ARC REVIEW: Flutter by Olivia Evans

FlutterTitle: Flutter by Olivia Evans
Pages: 448
Published by: Xpresso Book Tours
Publication date: 24th July 2017
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Format: eBook
Amazon UK


Dylan Walker has spent six years trying to move on from the loss of his girlfriend, Presley Cooper. Motivated by grief and the desire to do for others what he couldn’t do for her, he burns the candle at both ends to make it through medical school. After graduation he moves west, putting as much distance as possible between his past and his present.

Or so he thought.

Unknowingly, Dylan has been set on a path that will destroy everything he thought he knew. All the pain, all the grief, was all for nothing. With the help of an unexpected ally, Dylan must find the answers and save the girl he loves before it’s too late.




A second chance at love.

But first, he must find a way to make her remember her past. Remember him. Remember everything.

My review:

Thank you to NetGalley for a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book was such a refreshing read for me and I really enjoyed it. Every book I’ve been reading recently has been a female main character and to read a book with a male main character, it’s was so nice and different. I also liked how it didn’t just have one genre, it was a mixture of romance, mystery and mental illness. It combines all these genres and makes a really beautiful story about loss and love. Romance is not normally a genre I would go for but this book was too good for me to pass on. The synopsis immediately grabbed my attention and I desperately wanted to read this book. I really loved it and it did not disappoint!

The story is split between the past and the present throughout and I really liked this because I didn’t feel we were getting a massive info-dump at the start. Instead it was all explained throughout and it was easy to follow which I liked. It begins with Dylan completing his degree and moving so he can become a doctor. We find out about the death of his girlfriend Presley and why Dylan chose to be a doctor, so he can help others and pull them back from their dark places. Dylan was a very likeable character and I immediately fell in love with him. I really felt for him losing Presley because to him she was his soulmate and to lose her and have to live without her, it still caused him a lot of pain and I felt his pain too. I liked how he cared for others and you could tell he was a really compassionate person. The pacing at the start is quite slow but it begins to take off when Dylan realises that Presley is actually alive and not dead. Not at all. He was told she had died and he believed that but he actually sees her alive in a mental hospital. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know or remember anything about her life or him. So now Dylan begins to slowly unravel the mystery of how she ended up in this hospital and how he can make her remember him.

Throughout the story we get flashbacks to Dylan and Presley’s relationship and they are such a cute couple. It was obvious how much they cared about each other and how serious they were about their relationship. Dylan is willing to do anything for Presley to make her happy and he’s always there for her when she needs him. When I found out why the book is called Flutter, I nearly died from the cuteness of it. Dylan and Presley are so precious and I just loved seeing them so happy together. One thing that bothered me about this book though was that I didn’t realise how romance heavy it was. There are a lot of scenes with Dylan and Presley being all smushy and romantic. It kind of annoyed me because it wasn’t something I was expecting and like I said I’m not really a fan of romance. I think it is necessary to the story though because it shows how pure and good Dylan and Presley are for each other. Presley goes through a lot of dark times and Dylan is kind of the light in her life and he pulls her back from those dark places. You can see that with all the romantic scenes they have.

Like Dylan, Presley was another really likeable character. I loved all the scenes she had with Dylan but she also has a lot of heartbreaking scenes without Dylan. Near the end of the story we get Presley’s point of view and it’s utterly heartbreaking. She does something she deeply regrets and you can see how much it haunts her. It causes her to slowly unravel and spiral into depression. She hates herself for what she did and nothing anyone says can change her mind. It’s deeply upsetting but at the same time I couldn’t stop reading. My heart was breaking for Presley because at one point she’s pushed over the edge and pretty much shatters inside. Her parents also aren’t very supportive of her and they only pay attention to her when they need her for something. They ignore her happiness and they are very selfish parents. Dylan is pretty much the only good thing in Presley’s life and to me that is terribly sad. It made me appreciate how supportive my parents are and how lucky I am to have such loving parents. Presley’s story was very believable and realistic. It made me want to carry on reading the book and it stirred up a lot of emotions for me: disgust, anger and horror at her parents and mainly sadness for Presley and what she was going through.

There is another character in the story who helps Dylan try to reach Presley and remember her love for him. He was another character who suffered with a mental illness and I won’t go into a lot of detail because of spoilers. He was a very interesting character and his portrayal was so perfect. I loved whenever he was in a scene because it was always a surprise with him. I liked his friendship with Dylan and how close they became.

The ending was amazingly satisfying. It wasn’t fast paced or unexpected. I knew what would happen but it was still so satisfying to read. All the dirty, disgusting secrets were brought out into the open. Dylan finds out who deceived him, betrayed him and ultimately gets his revenge. He points the finger at the true culprits and then everything comes up smelling of roses. It was such a beautiful and satisfying ending to this heartbreaking story. I loved reading Dylan and Presley’s story, it was so beautiful. I loved this book so much.


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