FairyLoot Unboxing: September 2018!

Hey guys! My FairyLoot box actually shipped really early this month and it was delivered on Saturday! I’m so shocked because mine is normally always in the last batch but it was in the first batch this month. So I actually wasn’t spoiled which is great! Honestly, I was really surprised by the book and definitely didn’t think it would be that! There was some pretty good items, it was quite a good box this month!

Bella and Edward Candle (Made by Nerd Poured Candles): First up is the candle and I was really excited to see there was going to be a Twilight themed item this month! The books and the films might be pretty old now but it still deserves some merchandise and this candle is actually quite nice. I think the label is so adorable and I love the glitter. I don’t normally use candles but I think I’ll be lighting this one over the weekend.

Prythian Shoelaces (Made by Fictiontea Designs): I thought this was a really cool item! It features all of the courts of Prythian from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and I love shoelaces so I was quite happy with this item! I always end up rooting in drawers trying to find a spare pair but now I’m sorted!

Constellation Notebook (Made by Read at Midnight): This is really pretty! It has a great design but the only thing that made me sad was that it’s a plain notebook and I prefer lined. I’m still going to take it to work though because they always come in handy for meetings and such. The quote is from The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi and I’ve never read that but I do love the quote!

Swoon-worthy Postcard Set (Made by FairyLoot and Taratjah): This is possibly the second best item because it’s more art from Taratjah (I love her work!) and I’m in love with this set. I don’t know who all the characters are but according to the spoiler card, it includes exclusive artwork of Julian and Emma (The Dark Artifices), Rhysand and Feyre (ACOTAR), Cassian and Nesta (ACOTAR), Amar and Maya (The Star-Touched Queen), and Lazlo and Sarai (Strange the Dreamer)! So, so, so beautiful and such a great item.

Dreamer Apron (Made by Literary Life Co): This might sound harsh but I was incredibly disappointed with this item. I was expecting a tapestry or something similar and I was really baffled by the apron. I never used the oven glove that they included in a box from last year. I actually already sold the apron and the oven glove as a set to someone on Facebook so hopefully they’ll get more use out of both items than I will or even just keep it for the design! I mean the design is beautiful but why has it got to be on an apron of all things?? Plus it didn’t even fit me, it was massive around my neck area and fell really low down on me. So it definitely wouldn’t have been any good even if I had decided to keep it!

Love Run Enamel Pin (Made by Fictiontea Designs): Possibly the best item in the box and it arrived just in time for fall! I’ll be pinning this to my jumpers for sure, so excited to wear it when I’m out and about! It’s such a beautiful item and I really love it.

Angelic Fire Candle Matches (Made by Fictiontea Designs: This was another item I was really baffled by. I understand they want to include items they’ve previously not included before but an apron and matches is so random. But I am keeping these because I have accumulated quite a collection of candles from FairyLoot over the past year and these matches will finally give me a reason to light the things! I never had anything handy to light my candles with so I suppose this really random item will actually be incredibly useful to me! Not sure if you can see the writing on the front but it says: Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive. Love that!

Queen of Air and Darkness sampler, Tempests and Slaughter bookmark, Muse of Nightmares postcard (Bonus items): I nearly lost in when I saw the Queen of Air and Darkness sampler! I haven’t been able to pick one up from Waterstones but it doesn’t matter now because I finally have one! I really wish it didn’t have the Shadowhunters TV show on the corner though, sigh. I started reading it and was nearly crying. I’m not ready but at the same time I am so ready. Also love the bookmark that always comes in handy and postcard will go perfectly with the book when it comes out!

Mirage by Somaiya Daud: That brings us onto the book!!! It has an exclusive cover, sprayed edges and is actually signed by the author which is amazing! I actually prefer this edition to the published cover. I think the grey looks so nice nicer than the turquoise colour. Everyone has been raving about this book for MONTHS, I’ve been seeing it literally everywhere. I have no idea why I didn’t think of it for this months box, it seems so obvious now but at the time I had no clue. I have no clue what this book is about by the way but the spoiler card says a girl’s survival depends on being the perfect body double to a cruel princess – expect allure, danger, disguises and swoon-worthy romance. I’m worried now that the romance is going to completely taken over the story, oh dear. Hopefully it’s as good as the hype says it is!

Here’s the author letter with the gorgeous art and a bookmark as well, awesome! Then here’s what it looks like under the dust jacket and as you can see it’s this vibrant purple colour. It’s absolutely gorgeous and you know I’m crazy about the colour purple. Plus it says on the inside cover An Exclusive FairyLoot edition!!

So here’s everything that came in the September FairyLoot box! Aside from the disappointing items, I thought it was quite a good box and better than last months. What did you think of the items? Any favourites? Feel free to leave a comment below! A lot of people have been trying to get hold of the apron, it was a really popular item! I’m glad I sold mine to someone who can actually appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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