November 2018 Wrap Up!

Hey guys! So I tried to do an experiment this month and wing my reading in the hopes that I’d read more but I actually ended up failing miserably. Normally I set myself a TBR and even though I don’t end up following it most of the time, I do read the number of books I’ve set myself. But this month because I didn’t have a goal, it ended up giving me a reason not to read! I felt less motivated to pick up a book each night and I also partly blame Spyro for that!

Spyro reignited trilogy came out this month and I’ve spent almost every night after work playing it! A great game but very distracting because I should be reading! I only ended up reading four books this month which is disappointing but at least now I know that I need to set a TBR for December! Here’s what I managed to read:

Hallowdene by George Mann: This is the second book in a series (first book is Wychwood) but I think you can easily read it as a standalone. It makes very little references to the first one and it doesn’t continue on from it, so it’s quite easy to pick this one up if you think it sounds better than the first one. Personally I thought it was more interesting plot wise and it was a good choice to read for Halloween. It’s about the grave of a local witch, killed three hundred years ago, being excavated. She was buried under an immense stone to prevent her spirit from ever rising again and once they uncover her grave, people start to die in mysterious circumstances. Alongside that, we had more minor storylines revolving around everyday problems such as Elspeth’s career and where she wanted to go next. Overall, it was an enjoyable read and I liked the supernatural and other-worldly elements mixed in with the mundane.

The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter: I bought this a while ago after hearing many great things about Karin Slaughter but sadly this book wasn’t for me. I do really like her writing but I think the plot let this one down. The whole plot of the book was just so random and I couldn’t fathom how it was relevant to the main characters and the trauma they suffered as teenagers? I just felt like it wasn’t going anywhere and stuff kept getting repeated. They just kept circling the same issues but never did anything about, it was boring and I just wasn’t impressed really. I am prepared to give Karin a second chance though because like I said, the writing was really good and she is a very popular author.

The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza: I’ve been wanting to read The Girl in the Ice for a while now and I am so glad I finally picked it up! I regret not doing so sooner because I absolutely loved it! I loved all of the characters straight away because they just felt so real. The main character, Erika Foster, is fighting her own personal demons and she is struggling to find her place after the death of her husband. She was a really compelling character with a very strong background and a lot of the other characters, though very minor in comparison, were equally compelling. I really enjoyed the plot and it had a fantastic twist at the end, I wasn’t expecting it at all!

The Night Stalker: If I thought the first book was good, the second book was definitely better. It’s about a serial killer who stalks men at night before killing them, hence the name/title: “The Night Stalker”. The only thing that disappointed me about this book was that it has chapters from the serial killer VERY early and tells you their gender, so you immediately know who the killer is before the police do which kind of ruins it in my opinion. When the police realise who they’re dealing with, there isn’t that shock factor for the reader because they already know and have known for a long time. But apart from that, it was a very good book and I really enjoyed it! I’ve already ordered the next two books and as soon as they arrive, I’ll be diving straight into them!

So that’s my wrap up done, unfortunately! I really wanted to read more books because now it means I’ll have to read 7 in December if I want to hit my target of 70 books. I could have really done with being on the ball this month but I messed up! At least now I know setting TBRs each month works best for me, even if I don’t actually stick to the books I set myself! What books did you read this month? Do you find TBRs work best for you or do you wing it and read what you feel like? Feel free to leave a comment below! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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