Illumicrate Saints & Scars: The Grishaverse Edition volume 2 Unboxing!

Hey guys! I have a different but awesome unboxing for you today! You might have already seen pictures floating about by now as boxes start to arrive but I’m really excited to share my thoughts on this box with you all! This is my first Illumicrate box and even though it was expensive, I really loved it and I’m very pleased with some of the items.


Before we get into the unboxing, I would just like to apologise for the horrendous pictures you are about to see. Unfortunately I leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark, it sucks for things like this so I hope you don’t mind the quality of them!

Fox blanket (Illustrated by Yoshi Yoshitani): The first item I saw and easily my favourite is this gorgeous blanket! It’s super soft and cosy! When they announced the large fabric item, I was desperately hoping it would a blanket and not a scarf because I’ve never received a blanket in a subscription box before, and I really wanted one! I tried to take a picture for you guys but it was really hard so I hope these are okay! The colours are so vibrant and I love the foxes so much! They are honestly so beautiful. I’m really made up with this item.

Nikolai plush (Designed by Illumicrate): I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this item! It is cute but sadly not for me! I’ve seen a lot of these plush items going around recently and they seem really popular but I just can’t get on board with them. They are really unique items I suppose but it would just sit in my room collecting dust so hopefully I can pass it onto someone who’ll appreciate it more.

Socks (Designed by Fable & Black): I was so happy when I saw these because for some reason I have always wanted socks in a subscription box but never gotten any! I haven’t worn them yet but they feel really well made and quite thick! I love the colours and the design so I’ll definitely be sporting these soon!

Layered glass candle (Made by Flickerink): This is really pretty and it smells amazing but I have way too many candles to hold onto this! Another item I’ll hopefully be passing onto someone who’ll be able to use it or do what they like with it!

Enamel pin set (Designed by Fable & Black): I don’t think I’ve ever received this many enamel pins in a subscription box before and I am loving it! Admittedly, I was debating selling them at first but I think they are so pretty so I’ve decided to hold onto them! I love how colourful they are! I’ve got so many black enamel pins so it’s nice to have some bright colourful ones for once!

Sunburst eyepatch case (Designed by Fable & Black): I’m not so keen on the design for this one and I don’t really use these coin purses so I’ll probably try and sell this! I think it’s handy though that they recommended keeping earphones in here. I’m always losing earphones so quite a neat idea really!

Gilded mug (Designed by Fable & Black): This mug is so beautiful! I love how it’s white and gold – these colours just complement each other so nicely. I love the design too and I can’t wait to use this when I want some hot chocolate!

Hand fan (Designed by Stella Bookish Art): I think this is a really pretty design but I don’t think it has been designed very well or it’s just mine. It’s quite clunky and once it’s open, I have to wrestle with it to shut it. I can see myself not using this. I’ll end up putting it in a draw and forgetting about it.

Bookmarks (Designed by Monolime): How amazing are these bookmarks? The design is absolutely stunning – the artist is so talented! I can’t decide which is my favourite, they are all so pretty. I can’t wait to use these!

Calendar: This is a cute little calendar but you can’t actually write in it which I’m bummed about because I don’t really see the point in owning a calendar you can’t write in. That might just be me but I like to write events or book signings on the day it’s happening which you can’t do with this calendar. I love all the different illustrations though – so pretty.

Book sleeve (Designed by Chatty Nora): I was definitely not expecting a book sleeve and I am thrilled with this one! It’s so pretty and super thick! I love how it has a little clasp at the top to stop your book from falling out and the quote on the front is awesome! I am very pleased with this and I cannot wait to start using it!

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo: Finally the beautiful book! I absolutely love Illumicrate’s version – the gold is so freaking beautiful! If you hold it up against the normal hardback version, they both complement each other so well! So, so pretty and the spine is gorgeous.

So that’s my first Illumicrate unboxing and hopefully there will be more in the future because I am very pleased and impressed with all the different items! I thought I would try a change and see what other subscription boxes are like and Illumicrate has definitely not let me down! Have you purchased a quarterly/special edition box from Illumicrate before? What do you think of the items? Did you like this Grishaverse box? Please feel free to leave a comment down below! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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