, I thought it would be better to do a mini review of each book all in one post, like I did for The Young Elites trilogy by Marie Lu. Plus this series is quite old now and very popular so I think a lot of people will know what this series is about. I’m late to the Grishaverse and since the TV show was announced I thought I should finally see what the fuss is all about! Surprisingly I haven’t actually heard a lot about this trilogy other than to go into it with very slow expectations as it isn’t very good. Here’s my thoughts on each book:

Shadow and BoneShadow and Bone: 

I thought this series started off pretty strong and I really enjoyed it. The world building was alright, if a little confusing at times, and some of the characters were interesting enough. One thing that bothered me though was the main character. I didn’t think Alina was an impressive main character and I found it so bizarre how she was easily led by others. She just didn’t seem to have a mind of her own and was always looking to others to tell her what to do. She didn’t know anything about the Darkling but she immediately took what he said as the truth. She was such a weak character and so easy to manipulate.  The Darkling, on the other hand, was a very interesting character. I was immediately drawn to him and I could tell straight away that I’d love him – probably because he was the villain. I think Leigh did a great job with his character and I was definitely looking forward to seeing more of him. I thought the ending had a nice twist and ended on an interesting cliffhanger. It was good enough to make me want to start reading the second one right away! Overall I ended up giving this four stars because I did really enjoy it but I think the world building could have been better and there was a bit of a love triangle going on but it wasn’t constantly in my face so it was bearable.

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Book haul!

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you my first book haul of 2019. In case you didn’t know, I decided this year I would buy 1 book for every 3 I read, excluding gift cards or books I received as presents. So that means I’m probably going to have random book hauls scattered throughout the year while I build up a small pile! Also by doing this, I hope to tackle my TBR and hopefully I will have brought it down quite a bit by the end of the year. Here’s what I’ve acquired so far:

The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder by Sarah J. Harris and The House on Half Moon Street by Alex Reeve

So at the start of the year, WH Smith had an amazing deal where if you bought one book, you got another FREE. Now I would have been pretty crazy not to get anything so of course I bought these two books. I was wanting to buy Bee Larkham anyway because it sounds amazing so I was ecstatic to see that was in the offer. Half Moon Street caught my eye with all the surgical equipment on the cover. It looks pretty chilling and I’m all for a disturbing read. I haven’t read either of these yet but hopefully I will get around to them soon!

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REVIEW: Superman: Dawnbreaker by Matt de la Pena (DC Icons #4)

SupermanTitle: Superman: Dawnbreaker by Matt de la Pena
Pages: 336
Published by: Penguin Books
Publication date: 7th March 2019
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Amazon UKWaterstones


Clark Kent has always been faster, stronger, better than everyone around him.

He knows drawing attention to himself could be dangerous but lately it’s difficult to stay in the shadows. A dark secret is lurking in Smallville and he’s not the only one hiding something.

With his best friend, Lana Lang, at his side, Clark is determined to discover what evil lies below the surface of their small town. But there are secrets in Clark’s past that threaten to destroy the future Man of Steel.

Before he can save the world, he must save Smallville.

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REVIEW: Vengeful by V.E. Schwab (Villains #2)

20181223_143830Title: Vengeful by V.E. Schwab
Pages: 575
Published by: Titan Books
Publication date: 25th September 2018
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Hardback
Amazon UKWaterstones


A super-powered collision of extraordinary minds and vengeful intentions–V. E. Schwab returns with the thrilling follow-up to Vicious. Magneto and Professor X. Superman and Lex Luthor. Victor Vale and Eli Ever. Sydney and Serena Clarke. Great partnerships, now soured on the vine.

But Marcella Riggins needs no one. Flush from her brush with death, she’s finally gained the control she’s always sought–and will use her newfound power to bring the city of Merit to its knees. She’ll do whatever it takes, collecting her own sidekicks, and leveraging the two most infamous EOs, Victor Vale and Eli Ever, against each other once more.

With Marcella’s rise, new enmities create opportunity–and the stage of Merit City will once again be set for a final, terrible reckoning.

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March 2019 TBR!

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you my March TBR and I’ve said this so many times before but I really need to start posting my TBRs earlier! It seems that I always finish books before I’ve posted about wanting to read them and I still haven’t learned from my mistakes! Oh well! This month I’d like to read five books but since I’ve already finished one I might be able to read more, yay! Here’s what I’ve set myself this month:

Legendary by Stephanie Garber: So… I finished this book last night but I guess it was on my TBR anyways so I’m still going to include it. Normally I am terrible for getting to sequels after I’ve finished the first book but I was completely blown away by Caraval and had to pick Legendary up straight away. Now I am miffed I have to wait until May for the last book! I thought it was out sooner than that but after a quick look on Amazon, I have to wait until then. SIGH. I have no idea what to expect from the third one now because this series has been nothing like I was expecting and I’m really intrigued by it all!

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Meeting Cassandra Clare and Holly Black!

Hey guys! Happy first of the month! I recently had one of the happiest moments in my life because I met one of my all-time favourite authors! As you can tell from the title, I met Cassandra Clare and Holly Black! Cassie and Holly recently went on tour in the UK and I managed to bag tickets to one of their stops! I got the ticket that included the books, an exclusive tote bag and a tour print (lots of goodies!!). There was also some posters, bookmarks, pins and a sample for Cassie’s next book.

Advance warning: this will be a really long post as I just blabber on about all my feelings and excitement when meeting Cassie! My heart was so full and looking at the pictures when I met her, I have a ridiculous smile plastered on my face and I’m practically making heart eyes at her. Seriously she is one of my favourite authors and I cannot get over finally being able to meet her.

Now I’ll actually show you what I got and pictures from the event! First up, here’s the double sided tote bag (it’s so pretty!):

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