Netflix Book Tag!

Hey guys! I found this tag when I was scrolling through some BookTube vids and it seemed like a really fun one to do! I’m on Netflix every day and I’ve been slowly making my way through Friends so this tag seems very appropriate right now. I don’t know who the original creator is but all credit goes to them, whoever they are. Hope you enjoy!


Recently watched: The last book you finished reading

The last book I finished was Nightfall and I think this is possibly one of the worst books I have ever read. It was so awful. The writing was terrible, it didn’t flow together at all. I hated the characters so much! They had zero personality and despite being stranded on an island in the dark, with weird creatures trying to kill them, there was no emotion from them or any sense of urgency to escape. It makes me really angry that they compared this to The Maze Runner. This is nothing like that series and it’s just an insult to James Dashner. I would be very happy if I never saw this book again.


Top Picks: A book/books that have been recommended to you based on a book you have previously read.

I think this was the last book that was recommended to me, I really can’t think of any others before this. Anyway, I really loved this and was glad it was recommended to me! A very fascinating book!


Recently Added: The last book you bought

I saw this in Waterstones and I had been eyeing it up because the cover is so pretty and it actually sounds really interesting! As grim as it sounds, what drew me to this was how humanity has control over death and they have people known as ‘scythes’ whose job is to go out and kill people. Such an interesting concept for a book and I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about it, so I have pretty high hopes for this!

Popular on Netflix: Books that everyone knows about. (2 you’ve read and 2 you haven’t read or have no interest in reading)

For two I have read I have picked Zenith and An Ember in the Ashes. I have noticed that a lot of people are still talking about Zenith and I was actually lucky enough to be approved for a digital copy on NetGalley. Honestly I am really glad I didn’t buy this book because it was so awful. The world building wasn’t explained very well and I didn’t have a clue what was happening for most of the book. The characters all felt like a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy and that put me in a sour mood. There’s 98 chapters, 6 POVs and it’s just over 500 pages. Too many chapters, 6 POVs is too confusing and makes it hard to follow and 500 pages was way too long and it could have easily been 300.

An Ember in the Ashes has new covers so they have been floating around and also the third book is out soon! I loved this book so much. The world building, the characters and the writing was just done so beautifully. I’m completely in love with the characters and Sabaa Tahir is such a talented writer. I’m really excited for the third book!

I haven’t read and have no interest in reading The Cruel Prince and The Hazel Wood because I haven’t heard great things about them and they really don’t seem like books that I would enjoy. Everyone is raving about them but I’m just avoiding this hype and not getting onboard. I am happy to observe and read reviews but will not be buying them!

Warlock Holmes

Comedies: A funny book

I struggled with this one but then I saw Warlock Holmes on my shelf and was like of course!!!! This book is perfect because it was so entertaining and it made me laugh really hard at how ridiculous some of the stories were! Sherlock is pretty much just a Warlock and has supernatural powers. Watson is the detective who observes everything in minute detail. There’s currently two books and I really hope the author writes a third because they are just so funny and light-hearted.

Daughter of the Burning City

Dramas: A character who is a drama queen/king

I don’t really read many books where I consider a character to be a drama queen. I’ll go with Daughter of the Burning City because the main character did come across as annoying and a bit of a drama queen at times. She just acted more like a spoiled child than a teenager. I didn’t like her at all.



Animated: A book with cartoons on the cover

This was the closest book I could find that fit this but I wouldn’t call them cartoons. It’s an illustrated edition and has beautiful drawings throughout the book. Calling them cartoons just seems like an insult and it’s such a pretty edition.

Watch it again: A book/book series that you want to re-read

I read Hangman last month and I bloody loved it! I gave it 5 stars and was so impressed considering it’s the second book and normally second books aren’t that great. I really wish I did read Ragdoll before though because sometimes I found it hard to recall what had happened in the first book. That made it hard to follow the story at times since they referred to events that had happened in Ragdoll. I think I will re-read these two before the third book comes out next year. But this is really a great series and I have not been disappointed!

Documentaries: A non-fiction book you’d recommend to everyone

I don’t read non-fiction so I have nothing for this one. I don’t like non-fiction to be honest, it’s just not something I am interested in.

the eye of minds

Action: An action-packed book

I’m going to go for an older book for this… I really enjoyed The Eye of Minds and it’s the first book in a trilogy. It’s about video games but it’s really advanced technology. Everyone plays in the VirtNet and you can learn all these codes for hacking. It was a very action-packed book and was very fast paced, it was so crazy! It’s by James Dashner so obviously I really enjoyed it!

A Reaper at the Gates

New Releases: A book that just came out or will be coming out soon that you can’t wait to read.

Since I finally read A Torch Against the Night this month, I can now say that I am genuinely excited for the third book! It all went down in the second book and I have no clue what will happen in the third! Sabaa never ceases to surprise/amaze me with her writing! Love, love, love this series so far and can’t wait to see where it’s heading next.

Well I had a lot of fun doing this tag and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Did you agree/disagree with any of my choices? If you want to do this tag, feel free! Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day/night!

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