March TBR! (+300 followers!!)

Hey guys! Before I get into this post, I just want to say thank you so much for 300 followers! That’s so crazy! I feel very lucky to have a blog that keeps growing day by day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This month I am going to try and read another four books. This seems to be what I am capable of/comfortable with reading each month and I am pretty happy with that as you all know by now! So here is my TBR for March:

I Remember You.jpg.size-2301) I Remember You by Elisabeth De Mariaffi

I requested an ARC of this from the publisher because it sounded like an awesome thriller. It takes place in the 1950s in New York which to me sounds fantastic. It really intrigued me that it’s post-war and I couldn’t resist asking for a copy of this. It sounds like a really good mystery/thriller. I have started it and so far I am really enjoying it but it is a little strange! It’s unlike any other book I have read before   and this sometimes makes it very jolting but it’s got me very intrigued! Also I think the cover is really awesome.



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February Wrap Up!

Hey guys! I am so happy with what I read this month, they were all such amazing books! I loved them all and it made this month so much better. I always feel really happy when I’ve finished a month and loved every book I’ve read. Slight problem though is that only two of them were on my February TBR. So I kind of failed at sticking to my TBR but I don’t think I ever succeed at that so it’s fine!

Bird Box1) Bird Box by Josh Malerman

I’ve already raved about this book in my review, so if you want my full thoughts definitely go check that out! To sum it up, I loved this book so freaking much! It was so good! It was heart pounding and so freaking creepy! Honestly it terrified me at times thinking about having to wear a blindfold every time you went outside and having to rely on your other senses. It scared me thinking about people going mad and killing others before killing themselves. Josh Malerman is such a talented writer, his writing actually set me on edge. If you are interested in reading books about an apocalypse, definitely pick this one up!!


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