ARC REVIEW: Now You See by Max Manning

Now You SeeTitle: Now You See by Max Manning
Pages: 304
Published by: Wildfire
Publication date: 19th April 2018
Genre: Thrillers & Mystery
Format: eBook
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I, Killer has posted two photos of his first victim online – Before Death and After Death. They’ve gone viral before DCI Fenton’s team even discovers the body.

Soon, another victim’s photo is similarly posted…and so begins the killer’s following.

DCI Fenton is determined to discover the identity of I, Killer. Then the murderer makes the hunt personal, and Fenton’s search becomes a matter of life or death for him and his daughter.

But as I, Killer‘s body-count rises, his number of online followers is growing – and he loves to give his fans what they want…

My review:

Thank you to NetGalley for a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest view.

I loved this book so much! I’m going to be recommending it to everyone I know and begging them to buy it when it comes out. Why is it not out until April? I need a copy now! This is one of those books where you read the ARC and immediately want to race out and buy a finished copy to read all over again. I found this book impossible to put down and was completely hooked all the way through!

This was such an awesome idea for a crime thriller. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a crime thriller where the killer has posted pictures of his victims online? It made the story insanely good because you were constantly on the edge of your seat like what’s going to happen next? Is he going to post again? It was insane and I loved seeing how people/the media reacted to it There was lots of people that were disgusted by it and then there were those who loved it. I loved how this story kind of tapped into the dark side that everyone has. People might be disgusted by it but at the same time you can easily be fascinated by it. If the pictures are there for you to look at, you are going to be tempted to look at them. So disgusting but I cannot help but feel it has some truth to it.

I feel like the synopsis could be better because to me it was slightly misleading. I feel like it over-exaggerates the hunt between the killer and Fenton. You are made to believe his daughter is taken and her life threatened but to me this was only a minor part of the story and not really as big as I thought it would be. Don’t want to give away spoilers but her life is not as threatened as you first think.

One thing that bothered me about this was the story was told from multiple perspectives and I didn’t really understand how some of them were relevant to the story. For example, we get the point of view of Detective Ince and he’s such an arrogant, disgusting character. He literally thinks he knows everything and can be the one to solve the case. I thoroughly hated him with a passion and groaned internally whenever I had to endure one of his chapters. I really hope he doesn’t return for the second book because I can’t stand him and would scream if he did.

A character who I think takes up the majority of the story -– even more so than Fenton – is Blake. Blake is a journalist and he comes across as a bit of a dick at first, he was a really horrible character but the more I read the more I liked him. You get to know him slowly and understand why he acts the way he does. I think is is suffering from PTSD from a traumatic event that happened in the past, it really haunts him. On top of that, his girlfriend is I, Killer’s first victim and he feels guilty about what happened between them and feels that her death could have been prevented if only he had let her in. I really liked this vulnerable side to Blake because under his armour and mean behaviour you can see someone who is struggling to hold himself together. He teams up with Fenton to try and catch the killer and get justice for his girlfriend. I liked seeing them working together and hope this is something we will be seeing again in the second book. I liked his determination and how he was willing to go to the extremes to find the killer. In a way he wasn’t afraid of anything and he wasn’t as cautious as Fenton was.

I’d have loved to have seen more chapters from Fenton’s perspective. I honestly feel like he is a side character in his own series. I don’t understand why this series is called Detective Dan Fenton because Blake takes up more of this story than anyone else.  Fenton was such an interesting and intriguing character but I feel like we didn’t get enough of him. I think there is potential with Fenton and we need more of him in the second book. It felt like he had hardly any chapters and towards the end of the book he completely disappears and the story just focuses on Blake catching the killer. Disappointing? Very. Fenton is the bloody DCI and he does a disappearing act when the killer strikes again. I wasn’t impressed and felt Fenton should have been there but I do understand why he wasn’t. Perhaps this series should be called something else because for it to be called Detective Dan Fenton I feel like Fenton needs to be more involved and be the main character rather than a side character.

I wasn’t expecting the identity of the killer and I loved how it surprised me. You get the killer’s perspective which I thought was really interesting and made me think he was such a twisted character. I think he is described as a narcissist and he did come across as one. He was constantly boasting about what he’d done and how good it made him feel, etc. When the killer is finally revealed my jaw kind of dropped and I was like HIM?! It was so hard connecting the chapters I’d read to that person! Absolutely brilliant and shocking reveal.

Despite the negatives this book had I still gave it five stars because I really think it deserved it. I struggled to put this book down and read it in what felt like no time at all. I was devastated when I turned the last page and was honestly like what now? My life revolved around this book when I wasn’t working and I’m very disappointed to have finished it. Can’t wait for it to be published and will be eagerly awaiting the second book!

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