REVIEW: Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone by G.S. Denning (Warlock Holmes #1)

Warlock HolmesTitle: Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone by G.S. Denning
Pages: 368
Published by: Titan Books
Publication date: 27th May 2016
Genre: Crime Thriller
Format: Paperback
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Sherlock Holmes is an unparalleled genius who uses the gift of deduction and reason to solve the most vexing of crimes. Warlock Holmes, however, is not. He may be a font of arcane power, but frankly he couldn’t deduce his way out of a paper bag. The only things he’s got going for him are the might of a thousand demons, the spirit of Moriarty trapped in his head, and his stalwart companion Dr. John Watson, who is always there to guide him through the treacherous shoals of Victorian propriety… and save him from a gruesome death every now and again.

My review:

A huge thank you to Titan Books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

This book was very entertaining! I’ve been reading a lot of crime thrillers lately which have been all about murders and the mystery of who killed them so it was nice to read this and find myself laughing at all the hilarious moments and the stupidity of some of the scenes. It was a very hilarious take on the original Sherlock Holmes stories and I bet the author had a lot of fun writing it as I had reading it! I seriously think he started it as a joke but then was like why not make a write a whole book on these goofy characters? Warlock Holmes was so adorably funny.

It’s pretty much a role reversal between Sherlock and Watson. Oh, Sherlock is actually called Warlock and has like supernatural powers which is freaking awesome! He was a really funny character and nearly every scene with him was hilarious. Watson is more of the detective in this story and is closer to Sherlock as he can make sound observations just by looking at someone. Normally I love Sherlock and Watson equally but in this book I found myself gravitating more towards Warlock. Sometimes I got a tiny bit annoyed by Watson for the things he said or the way he sometimes spoke to Warlock. I know this is just a silly take on the original stories but I was disappointed to find I didn’t care for Watson as much as I did in the originals. Watson and Warlock solve the cases together like they do in the originals but because pretty much all of them are supernatural Watson has to desperately scrabble around trying to come up with a perfectly mundane explanation for what has occurred. Like I said, it was very entertaining!

The book consists of six stories and each is as funny as the last. All of them are really true to the originals but obviously they focus more on the supernatural. If you enjoyed the originals then I definitely think it’s worth checking these stories out because some of them are so daft it had me laughing so hard. The first story A Study in Brimstone was so ridiculous, I couldn’t stop laughing. You can probably tell the original was A Study in Scarlet and it’s easy to see this because it sticks to the original story, it just adds the supernatural twist. The supernatural twist actually makes them so engrossing! I honestly couldn’t put this book down right the way through it just completely hooks you. My favourite story was probably The Adventure of the _eckled _and that one got all of my attention! I am so curious to see how the author came up with them and what made him decide to write two books on these characters? Like they even have Lestrade but he’s actually a vampire which was hilarious and then are other creatures as well we get to meet along the way.

Overall I think this is such a creative retelling of the originals and honestly it’s so funny. Nothing in this book felt forced, it was all natural and a lot of the humour came from how the characters reacted to situations. Warlock was probably the funniest! Everything that happened he immediately stood up and started yelling about supernatural things happening, I was crying with laughter. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes then I would definitely recommend reading this because it was just so funny and the characters are just as good! The ending actually had a cliffhanger which I was surprised about and I’m very excited to continue the second book to find out what happens next!

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