REVIEW: Posing for Picasso by Sam Stone

Posing for PicassoTitle: Posing for Picasso by Sam Stone
Pages: 318
Published by: WordFire Press
Publication date: 18th January 2018
Genre: Fantasy/Crime Thriller
Format: Paperback
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In the not too distant future, Avgustin Juniper, a Russian artist living in the USA, is accused of murdering his model and lover Annabel Linton. His case reaches the attention of high-profile attorney, Cassandra Sharp. But the deaths aren’t clearcut: Annabel was attacked and mutilated in a way that the NYPD finds hard to fathom.

Soon, more strange murders occur. Juniper, now under Cassandra’s wing, begins to have terrifying nightmares. Only to learn that they are linked with the case. Worse, every time he paints a female model, she becomes the next victim. Soon Juniper is carried into a nightmare world, where his only support comes from the unexpectedly caring Cassandra. Leaning on her more and more, Juniper finds himself falling for his lawyer and only friend.

With his newfound infamy, Juniper’s art is able to command extraordinary prices facilitated by gallery owner Joy Awen.

As the story unravels, four extraordinary women are revealed, along with their past, immortality, and their connection to the famous artist, Pablo Picasso.

My review:

A huge thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC of this book for review!

First off I just want to say that I think that cover is absolutely stunning and it fits so perfectly with the story. It’s a really intriguing cover and it’s definitely what first drew me to this book. I just loved how there’s pieces of her missing and the smoke/light coming out of her. It really does give me supernatural vibes. Such an awesome cover!

I loved how this book was supernatural, crime thriller and urban fantasy all rolled into one! I love these genres so having them all in one book was awesome! I’m curious to know how the author came up with the idea for this story because I really loved it. It’s definitely a unique and interesting plot. The models of a painter being targeted and gruesomely murdered? A dangerous supernatural creature wanting to return? Yes, please!

Honestly the author did a fantastic job with the plot, it was very compelling all the way through and I struggled to put this book down. I liked the characters, they were well fleshed out and had strong personalities. It was easy to get behind them or want to know more about them. I really liked Detective Chandler, he had a tragic backstory and I liked how there was  a lot of focus on that. I appreciated that the author took time to explain his past and how that affected him currently. It just reminded me that he was human and was part of the mundane world rather than the supernatural like some of the other characters.

The plot was very fast paced and I loved that! Usually I find with crime thrillers after someone dies or a body is found the plot stalls for a little bit and it gets quite boring. But there was a sense of urgency with this and everyone was coming together trying to figure out why these girls were dying and racing to save the next girl. As soon as one girl died, another girl was chosen and all of their deaths were different than the last so I spent ages trying to figure out why! Never would have guessed that by the way, I did not have a clue.

It was interesting seeing what the connection was to Pablo Picasso and I liked his diary entries that were scattered throughout. It felt like I was being given a piece of the puzzle but I still didn’t manage to solve it! The author did explain the connection to Picasso at various intervals which was awesome and I loved how she kept going back to it!

The one thing that I found disappointing was that not even halfway through the book I guessed who the killer was. Obviously the author didn’t mean to make it so obvious (at least I hope not!) but I just immediately knew and so the ending was not a “big reveal” or a surprise to me. I’m sad that I was expecting it but it was still a good ending, it just might have been better if I hadn’t guessed it very early on!

However, while I did guess who the killer was I did not know their motive and I didn’t actually guess that! It was interesting finding out why they were killing the models and that’s really where the plot got creative and the supernatural was in its element. I was pleased with the ending, I think everything was wrapped up nicely.

Despite guessing who the killer was, I did really enjoy this! It was very enthralling and there was still a lot that I didn’t manage to guess. I actually had to rely on the author to explain some things to me and she did a great job with that! It was easy to understand a lot of the supernatural parts regarding some of the characters once it was all explained. I didn’t feel lost at any point so that’s good! I hope she decides to write another supernatural/crime thriller book in the future, I’d definitely be interested!

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