REVIEW: Sherlock Holmes: The Legacy of Deeds by Nick Kyme

The Legacy of DeedsTitle: Sherlock Holmes: The Legacy of Deeds by Nick Kyme
Pages: 288
Published by: Titan Books
Publication date: 24th October 2017
Genre: Thrillers & Mystery
Format: Paperback
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It is 1894, and Sherlock Holmes is called to a Covent Garden art gallery where dozens of patrons lie dead before a painting of the Undying Man.

Holmes and Watson are soon on the trail of a mysterious figure in black, whose astounding speed and agility make capture impossible. The same suspect is then implicated in another murder, when the servant of a visiting Russian grand duke is found terribly mutilated in a notorious slum. But what links the two crimes, and do they have anything to do with the suicide of an unpopular schoolteacher at a remote boarding school? So begins a case that will reveal the dark shadows that past misdeeds can cast, and test the companions to their limits…

My review:

A huge thank you to Titan Books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Another Sherlock Holmes adaptation which I ended up loving! I loved how suspenseful this book was at times and how it had me on the edge of my seat. So many exciting things happen and then there is the mysterious figure in black that really intrigued me! Everything about this book had me hooked from start to finish, it was absolutely brilliant!

The start of the book just launches you straight into the story! In the first few pages someone is murdered and Sherlock and Watson are straight on the scene. This grabbed my attention right from the start and was the perfect way to lure me into the story! It was such an exciting start to the story and I wasn’t expecting it at all! Plus in just the first couple pages before the murder, I was already laughing at Sherlock and Watson’s interaction. I could tell this was going to be a fantastic book!

Like I said before I loved how suspenseful this book was! There was a lot of chase scenes involved which again I wasn’t expecting but made the book even more exciting! Sherlock and Watson end up chasing the mysterious figure in black through a downpour of rain and jumping over rooftops! It was very exciting and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! Towards the end of the book there is another horse and carriage chase and my eyes felt like they were glued to the book. I couldn’t tear my eyes away, I could only turn the pages to find out the outcome of the chase!

I really loved Watson. Really, really loved him. I was completely hooked on the story and all of that is definitely down to Watson’s portrayal. If you don’t like Watson then chances are you won’t enjoy the story. Luckily Watson was very likeable and his interactions with Sherlock were hilarious at times, which made me laugh and easily devour another chunk of this story! Of course, I also loved Sherlock and enjoyed watching him solve the case piece by piece. Something that did annoy me though and was something I couldn’t overlook was how many times he said Watson’s name. Practically every time he spoke he said Watson at the end of every sentence and I just felt it was really ridiculous and unnecessary. That’s the only thing that bothered me though.

I loved the amount of detail in the story. The mysterious figure in black is the suspect for multiple murders and you discover they have a very detailed and heartbreaking past. When the identity of the killer is finally revealed and their past is known, I found myself strongly sympathising with the killer and wishing they’d had a better life. I was honestly so heartbroken and devastated even though they’d killed multiple people. You know the backstory of the villain is good when you find yourself crying for them rather than hating them. My heart just completely broke for them and you could see why they wanted revenge/justice.

If you are a fan of Sherlock and Watson, I think you’d really enjoy this book and would definitely recommend it! It’s very easy to read and you could easily devour it in one sitting. It’s perfect if you are stuck in a slump because it’s one of those books you can become completely immersed in and before you know it you’ve already read 100 pages. Can’t wait to see what other Sherlock Holmes stories Titan Books have!

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