May Book Haul!

Hey guys! So excited to share my book haul with you this month! I purchased seven books this month but technically it was only four books because I bought multiple copies of two of them. I’m sure you can guess one of them since I made a post on it recently! I was also sent two books for review by the lovely people at Titan Books! Sending lots of love to them! I have a lot of crime thrillers to read now and I can already feel my blood pumping because they sound so thrilling and scary!

He Said:She Said1) He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly

I fell head over heels in love with this cover. Just look at it! I’d never heard of this book but when I saw that cover I immediately raced out to buy it. Cover goals right there. It’s so captivating and stunning. I have heard so many great things about this book and a lot of people said it is full of so many awesome twists and turns that you won’t see coming. This sounds amazing! I am so excited to read it!




Into the Water2) Into the Water by Paula Hawkins x1

So I purchased two copies of Into the Water and can you guess why? I bought my first copy in Sainsbury’s for like £8.99 I think and then I went Waterstones and THEY HAD A FREAKING SIGNED COPY. I saw it and I swear my heart started flipping in my chest. I just had to buy it! I know that she did a signing in another store but I couldn’t go to it and luckily they transferred some copies over to the nearest store. There wasn’t many left either and I am so freaking glad that fate was on my side that day. I am completely made up with having a signed copy of this! I don’t know if I will keep both copies maybe I will read the one that isn’t signed then give it away to someone. We’ll see!

Lord of Shadows3) Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare x2

So… I have three copies of Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare and I am so flipping happy! Simon & Schuster could publish five different editions and I’d end up buying them all, I’m telling you now. If you’d like to see why I bought three copies I made a whole post on it and took pictures of these wonderful creations! Just click here and behold my three beautiful editions of Lord of Shadows! That cover is absolutely stunning.




Assassin's Creed3) Assassin’s Creed: The Secret Crusade by Oliver Bowden

I was going to wait a bit until I bought this but when I saw it was about Altair I was like I need this!!! I love Altair so much. Everyone hates on him because he came across as really arrogant in the game but I really like him. I’m so excited to read this, I really loved the first book and the second book seems pretty good so far too! I’m dying to start this one but I need to finish the second one first! I really wished they made another game with Altair, I’m sure he had many more stories to tell. I’ll definitely be playing the game again for sure because even though it was a bit receptive at times I really loved it purely for Altair. He has grown on me, guys!

4) Warlock Holmes 1&2 by C.S. Denning

These two books were sent to me by Titan Books for review and I am so excited to have them! They sound like they are an entertaining take on the Sherlock Holmes stories but they also retain the dark twists of the originals. Seen a lot of great reviews for them so I will definitely be picking these up next month!

So this is my haul for this month! If you have read any of these books I’d love to know what you thought of them! Feel free to leave a comment down below! I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have had a lovely month! I will be posting my June TBR soon so keep an eye out for that!

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