My Favourite Bookish Decor Items!

Hey guys! Got a really fun post for you all today and I’m so excited to share it with you! I will be talking about all the beautiful bookish items I decorate my room with, in the hopes it will inspire you all to decorate your room with these items too! There are so many awesome decorating ideas I never even thought of until I joined the bookish community! If, like me, you are absolutely terrible at designing rooms then I would recommend checking Havenly out. They would be perfect for you because they have some awesome decorating ideas and their interior designers have designed some really beautiful rooms. Definitely go check them out on their website!


1) Fairy Lights

I don’t think I’ve ever met a book lover who doesn’t have Fairy Lights! They just make your bookcase look fabulous. They are really pretty, especially at night when you turn off your bedroom light and snuggle underneath your covers. You have some really pretty fairy lights to look at while you’re admiring all your lovely books. I am guilty of doing this and I am not ashamed! I love looking at my books before I go to sleep, they make me so happy. I love my little unicorn fairy lights because I am ridiculously obsessed with unicorns at the minute.


2) Bookish Candles

Bookish candles are so unique and are such cute items to put on your bookcase. Especially if they are related to a series you love *cough* Shadowhunters *cough*. I got these particular candles in some FairyLoot boxes I ordered. The one on the right was made by Happy Piranha and it smells like heaven. It’s been designed so beautifully, I love the swirly pattern on the lid and the beautiful label. The one on the left was made by GeekyClean. She makes the most amazing bookish items – they smell fantastic. She makes candles, lip balms, bath bombs, etc. Highly recommend checking her shop out!


3) Bookish Pillows

These gorgeous creations were made by the incredibly talented Miss Phi. I absolutely love the one I have it’s such a massive pillow and so unbelievably comfy. I’m really tempted by the one on the right because it describes me perfectly and it’s also a quote from Nevernight by Jay Kristoff! I love that book. I love leaving this pillow on my bed because if anyone comes in my room it just screams my love for books!


4) Floating Bookshelves

Not the best picture but it will do! I love these shelves because it literally looks like your books are floating. It’s such a genius and creative idea! I got these shelves on Amazon and they are amazing they can hold so much weight! I hope to get more soon since my bookcase is ridiculously full now and I need more places to put my books!


5) Bookish Art Prints

I don’t have many Art Prints but I’d love to get some more, especially of my favourite characters! I just love having these on my shelf next to books I like. They are so pretty to look at and I think they are a good way to showcase some of your favourite characters.

So these are just some of my favourite bookish decor items! Of course I have many, many more! What are some of your favourites? Did they make it on to my top 5 list? Feel free to leave a comment below if I missed any of your favourites! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!


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