February 2019 TBR!

Hey guys! I don’t know about you but I’m so glad January is over now. It was such an awful month and it felt so long! I’m looking forward to pulling myself out of my slump this month and getting much more books read! You’re probably wondering why I’m even setting myself a TBR this month after the disaster that was January but it is with good reason. If I don’t set myself something, I know I won’t end up reading anything. Here is what I’m hoping to read:

Vengeful by V.E. Schwab: The first book I want to tackle this month is Vengeful! I’m going away this weekend and will be taking this with me so I don’t end up on my iPad binge watching The Office which I have seen so many times! I started it last year and got about 60 pages in and I already could tell I would love it so I am really hoping I’ll be able to fly through it over the weekend! I might potentially restart it in case I’ve forgotten anything as I wasn’t that far in.

Sherlock Holmes: The Instrument of Death by David Stuart Davies: Next I want to read The Instrument of Death partly because I was sent it for review and it comes out in March so I need to get on that! Also because I read a book in this series not too long ago and I really loved it so I’m curious to see what this book will be like as it’s written by a different author! The good thing is, it’s only 240 pages so I should easily be able to read it in a day or two!

Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare: I am determined to sit down and dedicate nights and weekends to finishing this! I NEED to finish it before 23rd Feb to avoid possible spoilers! I read 300 pages over Christmas so I desperately need to pick it up again before I completely forget what happened in those 300 pages as that was a month ago now! I just want to shake myself and shout “get it together!” I’m so bad for abandoning books halfway through.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber: I did say I wanted to read Caraval before March so looks like I’ll be attempting to read it this month but whether that actually ends up happening or not, we’ll see! I really hope I like it because that’ll probably set off my slump again if I hate it!

So this is my low-key February TBR! Picking myself up and shaking off my slump hopefully. What books are you planning on reading this month? I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

2 thoughts on “February 2019 TBR!

    • Beth says:

      That’s a good idea! Never thought about doing back up reads before 👏 I normally just pick up what I fancy haha. Let me know if you enjoy Dark Matter 😁

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