Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare Book Haul!

Hey guys! This is a really random, fun and definitely spontaneous post! I had no post planned for today but since Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare was published Tuesday I thought I would share my copies with you! I bought three copies because excitement and who doesn’t need three copies of the same book. Book worm problems! Like Lady Midnight I purchased the WHSmith edition, the Waterstones blue sprayed edges edition and the Waterstones limited edition hardback! Unfortunately not signed like the first one was, just a stamp, but I’m so happy I have one signed book by Cassie! She’s one of my favourite authors, I love her! So lets get into this post and see these three gorgeous editions!

First up is the Waterstones exclusive editions:20170525_155941

So this is the gorgeous hardback that goes along side the Lady Midnight one which was dark blue and gold. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it and I am already excited to see what the third one looks like! On the back is a quote from a character in the book which I won’t share just incase it’s considered a spoiler! It’s just so gorgeous and in the back is an exclusive deleted scene from Lord of Shadows! I checked the WHSmith edition and they do not have this but they have something else which is really quite awesome! Below is a picture of the stamp that was in this hardback!






IMG_20170525_153206_766So here is the stamp that was inside that has Cassandra Clare’s signature. I admit I was initially disappointed it wasn’t signed but I suppose she did sign Lady Midnight and they might want to do something different for every edition. I don’t have any books by her with this stamp so it makes it a new addition to my collection! It’s so pretty, I really like it. I’m so excited they are doing loads with the UK editions for The Dark Artifices, it’s so exciting!



IMG_20170523_140005Here is the normal paperback which contains the deleted scene same as the hardback and has gorgeous blue sprayed edges! It’s so pretty! They need to do more books with sprayed edges, I love them so much!!!! The spine on this book is seriously pretty, I can’t contain myself. I am freaking out!







WHSmith exclusive edition: 

I know the hardback in US has the runes on the inside of the dust jacket. Well this UK paperback has them on inside of the covers. You can’t see the writing at all I’m so sorry it was really hard to get a good picture. Hopefully you can still appreciate the effort though!

So these are my three editions of Lord of Shadows! I am super excited to dive right into this book, the cover is beyond gorgeous! It’s absolutely stunning and I’m so excited to finally add it to my Shadowhunters collection! Are you excited about Lord of Shadows? Happy reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!



6 thoughts on “Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare Book Haul!

    • Beth says:

      It’s so beautiful 😍 Yeh they should do a similar one for US instead of just the hardback on it’s own! Why does the UK have so many editions 😂 Not complaining though haha

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