Birthday Book Haul!

Hey guys! So today is my birthday and as you can guess, I asked for a lot of books! Lucky for me I didn’t buy any books this month! I received two from Titan Books and the rest I got as birthday presents! So without further ado, here are all the wonderful books I got for my birthday:

Friend Request by Laura Marshall: I’ve been eyeing this book up for ages because it sounds really creepy and like a thriller I would enjoy. I’ve been seeing it everywhere I go in bookshops and supermarkets so I finally caved and asked for it for my birthday.

Copycat by Alex Lake: I had no idea what this book was about when I asked for it, I just thought it had a really creepy and awesome cover. I now realise that it is similar to Friend Request as they both involve Facebook. But this one seems so creepy because some has the exact same profile as her with the exact same photos. Photos taken inside her house even. So I am really excited to find out more about this thriller!

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REVIEW: Fear by Dirk Kurbjuweit

FearTitle: Fear by Dirk Kurbjuweit
Pages: 303
Published by: Orion Publishing Group
Publication date: 25th January 2018
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Format: Hardback
Amazon UKWaterstones


You’d die for your family. But would you kil lfor them?

Family is everything. So what if yours was being terrorised by a neighbour – a man who doesn’t listen to reason, whose actions become more erratic and sinister with each passing day? And those you thought would help – the police, your lawyer – can’t help you.

You become afraid to leave your family at home alone. But there’s nothing more you can do to protect them. Is there?

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My Favourite BookTubers!

Hey guys! I’m bringing you all a very random post today and I hope you like it! I was thinking of what posts I can write and then I thought it would be great to share with you all my favourite BookTubers. Hopefully I can recommend some to you if you haven’t heard of their channel before! I just love binge watching BookTube videos and watching people arrange their bookshelves or unbox an order. It’s just very fun to me and hopefully for you guys too!

1) Sasha (abookutopia)

You probably won’t be surprised to see Sasha on here as she is very popular on BookTube. She was actually the first one I stumbled across, I had no idea BookTube was a thing until I came across her videos. I believe it was around the time Lady Midnight came out but I can’t be sure. I just love how fun and bubbly her personality is, she’s so passionate and enthusiastic about books! I especially love watching her bookshelf organisation videos, they are my favourite. I really enjoy her wrap ups, hauls and TBR videos. I love when she films her trips to book shops and what books she buys.

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Books I’d Save in a Fire!

Hey guys! This is an old Top 5 Wednesday topic that I found when I was scrolling through past topics and it just looked like a really awesome post to do. Of course I hope that my house never sets on fire but you guys know what books I’ll be saving! Since this isn’t actually a Top 5 Wednesday post, there will be more than five books!

1) Cassandra Clare books

Obviously I have to save these books! Like if I could I would save all my Cassandra Clare books but I can’t so I am saving these! I have my reasons for saving these books and from the picture you can clearly see why I’d want to save them. Two of them are special editions and two of them are also signed. The tenth anniversary edition also has all these gorgeous and colourful illustrations, it’s such a beautiful book! Another reason for saving them is that I spent a fortune on them and since they are signed, I am not watching them burn in a fire! I doubt I’d be able to buy the editions of Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows as they all sold out.

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REVIEW: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Bird BoxTitle: Bird Box by Josh Malerman
Pages: 473
Published by: HarperCollins
Publication date: 29 January 2015 (Originally published 2014)
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Format: Paperback
Amazon UKWaterstones


Most people dismissed the reports on the news. But they became too frequent; they became too real. And soon it was happening to people we knew.

Then the Internet died. The televisions and radios went silent. The phones stopped ringing.

And we couldn’t look outside anymore.

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Goodreads Book Tag!

Hey guys! I am very late to this book tag but I’m late for a lot of things so it doesn’t really surprise me. I stumbled across this whilst searching for book tags to do and it looked like a lot of fun! So here we go!

Batman Nightwalker

What was the last book you marked as ‘read’?

I finished this on the 8th Feb and posted a review for it yesterday! It wasn’t on my February TBR so I’m already failing my monthly TBR! It was a really great read and I loved Bruce very much! Would have loved more fight scenes though because they were awesome! Very excited for Catwoman now!

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REVIEW: Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu (DC Icons #2)

Batman NightwalkerTitle: Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu
Pages: 272
Published by: Penguin Books
Publication date: 2nd January 2018
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Amazon UKWaterstones


Before there was Batman, there was Bruce Wayne…

An impulsive act on his eighteenth birthday sentences him to community service at the infamous Arkham Asylum, home to the city’s most dangerous and deadly criminals.

Amongst them is Madeleine Wallace – a brilliant killer and Bruce’s only hope to save Gotham from its new menace: the Nightwalkers.

But can Madeleine be trusted or is this all part of her plan to destroy the city forever?

You don’t need superpowers to be a superhero.

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