FairyLoot Unboxing: June 2017!

Hey guys! After not buying the last two boxes I couldn’t resist June’s theme which was Elementalists! I love anything to do with elements and I was admittedly drawn in by the first couple items they announced. I am so excited to share these with you because they are amazing! They completely blew me away and I love FairyLoot even more now!

Incase you haven’t heard of them, FairyLoot is a YA fantasy monthly subscription box based in the UK. In every book you receive one recently published Young Adult fantasy book and several bookish goodies related to the book’s theme! Lets get into the unboxing, yay!

IMG_20170629_152516.jpg1) Stormheart Candle (Made by Witchwood Remedies)

The first thing I picked up was this beautiful candle and it has botanical toppings on which is awesome! Never seen a candle with these toppings on, it gives it a really nice touch! It smells really nice too! According to the spoiler card they made five different Stormheart Candles and they are based on storms in the book of the month and contain crystals that match those stormhearts too. I wonder what the other candles look like and if they have the same toppings but a different smell? These candles are also vegan which I love! They were made exclusively for this box!


IMG_20170629_1522112) Hamsa Hand Bracelet (Made by In The Moment)

This is really nice and such a thoughtful idea to include jewellery in a bookish subscription box. Unfortunately, it is lost on me because I don’t wear jewellery nor do I appreciate it. I’m just not a fan and I personally find jewellery uncomfortable and constricting. It’s really weird but that’s just how it makes me feel. It says on the spoiler card that the hamsa hand is a protective symbol and is said to bring the owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Now I don’t really believe any of that stuff which is a shame because it is really pretty and I need some good fortune but I’m just not about that jewellery life. This was again made exclusively for this box.

IMG_20170629_1522533) Bending Lipbalms (Made by Geeky Clean)

This was the item that was included for fans of The Last Airbender and I received the water element. It was made exclusively for this box and it also vegan which again, I love! I can never have enough lip balm. It sounds disgusting but I get really bad chapped lips and it’s just amazing having lip balms on hand. This one smells really nice and I can’t wait to start using it! Really love this item! I find that Geeky Clean makes really good stuff I might have to check their shop out!



IMG_20170629_152134.jpg4) Clairvoyance Soap (Made by Ascent Bath and Body)

This is another item made exclusively for this box and I am very excited to use it! The packaging is beautiful and I love how it isn’t just an ordinary shape, it’s a freaking triangle! It says on the label “White fig and Pomegranate glycerin soap bar with added shea butter and activated charcoal”. They had me at shea butter and charcoal! I love shea butter so much it just makes my skin feel so nice and smooth. Seriously can’t wait to use this now!



IMG_20170629_152223.jpg5) Potion Sticky Notes (FairyLoot)

This is awesome! These were brought to us exclusively by FairyLoot which is so freaking lovely! I don’t really use sticky notes but I don’t think I’d want to use these! They are just so pretty, I love them! It says on the card purple is for health, blue is for magic power (mana), and yellow is for stamina – three essential potions to keep you on your feet. Thanks, FairyLoot!




IMG_20170629_185006.jpg6) Portable Magic Pillowcase (Made by Miss Phi)

This was definitely my favourite item in the box! This absolutely gorgeous pillowcase design (pillow not included, obviously) has this magical quote on either side: “Books are a uniquely portable magic – Stephen King”. It was made exclusively for FairyLoot by Miss Phi and she has some beautiful designs in her shop. I’m so tempted to just buy everything. Definitely recommend you check out her stuff! Reading brings me so much joy and so does this pillowcase!


IMG_20170629_152617.jpg7) Bonus items: The Waking Land Sampler and Frostblood Postcards

These are really nice bonus items I think! I actually bought the giant paperback copy of Frostblood in clearance for half price when it came out in the standard paperback size so I love the postcard! It will definitely go nicely with the book! For some reason I just cannot wrap my head around the title of The Waking Land… I keep calling it The Walking Land. Maybe because I am obsessed with The Walking Dead and automatically assume it’s that? I’m weird I know, don’t judge me! I have heard a lot about this book already so it will be interesting reading the chapter sample.

9) Roar by Cora Carmack 

I had to include two photos of this book just so you could see how beautiful it is under the dust jacket. Just look at that purple! It’s so beautiful! As always, this book came with a letter from the author and a signed bookplate! According to the spoiler card, this book follows magical storms. It has magic, romance, and adventure. It sounds awesome and definitely a unique story. I am excited to read it!

I think we definitely got a lot of stuff in this box! It was filled to the brim and it had a lot of pretty items! It’s not my favourite box but it’s still one I definitely like! I completely fell in love with that pillowcase and this box was definitely value for money. It was well worth the £32.95 I spent on it and I am very happy with it! FairyLoot never fails to impress me, they just pick out such beautiful items. They definitely put a lot of thought and effort into their box and deserve the popularity they have for sure! I have ordered the July box and the theme is Tricksters so that’s exciting! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!




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