June Book Haul & Wrap Up!

Hey guys! I’ve decided to do my book haul and wrap up post a little earlier this month because I have quite a few posts planned for next week and didn’t want to end up posting my wrap up really late. The reason I have combined these two posts is because I only purchased three books this month! I am very happy with that and I did really well with it because I bought one from the clearance section in Waterstones and then another I bought pretty cheap from The Works using a voucher I had. The last one came with my June FairyLoot box so there is an unboxing for that coming your way! This means that I am having to combine my book haul and wrap up post otherwise my book haul post will be super short!

Book haul:

A Court of Wings and Ruin

1) A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

I am so excited to have this!!!!!! I won it in a giveaway and I rarely win them so I was completely flabbergasted! I was dancing around my room, I was so happy! The images of the UK cover online do not do it any justice! It is absolutely beautiful in real life and I’m just ecstatic to hold it in my hands… ah, it made me so happy. I’m in awe of the dress on the cover, the girl who designed this has some serious talent!




Windwitch.jpg2) Windwitch by Susan Dennard

Okay this is the second book in The Witchlands Series and I’ll explain why I have the second book but not the first! I have been wanting to read the first book forever but never got around to buying it. I walked into Waterstones and they had the second book in hardback in clearance for just £8! Which is insane! I have no idea why it was in clearance because it was in band new condition and it’s only just come out this year??? So random but hey, not complaining! I’m going to order the first book in hardback at some point, probably in the next few months I’d imagine!


The Hatching.jpg3) The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

I have been wanting this book FOR AGES! Ever since I laid eyes on this cover I wanted it to be in my hands. It’s such a beautiful and intriguing cover. I am not a fan of spiders but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to read this. It’s such a strange and unique story. It’s an apocalyptic story about spiders that invade the world and bring nothing but disaster in their wake. The cover gives me the creeps but, at the same time, it grabs my attention. It makes me want to read it and I will.




Before I get into my wrap up I just want to say uh-oh because I strayed very far from my set TBR but I really liked what I did manage to read and I am happy to share that with you now!

Wrap up:

Watching You1) Watching You by Arne Dahl 

I realised this was coming out early next month and I wanted to finish it so I could get out my review in time. It was a very intense crime thriller and I really enjoyed it! It was gripping and had some scary scenes. I really liked the characters and the story was brilliant. It combines the past and the present to solve a kidnapper/serial killer case and it was full of so many creative twists! I was impressed and would definitely recommend this!



Ensnared2) Ensnared by Rita Stradling

I got this via NetGalley when it came out so I have been speeding through this out of sheer excitement. I was drawn to this book because of the cover, sadly not the one on the right, that is a different cover but I like that one too! It is a futuristic retelling of Beauty and the Beast and it’s actually pretty good! I really wanted to read it and I wasn’t disappointed! I loved it! It was a really great story! I was rooting soooo much for the two main characters to be together in the end! I really loved them!



Normandy Gold3) Normandy Gold #1

I was delighted to open up my email and find this comic had been sent to me by Titan Comics! It is, of course, a crime thriller and they sent me the first part! I read it in lightning speed because it wasn’t very long only being the first instalment but I really enjoyed what I read and I am intrigued enough to continue with the second one. Interestingly enough, I’ve never read crime thriller comics and didn’t realise they were a thing so big thank you to Titan Comics for sending me this! Opened up a whole new world to me and I am very excited!



A Betrayal in Blood4) Sherlock Holmes: A Betrayal in Blood by Mark A. Latham 

I loved this so much! I am really digging Sherlock Holmes books at the minute! I just love all this intense case solving and this book did not disappoint one bit! It focuses on what happened in Dracula by Bram Stoker, mainly Lucy Westenra’s death and the aftermath of it all. Holmes believes those hailed as heroes are not what they seem and he and Watson find themselves targeted at every turn because of this. It was a very enjoyable read and I bloody loved Sherlock and Watson!



So sadly I did not get to the Assassin’s Creed books but that’s okay because I will just add them onto my July TBR. There are so many books I want to read but I just don’t have time and it’s so frustrating! I am very happy with what I managed to read this month though! What books did you guys read this month? Feel free to leave a comment below! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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